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This I Command!
10-09-2005, 12:55 AM
I have exhausted every resource available to me and turned up pretty much nothing...but my search for a GI Joe the movie poster contiunes. Now I really do believe one existed at some point in 1987 that was probably only in video stores, but I don't think very many if any of them still exist today especially given that one has made it in to the archives of this site yet and I don't know of anyone personally seeing one. So this got me thinking about making my own poster by getting an extremly high resolution scan of the video or dvd box and blowing it but I've finally accepted that those are just too small I've tried sharpening the image but once its blown up past a certain point it just turns to crap and I really want this poster to be HUGE like movie poster size. So heres where I could really use some help cause I've pretty much run out of things I can do on my own.

1.)I've heard of advertisments existing for GI Joe the movie when it was released. Does anyone know specifically of any places where this ads can be located, also scans would be great.

2.) Does anyone know who did the cover art for GIJOE:TM? I know Hasbro had in-house artists that handled almost all the card art and promo art during that time so maybe one of them did this art?

3.) Does anyone know very specifically when the movie was released in stores? I thought perhaps this could help me pinpoint a newspaper article that may have a good advertisment image.

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, anything I'm dying to hear them! I want a poster for this movie so badly, one of my new hobbies is to pick up the posters of my favorite films and get them signed by the actors that played in them at conventions with the ultimate goal of one day owning a home theater and using them all as decoration and this is by far one of my favorite movies it deserves a poster!

10-09-2005, 10:19 AM
Check here:
Try searching a few different ways, obviously GI Joe, browse movies & cartoons, by subject, name, & year. It seems like this place has almost everything, but things aren't always organized the way you'd think they should be.

Good Luck!

10-10-2005, 03:56 PM
hey dont give up,i remember when i was a kid and went into the local movie store and saw on the wall the poster of G.I.Joe the movie,how else would kids know it was somewhere on the shelves so they could get there parents to rent it for them,but i do know that they were out there,plus i know it stayed on the wall for a couple of years before the place burnt down,good luck,just keep hunting

10-29-2005, 12:14 AM
I have a RARE ad for G.I. Joe the movie from 1987. Unfortunately, it is only about twice the size of the video box. Good luck finding the poster--the ad alone cost me $54!

If you would like a scan of the ad just send me an email to dmooretoys @ (remove the spaces) and I will scan and email it to you.