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The Faceless Master
02-05-2006, 11:32 AM
- Write a post as if a GIJoe, Cobra, Iron Grenadier, Dreadnok etc was writing
in his/her diary or journal. It can be funny, serious, it can be related to other
posts on THIS thread...

1> Keep it clean, Keep it fun
2> Once a boardmember calls dibs on a character, NOBODY ELSE can use him/her... ALTHO a boardmember CAN use multiple characters
ALSO - you can not kill of a character that is being used by someone else
3> Keep this going!!!! You dont have to limit yourself to ONE Character & ONE journal entry, update us on what YOUR character is doing!!
4> If a character hasnt made an entry for 90 days, he/she/it will be up
for grabs again to be used by anybody currently participating in this game.
Please PM me or the user to make sure its ok
5> Dialogue is limited to characters YOU use ONLY, you can not speak for
another board members character...

Characters Used:I will try to keep track of characters already used in alphabetical order to avoid any conflicts
Again, plz PM me so I can edit this list & keep track of characters

Character List:
- Agent Faces => donsbabyboo
- Ambush => *KIA*
- Anastacia de Cobray => see Baroness
- Arkady Krusoviche => see The Executive
- The Baroness => Ny'Katia
- Big Brawler => James Strickland
- Cap => see Crimson Guard Captain #41103
- CC => see Cobra Commander
- Chuckles => Periscope
- Cobra Commander => danielMD06
- Cobra Ninja Trooper Recluse => see Recluse
- Cobra Officer Draven => see NightViper-1
- Cobra Sand Viper #420 - Nocturnal Air Assault Division => Viper Commander
- Conrad Hauser => see Duke
- Crimson Guard #92977 = aka Agent Faces => see Agent Faces
- Crimson Guard Captain #41103 = donsbabyboo
- Crimson Guard Enforcer => see The Executive
- Crimson Twins => see Tomax &/or Xamot
- Croc Master => *KIA*
- Dart => *KIA*
- David Lane => see Lt Col Sure Fire
- Dr Mindbender => NightViperOne
- Duke => NightViperOne
- Dusty => James_Strickland
- Emperor Serpentor => [i]see Serpentor[/b]
- The Executive => NightViperOne
- Faces => see Agent Faces
- Firefly => EXZ
- Flash => Sharpshot
- General Flagg => *KIA*
- Ghost Bear => donsbabyboo
- Jesse Kwinn Jr => see Ghost Bear
- Kangor => gutstheberzerker
- Lifeline => donsbabyboo
- Lt Col Sure Fire => donsbabyboo
- Major Draven => see NightViper -1
- Mindbender => see Dr Mindbender
- Night Viper -1 => NightViperOne *KIA*
- Recluse => Viper Commander
- Sand Viper #420 => see Cobra Sand Viper #420
- Sgt Slaughter => samluvsjoes
- Serpentor => ebayseller545
- Skidmark => *KIA*
- Snake Eyes => dreamtripper
- Storm Shadow => Viper Commander
- Sure Fire => see Lt Col Sure Fire
- Thomas <Tommy> Arashikage => see Storm Shadow
- Tomax => NewOrder
- Wetsuit => James_Strickland
- Wraith => EXZ
- Xamot => NewOrder

Finally... let the entries begin!!! :D

02-05-2006, 02:18 PM
Journal Entry for Sgt. Hauser, Conrad aka Duke (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Duke.jpg):

The team has had far too much downtime lately. It seems we really deserve it after all that we went through in such a short time a while back. Now, though, the healing is done, and it's time to get back to work.

With hawk confined to a wheelchair, I am in full command of the team. There's alot of resentment from some of the other team members... I guess I've earned that much. But at least the majority and the major players back me. We've also gotten too much into letting technology do our fighting for us... I am going to talk to Slaughter and Beach Head later and see what we can do about getting back into some good old fashioned US Army training. Uniform of the day from now on will be standard olive BDUs for me as it is for alot of the rest of the team. If I am going to lead these people I should at least fit in with them. Thnigs have got to change here, and to make those changes solid and successful... I have to start with me.

