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Sniper Viper
05-29-2005, 12:20 AM
Why is it that the Iron Grenadiers subset is not seperate from the main listing as is Tiger Force, Night Force, Python Patrol, etc.? It would be convenient to see them listed like Tiger Force, whereas the regular figures as well as the vehicle drivers are seperate from the main listings. I just found it strange, as it seems all other subsets are seperate from the main listings.

Also, what is the possibility of including the figure's version # behind their name under the by-year archives? Sort of like this -
Duke (v16)
Dusty (v9)
I put the version in parentheses, as I'm aware that some figures (i.e. Cobra BAT v4) actually do have a version listed in their name, & also to deter people from thinking that the version listing is part of the figure's name. That way, we wouldn't have to access each figure's link just to find out what version we have. The only problem I would see with this is for some of the '92-'94 figures, b/c they already have a figure # (?) in parentheses. IMHO, I think having their version number listed would be more useful. But then again, if we could have both the figure # & version #, then even better.

I'm currently converting my collection's storage type to plastic bags, & I chose to write any subset listing &/or version #, if need be, on the bag with the figure's name, year released & series #. These were just ideas or comments I came across while undertaking this task.

As always, thanks for the help.