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12-29-2005, 03:37 PM
When the new cartoon was announced I was all gung ho. I bought some tapes and I made sure to get up on time to record the episodes. More importantly, I was satisfied with the overall quality of the show. It wasn't the best I've seen but most of the shows deserved a "B" IMO.

But after countless re-runs my interest began to wane. The time change really began to mess me up. I couldn't remember when the show was on and I managed to miss one of the new episodes.

The last episode I saw was the "Vegas vacation" ep which was a total dud. The writing was something straight out of DIC.

Add a couple of holidays and I don't even know if Sigma was on last week.

I can honestly say that I've lost interest in the show. I'll still make an effort to record the show, but at this point it would take some wildly interesting episode to get me back into the series.

It's a darn shame since in many ways I looked at Sigma 6 as an extension of RAH GIJOE. It was fun while it lasted.

12-29-2005, 04:02 PM
I feel much the same way. And you know, here's where being an adult makes it a big deal. Because you and I both know that if we were kids, we'd be all, "Sigma Who?" at this point in time.


12-30-2005, 12:28 PM
Since they started again with new episodes, I've only been able to see the first one - either out of the state or out of the country the other weekends. I would liked to have seen them, but I'm not too upset about missing them, either. I guess I'll try to catch them in a couple months when the reruns come again. I hope it does well, but it's hard to get excited about something that is aimed so far away from my idea of what GI Joe is.

12-30-2005, 12:55 PM
I feel about the same way I was hyped to see it now don't care either way and I have asked the kids I know quite a few and it's right there with "sigma who" they don't have any clue, but ask them about Jake Long wow. Sometimes I wonder if everyone is just trying to hard pull me in there and I could get this all cleaned up:D


12-31-2005, 01:36 AM
Apparently, it's gonna be showing again on the 31st (tomorrow). Last week though, it was replaced by a football game.

But tomorrow's ep. might be another rerun. I heard they're re-re-running the series over AGAIN! :mad:

The next new ep. I saw was slated for. . .March??? :confused:

OMG, that sux sooooo bad.:(


12-31-2005, 01:28 PM
I was looking forward to watching Gijoe today and todays episode was a repeat ......I wish i had the dvds from rhino.....

01-23-2006, 05:30 PM
The way i see it the show will probly be cancelled by the end of the season. No kid likes watching the same epasodes week after week so they will just stop watching and when new ones come out they just wont care,as for the figures at 15 bucks a pop i dont see them flying off the shelves. So I say chalk this one up to another failure for the line like extreme and sgt savage and move on,release all the epasodes on a special DVD,bring back the 3 3/4 inch figures we all love and that sold so well and start a new series based on the new comic line.Maybe air it towards the older crowd that grew up with it,hey cartoons aimed at us worked before just look at family guy and adult swim. S