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07-23-2005, 12:54 AM
By now, most if not all of the regular posters (not to ostercize those new to the forum) know that there are certain topics that are regularly discouraged and even closed. I completely respect that. For one thing, I appreciate having at least one aspect of my life where I can consistently count on not having to wade through endless sludge to discuss a topic I am firmly adhered to here. I completely respect that and applaud the work done by the admin staff to filter and otherwise put a firm foot-stomping to such topics.

However, even I, at times, do actually get the hair to discuss such things and otherwise throw my opinion around for what it may be worth.

My question is, can there be or is there an established forum, actually a Message Board community where we can all be directly pointed to take these types of topics to? I don't think it's that big of a deal of whether it's supported/hosted by or whatever. I'm more interested in having a pointed locale where I persue such discussions with the relatively calm and logically minded members of the community.

I realize that there are an indefinate amount of other sites that could be Googled, however, that would defeat the purposed of wanting to do so with fellow YoJoers, since chances are, that none of us would find nor recognize each other at any of those places.

So perhaps I am getting to the point of either a sub-forum where such topics are allowed, or at the least a commonized locale where likeminded individuals conglomerate outside YoJoe.

I apologize if perhaps this is an unwarranted or disapproved subject in advanced. At worst it could only be deleted or locked. I was just wondering of how to do so without causing undue waves in the Off-Topic section or elsewhere.