Speaking of changes... I think I need to have a one-on-one with Hi-Tech about his fascination with these "Sigma Suits" he's working on. I swear he's worse than Mainframe ever was.


james strickland
02-05-2006, 07:34 PM
With all of this downtime, I have it has given me time to train with airborne and ripcord in some airborn training. Just wish wild bill would not fly the NAC upside down so much. It actully making me sick. I now its his way of fun but its not good on a full stomick. The best part about this training is working with airborne and ripcord to bad freefall and skypatrol ain't here, then we would probly need to use the old tomahawk for these practices. I just have very little practice with airborne training since I get stuck in the sand so much I don't have time to train. I just hope they don't make me keep my suit clean because I enjoy the dirt on my uniform. I fill bad for hawk he can no longer walk he was always A guy I look up to but I will live. I like the fact they allowed duke to be in charge but he is not an officer. To me the leader of us should be general flaggs son, but he is part of the new high command with Falcon and col.courage. I was talking to stalker yesterday and he told me that he not sure if duke could handle all the presure of commander. I saw the new ROCC today I think it would be a better if it had a desert paint job on it and not that goofy silver color on it then I would love to drive this but it will be okay though. I wish I would get to drive the desert patrol humvee more but the thing has been in Irag for the last year and a half.
dusty out

02-05-2006, 10:17 PM
Dear Diary,
Well, another day, another chin. It's amazing to me that the Joes keep me on payroll as the Drill Instructor when I'm now pushing 350. Vince Mcmahon won't return my calls, probably because of that incident with Stacy. Oh well, how was I supposed to know she wasn't a mannequin? She seems to be made of plastic to me.
On another note, Sanke-Eyes kicked another tooth loose in training today. That guy's a jerk, don't know why everyone likes him and no one likes me. Maybe if I start wearing all black and stop talking, people will like me better. Or maybe I'd be cooler if I hauled around a spiffy sword and just killed everything in sight...Hmm, I think I'll try that...
The man in charge, he's large,
The Sarge
Dear Diary,
The plan didn't work as well as I thought. Apparently it's illegal to just randomly kill people. How was I supposed to know? Anyway, after leading the local police on a five county chase (I thought they wanted my autograph. Turns out I was wrong), I wound up being run off the road and now I have whiplash. Oh, and Uncle Sugar isn't willing to pay for the legal fees. Fortunately, I used my one phone call and got on the horn with the Renegades. If Red Dog and Taurus can figure out how to read the map, they say they'll come bust me out. Note to Self: get some better Renegades.
The man in charge, he's large,
The Sarge

Viper Commander
02-06-2006, 04:05 PM
MARS Employee Data Log xx/xx/20xx:

Mindbender's new creations are going to be nearly invincible when he is finished, I've been helping him test the new BAT units, providing valuable battle data from all of my encounteres with the hated Joes. The live fire simulations have also kept me razor sharp during this downtime. I've been in this lab for ages, how long has it been? A month, two months? I've lost track of the time...


james strickland
02-06-2006, 09:27 PM
today I was training with the desert patrol when the new major interrupted our training. He told us that he was working on a special mission for all of us. Then told us to meet him in the briefing room at 1500 hours. thats when me and the team took the patriot grizzle we were in to the hanger and headed for the briefing room. As I was following ambush down the hall from the hanger Kamakura and tiger claw jump in font of snake eyes with wooden swords in there hands and tried to attack snake eyes. The only proplem with that was in five seconds they were on there back gasping for air. I now there his pupils, but they have to learn that snake eyes could kill them with one hit of his hand. Snake eyes then helped them up and gave a nad to both as if it was a good try. I do now if we hadent stop by the weaopons room before we came down the hall this far he could have killed them with a quick slice of his sword. As we continued we ran in to crosshier who was head to the shooting rang. He had very little to say. When we made it to the breifing room Major Barrage and Duke were there waiting for us. They requested we sit down. then they showed us tapes of cobra in the Sihara Desert and some wierd machine that was as huge as a warehouse. They also showed us the amount of protection they had there. I could not believe that cobra had a small force gaurding this big machine. When they showed us that it was a factory that was producing the new corbra hiss and other stuff. Our mission was to destroy and get info on this new hiss. Our vehicle were going to be the desert nac and the desert striker. I am just glad we are not taking the desert striker. It is not my favorite desert vehicle. Our mission starts early tomorrow we leave at 0600 in the morning.
dusty out

