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06-03-2005, 07:57 PM
So, what did everybody think about it?

I thought it was pretty good. It had lots of action, ninjas, and ninja action. It was a blast to read, and it was a nice change from the normal GI JOE stuff. It was kind of like reading the Master and Apprentice books. You also get to see the characters in a different light. I can't really get into more detail than that without going into spoiler-mode.

However, for $10.95, I was expecting much more. The book is rather thin. When you stand it up next to a normal 200-page manga book from Del Rey (I read Tsubasa and xxxHolic from them, and they cost $10.95), you really see that you're not getting that much bang for your buck. Also, the printing is less than spectacular. It hearkens back to the days of the 80s GI JOE books from Marvel, except this time it's in all black and white. Manga enthusiasts often have major problems with the picture quality in American versions of manga books, saying they're too dark or the printing's washed out or whatever. I don't have a problem with those books at all, but Arashikage Showdown surprisingly disappointed me in that department. I was reading xxxHolic yesterday. It looked crisp and clean. Arashikage Showdown looked, well, bad.

And the verdict is: Get it when it goes on sale. It's not worth the $10.95. It's an amazingly fun book to read, but it simply doesn't deliver enough. Also, nobody knows if it's really canon or not, so that might be another deciding factor. (Based on something that happens in the end of the book, people might decide for themselves if it's canon or not.) However, if you do get it, be prepared to read more of the series. It's labeled Volume 1. There's bound to be a Volume 2.