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09-24-2005, 03:35 AM
Hello, Everyone.

In case you're wondering why I'm posting this message in the "Cartoons and Movies" section, please think of this as the "What music would YOU use for the soundtrack of a live-action G.I. Joe movie?" thread.

As for me, I always think of Def Leppard's album "Pyromania" when I think of G.I. Joe and vice versa. Songs from it like "Too Late for Love" and "Foolin' " always give me a G.I. Joe feeling (at least, in my humble opinion). The song "DieHard the Hunter" usually reminds me of Snake-Eyes. And the track "Billy's Got a Gun" seems to be the PERFECT accompanying music to the Marvel G.I. Joe comic issue #33.


Since I'm a big fan of Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow & the whole ArashiKage storyline, I often found ninja-esque music to remind me of G.I. Joe as well. The Police's "Wrapped Around Your Finger" from the album "Synchronicity" is one such track. More recently, from the "Kill Bill Volume I" soundtrack, track number 14 on the C.D., "The Lonely Shepherd" by Zamfir is ninja/G.I. Joe-ish. [I used to have the "Revenge of the Ninja" soundtrack on vinyl. That was supplemental ninja music, thus G.I. Joe music, for me as well.]

I'm curious to hear other peoples' opinions on what music they'd like for their G.I. Joe movie.

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