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The Faceless Master
10-05-2005, 03:43 PM
The yojoe archives only have Dolphin's & Hunter's filecards
Anybody else have any filecards of:
- Quarrel
- Blades
- Gaucho
- Jammer
- Moondancer

ALSO is Action Man considered part of Action Force? :confused:

10-05-2005, 07:16 PM
I may have several of those. Ill look my old collection out and post you back.(probably tomorrow.)
And no, Action Man and AF were completely unrelated. The first connection Ive ever seen was the Night- Force 6 pack. That said Ive been out of the loop for several years so there may have been previous collaberations.
As I remember Action Man was solely based on WWII. There were a few contemporary figures but it was a history specific line.
AF was conceived as a contemporary, International rapid response unit created to combat the threat of the Red Shadows.

10-06-2005, 01:10 AM
Action Man, the British/non-American version of the 12" G.I.Joe, did get some contemporary outfits, that's true.

The original Action Force figures, the ones articulated like original Star Wars figures, were packaged in the same style as their 12" predecessor and were presented as a miniature version of him, hence the packaging having the "Action Man" logo before the "Action Force" one. If you look at those old figures' heads, they all have the same face -- a scaled-down version of the 12" one (a bit like the original RAH figures).

The original Action Force figures were also largely period-uniform, it wasn't until a little later that the Red Shadows were introduced and Action Force was split into its Z-Force, Q-Force, SAS-Force and Space Force contingents. RAH figures came in as repaints with vehicles and then the carded figures became straight re-issues of RAH, Cobra and all. The first wave of these was still in the "Action Man" packaging but then they changed it to mimic RAH, calling them "Action Force: International Heroes."

By then, the 12" Action Man had waned in popularity. He eventually disappeared from shelves, leaving only Action Force. In the early 90s there was quite a buzz in the media that Action Man was returning in his original 12" clothes-changing form. Reporters were apparently amused (and annoyed in a "they're screwing with nostalgia" way) that he now had individual personalities and names like Stalker and Snake Eyes... These "new Action Man" figures were G.I.Joe: Hall Of Fame figures in slightly-changed (tiny Joe logo, multi-lingual text) packaging.

After a year or so, possibly due to the combination of success of these 12" figures and the outcry that it wasn't the Action Man of old, Hasbro started making new Action Man figures, more stylised than the original ones and with all the fancy action features & weapons of the day. More media buzz happened then, that he was really Action Man again, he was now a "super-agent" jack-of-all-trades but with a distinct personality of his own and a new arch-nemesis, Doctor X. This led the new Action Man to become a franchise of its own, popular with younger children, and being carried over to the US to co-exist with the more adult 12" G.I.Joes in stores. He even got his own CGI animated series (I think there were some British ones where he had a British accent and then there was the US series where he was American, quite young, and apparently named "Alex Mann") and an imitator in Max Steele.

So by the end of the 90s Action Man, originally named as a way to sell 12" Joes in countries that don't call their soldiers G.I.s, had developed into a distinct character/property in his own right and as had happened in the 80s he was downsized into a 3.75" figure. I think this is a wonderful tribute to the history of the character and the international influence of G.I.Joe.

As for being in the same continuity, I say why not? There's never been any stated connection before the Night Force 6-pack but since the toy is technically a G.I.Joe spin-off I don't see a problem with bringing him back into the fold for some special missions!

10-06-2005, 06:12 PM
There you go. Thats a definative answer. I looked throgh my old files and only found Blades. However, his file is on the blueprints of the chopper he came with.(FANG VI). If these are any help give me an email and we'll work something out.