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mike the intern
05-26-2005, 06:18 PM
I've posted this elsewhere, but trying to get as much feedback as possible... Here's what we know about Snake-Eyes' past, before he joined the Joes. Did I miss anything? Any corrections? Additions?


Worked in gas station as teenager (#10)

Attended prom (#10)

Enlisted in US Army at age 18

A whole tour of duty with Storm Shadow (#26)


Present at the Tet Offensive with Storm Shadow and Stalker. Assaulted by Vietnamese “freedom fighters” while going to a ‘spook house’ in Saigon. Stalker and Storm Shadow injured, Snake-Eyes follows the Vietnamese and kills them, but not before they kill Eugen DeCobray, the brother of the Baroness. Baroness is present, blames Snake-Eyes for death of Eugen (#94) until full story given by Destro, who was also present with his own father. Full story clears Snake-Eyes of all blame (#96).

At some point, Stalker, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow are shown to be sitting around the barracks, making up stories for Stalker’s letters home (#155).

Joins a LRRP team, which counts Wilkinson, Arashikage, Snake-Eyes, Ramon Escobedo, Dickie Saperstine, and Wade Collins as members.

Assault that kills Escobedo and Saperstine, makes Collins a POW (#43).

While evacuating the Valley where the assault was, ambushed with Stalker, Storm Shadow. Severely wounded. Rescued by Storm Shadow (#26).

<<The last helicopter out of Saigon shown to be a part of his memories (#10) It’s possible this was memory from a television broadcast as he left the war before it was over.>>

Went home due to injuries, was met at airport by a young Hawk, was told that his entire family was killed by a stoned-out vet who was driving while under the influence (#26). Vet revealed to be the brother of Cobra Commander, who blamed Snake-Eyes for the brother’s death (#84). During this meeting with Hawk, Snake-Eyes reveals to Hawk that George Strawhacker was his sister’s fiancé (#144).

Came home from the war, and people spat on him and called him a baby killer (#155).


“Wheels of fate sent him flying to Japan” to join Storm Shadow’s family clan (#26).

Trained heavily in ninja arts (#26)

Hard Master killed by Storm Shadow’s arrow, by someone who thought he was Snake-Eyes (#26) Storm Shadow was not killer of Hard Master, but framed to look like it. Storm Shadown infiltrated Cobra to learn who was the real killer (#27). It was ultimately revealed to be Zartan, under contract with Cobra Commander to kill Snake-Eyes (#45, #84). Firefly was revealed to have been the first assassin hired by CC, but sub-contracted Zartan to do the actual hit, and piloted the getaway helicopter for Zartan (#126). Snake-Eyes leaves the Arashikage abruptly and “under dire circumstances” (#26)


Hawk and Stalker track down Snake-Eyes in High Sierra mountains and make him the first recruit for G.I.Joe (#27)

Met Scarlett during hand-to-hand training. They go off post together, for a long walk and end up talking about “everything.” Scarlett learns that “underneath the hard-boiled mysterious aura was a small-town boy who missed his home and was very, very lonely.” Became fast friends. Scarlett comments that for someone who has “been through as much as him, he didn’t have a lot of meanness in him” (#27)


On one of the team’s first missions, a desert operation that was supposed to be a simple hostage rescue, the helicopter SE and Scarlett were in had an engine stall, spun, hit another chopper and caused a plume of exploding aviation gas. Hit SE in the face and destroyed his face/voice. Rock ‘N Roll and Grunt see Snake-Eyes’ ruined face (#10, #27, #144, #155). Snake-Eyes insisted on continuing with the mission, regardless of his own condition, because the hostage that was to be rescued was George Strawhacker, the former fiance of his deceased sister, Terry (#144).


In hospital for six months, many attempts made to repair face, to no avail. Snake-Eyes has moments of distancing from Scarlett after the accident (#27).

Sometime between this and #1, SE dons the mask and begins wearing all black.

05-27-2005, 07:59 AM
Impressive, but I have nothing to add!!!