02-07-2006, 01:09 AM
Journal Entry for Sgt. Hauser, Conrad aka Duke (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Duke.jpg):

Just arived in the Sahara today under request from Cross Hair due to something disturbing he found during a LRRP a couple of days ago. According to the satellite footage I was able to get Countdown to retrieve for me, it looks as if Cobra's got a HISS manufacturing plant there in the desert. After some research, I've found Destro and MARS have no hand in this, as Destro and the Commander are on the outs of late. I have found that Major Sebastian Bludd seems to be the head honcho of this particular Cobra Op. The team we'll be using consists of some of the best desert and survival guys we've got: Dusty, Ambush, Outback, Beach Head and Tunnel Rat. I am going along for this one, too, and we are dragging Rock and Roll along, too, due to the time he spent with Dusty in Desert Storm back after our disbanding in the '90s. Also, Clutch and Wild Bill are there as vehicle support.

After giving the situation and the perameters some long and serious thought (my flight lasted 22 hours for crying out loud) I decided to make myself observer / advisor on this Op and turn the reigns over to Dusty. He is our specialist in this particular area, and I feel he'd do a better job. Besides which, I feel there are several Joes that have been with us long enough and showed enough of the proverbial Right Stuff to be given more leadership roles, and Dusty is definitely one of them. Another is Outback, and he'll be seconding for Dusty this time around. If all works out, I plan to make that a permanent assignment in this area and assign Dusty a platoon of Tanshirts (desert trained Greenshirts). I made the announcement of who would play what role during the briefing and I'd say it went over well.

As a side note, I know Will's not comfortable with a leadership role as he sees himself as just one of the grunts. But I have all faith that this was the right call, and I know he'll pull through. Wayne fully concurred with my decision and he and I will be paired up on the Op. As it stands, we have six hours until go time, and I need some chow and a little rack time.

-Duke, out.

james strickland
02-08-2006, 09:02 AM
today we arrived at landing zone, once there we start out for the hiss plant, With beachhead and duke with wild bill in the nac. While the rest of us are in the hammer heading for the facility once there Ambush will take tunnel rat and find a way in to the facilty while. The rest will be a deversion. tunnel rat and ambush will set bomb once they reach the inside. I am hoping these two can get the job done. I personal wish snake eyes was on this mission I know he could get in an get the job done by himself.
dusty out

02-08-2006, 09:32 PM
Error: Transmission Terminated


02-08-2006, 10:28 PM
Journal Entry for Sgt. Hauser, Conrad aka Duke (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Duke.jpg):

So far, so good. Dusty's planning was flawless far as I could see, and the deployment went smooth as could possibly be hoped for. Sending Tunnel Rat in to plant the explosives was the obvious choice, as he's the best there is, but sending Ambush to assist and cover him... I honestly don't think I would have thought of that. I would have sent Outback, so that if any hand-to-hand broke out, he'd be able to cover Sgt. Lee that way. But if Ambush does his job correctly, there's no chance of those two going hand to hand with anyone. Good thinking Sgt. Tadur. I knew I made the right decision.

We're now making the descent for Beach Head and I to disembark to recon this side and make our way towards the bunker. Soon it'll be time to see just how efficient a job Tunnel Rat can do in there.

