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12-24-2005, 01:22 AM
Hi People.

Does anyone know if there exists a comprehensive GI JOE website similar to that of which exists for Star Wars Collectors over at ???

Yo Joe is only good for 3 3/4" figures, and even then it does not have too much details about unproduced figures.

Im more interested in unproduced 12"ers, like the Saving Private Ryan that was only distributed to Internal Kenner / Hasbro staff in the mid - late 90's.

If anyone can share some decent GI Joe websites I would be extremely grateful.

12-24-2005, 02:15 PM
Here's an email with sonme info that I sent to a couple of weeks ago, to supplement their "unproduced" section. (3 3/4" joes)

For some reason they haven't done anything with it. :confused:


Hi guys,

I wanted to give you some info about the unproduced archive, and a few new photos to add to the site.

- "Insecticycle" for Cobra-La - a two person organic "bug bike" that would be part of the 1988 Cobra-La line
- "Imperial Emporer" - would have been Serpentor's boss - Cobra-La was unpopular and the "Imperial Emporer" was deemed not scary enough
- "Pythona" - Cobra-La assassin
- "Arctic Lion" - this was to be a new GIJoe snow tank - ended up as the Iron Grenadiers DEMON.
- "Scrambler" - unproduced GIJoe VTOL jet - possibly replaced by the Phantom
- "Chef" - photo attached

c1991 - Unproduced: Cobra Revenge - better photo attached.

- Poacher & Outback - these were originally going to be included with the 1993 Dino-Hunter set. They were suppose to be new mold exclusive figures, where Outback would be protecting the Dinosaurs and Poacher would be hunting them (i.e. Vince Vauhn in Jurrasic Park 2) but to cut costs (since it was a TRU exclusive and would not a big seller) they used repaints of Low-Light and Ambush instead.

- Unproduced Ninja Commandos - The sixth figure was going to be Jinx - the result ended up being used for the Mortal Kombat movie edition Sonya Blade.
- Unproduced Replicators - "Sci-Fi" Replicator - you have this listed as General Hawk - this is actually Sci-Fi, not Hawk. (Hawk was going to be an Amor-Tech "Alien Encounter" figure with a plastic alien egg.)
- "Dragonlord" to be the leader of the Lunartix Empire - it was going to be a vehicle pilot for a Lunartix starfighter (you have this listed as "Unproduced: Alien (unnamed)"
- "Interceptor" - this is the same vehicle as the one listed as the "Stardate 1992" - the 1995 blue one is an injection-molded version, the 1992 was made from scratch
- "Wardog" - additional prototype photo attached
- Mortal Kombat "Kano Tank" - black repaint of the Triple T (photo attached)

1995 Ice Force team (TRU exclusive):
- Battle Station
- Repaint of the Tactical Battle Platform
- Repaints of Iceberg (1993) and Snow Viper (Snow Serpent 1991)
- Assault team - included:
- Repaint of the Locust helicopter
- Repaint of the Mudbuster
- Repaints of Sub-Zero (1990) and Beach Head (1993 version)

1995 Battle Corps Rangers:
- Green camo version of the Mobile Command Center (exclusive) - this was later done with the Spy Troops line in 2003
- "Baroness" (was modeled after a Hasbro secretary)
- "Dr. Mindbender" (cyborg with infrared eye)
- "Vendetta" - martial artist from the Battle Corps Rangers 1995 line (photo attached)
- Striker XS1, Vortex XS-2, and Eel would have included "vehicle biocards"
- Sea Wolf - Whale repaint - including "non O-ring" Duke as Sea Wolf pilot (picture enclosed) - this to be part of a new team called "Sea Force"
- Shipwreck and Deep Six were never slated as part of this line - I created "Sea Force" file cards for them as a way to finish off the custom set of 3 I was making back in 1997. =)
- Barbecue (Battle Corps Firefighters - 1992 BBQ repaint) - driver of the firefighter version of the Hammer - Blowtorch & Lifeline were never slated for the Battle Corps Firefighters - I created "Firefighter" file cards for them as a way to finish off the custom set of 3 I was making back in 1997. =)
- "Vulture" helicopter with pilot - this was not named as Wild Weasle - I created the file card for him as a way to finish off the custom set of 3 I was making back in 1997. =)

- Desert Base - this was a desert-camo repaint of the original 1983 GIJoe HQ (according to Thomas Wheeler, who told me about it during the 1998 GIJoe convention - he was consulted during the production of the 1998 line). It was to come with the three figures listed below. It was cancelled due to the expense of such a large item - as a TRU exclusive, Hasbro would never have recouped the costs of ramping up the production line.
- Dial Tone (from Desert Base) - (1986 repaint)
- Pathfinder (from Desert Base) - (1990 repaint)
- Rock 'N Roll (from Desert Base) - (Outback 1987 repaint with 1989 Rock & Roll Gatling cannons)

Tattoo Shane
12-24-2005, 04:14 PM
I know that there is a revamp of the pre-production section coming and i've sent along a few ideas myself, but i'm unsure what exactly is going to happen with it.

To answer your questions Katsal, there isn't anything at all like the Archive for GI Joe and unless the figure is based originally on a 3 3/4" Joe, you won't find any 12" Joe info here.

I'm sure there are some good 12" sites out there, i'm just not sure what they are.

12-24-2005, 05:22 PM
That is some fantastic information you've got there Karpenter. Thanks for sharing.

This I Command!
12-25-2005, 12:39 AM
Karpenter, if you have pics of any of that stuff feel like passing it along on the board, I would love to see that stuff.

12-25-2005, 09:27 PM
Okay, had a couple of requests for the pictures, so here we go.



This I Command!
12-25-2005, 10:40 PM
I'd seen the Chef and Vendetta before but the others were awesome...That Kano Triple T looks wicked, I would have like to have had that mold, then you could throw the orange attachments from the mail away Triple T on there and have a makeshift Night Force model...that would have been really cool.

12-25-2005, 11:03 PM
I've got a few unproduced and pre production pieces. As soon as I see them starting to update it again, I'll start submitting information and pictures of what I have.