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06-24-2004, 12:47 PM
Worthwhile to do Trades rather then sell, but money is good too. OR the best thing for both of us a combo of selling trading
RasputinNOvi if you want to haggle direct on AIM
[email protected] if you like what you see, or PM me offers
I take M/O or Cash (your risk though). Take checks from those I did business with before for a sum no less then 10 US.

Canadian payment will unfortunately have to add for processing of checks or M/Os because my bank is run by douche bags L

Price next to figures. I combine shipping. Price break for multiple purchases.

Shipping will be around .50 to 1 depending on where you are, I use bubble mailers and they are usually very cheap to ship in and I have a whole stack of old ones, so shipping can be even cheaper

Ok here goes the list

1985 Crimson Guard x4 Complete-I donít know make offers they are all in very good condition though, symbols both on arm and chest both there, needless to say the crotch and thumbs aint broken.

Crimson Sand Viper (complete) from Value pack with Recondo and WB 5 bucks

2004 Sand Scorpion Complete- 5
1988 Astro viper complete-10
2000? Shadow viper ? (same as above only blue) also complete-7
1990 Range viper complete-10
2000 Rock viper Complete-6
1989 python televiper 20
1992 Flak viper (Complete, but the little knife on the rifle was cut in my youth<well I was 14 so sue me. I still have it and will include it)-8

Have most of the 97ís including the commemorative set(minus scarlet, stalker) ask me what you want ill look on Yojoe and quote a price, for you
Fast Draw Complete (yes has the little blue thing too) 10
Heat viper complete (the yellow one with the missles onthe legs)-10

Strato viper X2-15 each, 25 for the pair. One is better then the other.
Cobra commander v10(missing mouthpiece)-4
1997 destro(same oring thing as above. should be complete but the parts are stored elsewhere now) 10
Cloudburst(with visor no gun or the glider) -10
Deepsix(no bellows) 3

VandV HIgh TECH Complete-5

Ken Masters from street fighter(gi joe version)-3

2003 beachhead (figure only Light green one)- 2

As for vehicles
Raider Complete- 50 (have box and everything)
i have the little surfboard complete (dont know which version, i believe there were two) 10
mudbuster-should be complete-10
Street Fighter Crimson Cruiser-Complete but antenna bent, and one of the latches on the top cage that closes is broken. -8
MOBAT(1982) with straight arm steeler.complete(has the little machine gun) Should work will check for good buyer.all decals appear there (no way to check or i would unless you know and ask me)
50 shipped
patriot from 1992 missing front bumper and antennae(with a flag?) 10bucks shipped?
Now that seems to be it (i have some broken stuff i didnt feel like reviewing fo ryou. but i have a few 93-94 small vehicles busted up, if anyone likes those.

WANTS (sorry there are so few L)
Ghost Bear fig (complete) Ė Pulverizer not preffered but will take what we can get J
CG Agent Faces mail in fig with helmet only or complete (Give a trade value of 10 on this exclusively as that is what I will pay for it)
1 88 IG SWORDS Must be uncut
Red Star AK's always can use these.
Star wars accessory pieces.
a. screen that came with General Reiken Hoth escape
b. C3PO escape pod
c. Bar that came with a bunch of figures like greedo, and the really funny lookin guy that lost an arm

A-TEAM 1:18 scale Van loose complete (im in love with the pics of this thing)

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06-24-2004, 10:58 PM
hey somebody PMed me about pics but the message was eaten.

I can provide pics for everything no problems
just ask i have a digital Cam on loan till about November October from my bro

so anything like that is no problem

it might be difficult to send straight to whoever since i only use hotmail

but i can always upload it onto the net and provide a link

let me know people