On a side note, I am aware that several people wanted Sanke Eyes in on this. Like Hawk said a while back, though... he's just one man. We have to learn to rely on more than just Snake Eyes. We have to rely on one another.

-Duke out.

02-08-2006, 11:15 PM

02-09-2006, 03:54 AM
09 Feb. 06

Missed my EE class last night. Had no choice, there was trouble brewing. Primary mission objective was achieved, but I had some technical issues with my gear. I must find the glitch before the next deployment.

Must get notes from classmate.


The Faceless Master
02-09-2006, 08:50 AM
Please dont forget to PM me if you are using a new character
so I can update the "Used Characters" list


02-09-2006, 03:00 PM
Personal log

It has been a few months sense I have had any contact from Destro. It seems he left Alexander in charge till he returned. Mindbender has stayed employed to M.A.R.S. as far as I can tell. My last orders were to keep a low profile till I got a call. I have been down in South America enjoying the local lifestyle. Not much on the excitment as the few months prior to this.

After that little war between Cobra Commander and Destro things seemed like they would calm down. Shortly after that Cobra Commander called in all his underlings for a long meeting. Then he took Destro, The Baroness, Mindbender, and the Crimson Twins to a side room. After they came out we headed back to the castle. Soon after landing Destro gave me my instructions, handed the reigns to Alexander and disappeared with the Baroness. Most of the others were given packets and went their own ways. I have had little contact with anyone.

But today I recieved a call. I was told to take a boat to a spot 300 miles out in the ocean. I started to hang up when the code was given. It was an order from Destro. I have booked a local boat capable of handaling the trip. To bad they will not be coming back with me. Ahh the captain has just informed me we will be leaving shortly for our deep sea fishing trip....Once on board Ill put my suit on. It has been a while.

Till Next Time.

02-09-2006, 03:30 PM

I can't beleive how slow buisness has been. I am about to go crazy. I haven't blown anything up for money in almost a week. I have had to keep moving from hideout to hideout. One of my "trusted" contacts has ratted me out. I have stayed ahead of this international team that is hunting me down. I have killed 10 of them so far I think. Most in my first hideout I had to destroy. That was the closest they got to catching me.

I was having a usuall night, cleaning my firarms, building explosives, you know common stuff. When one of my sensors picked up something outside. I flipped to that camera in time to see them cut the feed. As fast as I could I got my gear on. Just as I slammed my clip inmy gun all **** broke loose. Two canisters flew threw a window. First the flash went off, but I was ready, then a knockout gas. Jesh these guys must think they are dealing with a novice. I kicked the vents on, that will kept the gas level down. The door busted in as 4 members took up firing positions. A few more dove in threw some windows as the back window came crashing down. I was trapped for the moment. I flung three grenades at the front door as i jumped up and opened up some fire towards the ones near the windows. The front room exploded as I dove into the hall. Gun fire was ripping past me all over the place. One or two rounds hit me but no real damage. I could hear them scrambling towards me. I was almost trapped. Almost. I stood up firing everything I had left to cover me as I ran towards my windoe in the hall. More gunfire eminated from their positions tearing everything in the hall apart to include me. I figured it was safer outside and dove out the window. Now that seems like a good plan, but I was on the 10th floor of the complex. I grabbed my stealth line popping the grapple out. I flung it at the street light below. Hit its target. I came to a slower crash on the ground. Man that hurt. I looked up as a few of them looking out the window pointing down. I smiled nicely at them as I slid a remote out of my shirt pocket. I flipped the cover an waved as I clicked the button. My section of the 10th floor blew in a beautifull display of colors, smoke, and bodyparts. I was sad to see one member jumped as I hit the button. He hit the ground with a splat as flamming debri came down. I walked over to him, he as dead. To bad I needed some info on who they worked for. Suddenly a van comes screaching around the corner headed straight for me. I jumped to the side as he sped by. I got his plates, good. Sirens, dammit they are close. I moved to a sewer hatch nearby and disappeared.

