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04-18-2005, 04:26 AM
this may not be news, but i found some mroe stuff on sigma six.
looks like they might have their good points. the cartoon seems decent, hre's a quote-
"The figures that we glimpsed from Toyfair, with a retail price of $14.99 are the Deluxe figures, while several waves of Standard figures will also see release at $9.99. The plan is to release Four waves of Deluxe and four waves of standard figures per year.
And now one of the moments you've all been waiting for no repaints! The Sigma-6 line will naturally include multiple versions of the core cast, but instead of simply repainting the figures each new version will include mission specific gear. "

i like the idea of no repaints, and $10 figs might be ok, considering how many we end up paying 7-8 for when its a lame 2 pack.

they really hav eplans for a bunch of these figs, i wonder........