Now I have had to blow up 4 hideouts and numerous vehicles. All these explosions are drawing to much attention from others. I have seem Joes at two of the sites once they found Cobra symbols in the debri. Somehow they keep finding me. I am tired of blowing up my own stuff. This will end soon. I almsot have a lead to who they are and where to strike, and yes I will strike. They will wish they never heard of Firefly before I am done with them.


02-09-2006, 03:37 PM
Mindbender's (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Mindbender2.JPG) log:

YES!! My Bio-BAT works perfectly! It seems Cobra Commander has returned to the being that originally formed Cobra. He has even been gracious enough to let my turning to Destro slip. He wasn't at all happy about my decision to stay with Destro, but then he didn't have much choice. He arrived with a squad of Crimson Guardsmen and two squads of Vipers while Destro arrived (the Baroness and I with him) accompanied by a vanguard consisting of a squad of Nullifiers, two platoons of Iron Grenadiers and two squads of his new elite Grenadiers; the Iron Anvil troops. Needless to say, it was all a little one sided.

But back to the bueiness at hand. The Bio-BAT... a mechanical construct consisting of an outter shell made of an extremely durable material perfectly resembling human flesh. Under that is the typical BAT armored shell made with a new lighter alloy found and designed by Destro for body armor Everyone around here wears it... even me at times. These BATs appear human in every way... I have even been given a few Iron Grenadiers that are skilled artists to help give each Bio-BAT an individual appearance all his own: varied skin tones, hair colors and textures and styles, various eye colors and shapes, noses, mouths, ears, it's all unique to each Bio-BAT. We have even decided to place them in Iron Granadier uniforms... and call them the Iron Anvil. Of course, the Commander doesn't need to know that. And he also doesn't need to know that Alexander is locked in a cell in the bowels of the Silent Castle while a Bio-BAT bearing his exact likeness is "in charge" here while Destro is away. In reality, Destro can see, hear and has control over every aspect of the goings on here in Trans Carpathis, even though he is supposedly out of pocket. I do hope his family time is doing him well... he and Anastacia could use the rest.

Ah, Recluse is returning from supper now... time to resume our testing.


james strickland
02-09-2006, 06:46 PM
today we had the operation destroy the hiss. I know duke was surpised of my desion for tunnel rats cover but I knew If there was any trouble ambush could get them in to hiding very quickly.I now we had three others that were qualifed to cover tunnel rat, but I thought their in a factory they need a way to stay conceled. That ambushes specialty so I sent him with tunnel rat. I was told one time by low light on a night watch duty ambush could find a place to hide in a plain or beach. Well we are heading for the bunker. I hope I can get a chance to prove duke wrong. He has led us on many missions, but this is a mission I was left in charge I hope I chose well.
dusty out

Viper Commander
02-10-2006, 03:32 AM
Taskforce Delta Digital Journal: Arashikage, Thomas S.
[Redacted For National Security Purposes]
Hope I can make it out of this one alive. I set my Joe-comm down on the ground, set to keep transmitting (http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/4079/toys11bw.jpg) my distress (http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/9039/toys108wy.jpg) signal (http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/7569/toys116py.jpg) message (http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/810/toys166mh.jpg) to Duke (http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/3444/toys171gu.jpg) and Snake Eyes while I kept trekking ahead.

Storm Shadow, Over And Out.

02-10-2006, 09:25 AM
My fishing trip is going well. Once we go to the location the boat captain knew was good for fishing we set our lines and cracked open a bottle of wine. It was a beautifull day. The sky was filled with clouds alowing the sun to peek through now and then. The winds were calm, the ocean was almost still. A signal activated a setting on my watch. It started counting down from 10 minutes. I excussed my self down stairs and suited up. Felt good to get it back on. 5 Minutes left. All systems check good. I activated the stealth syatem and headed up stairs. This would hardley be a struggle. With only 3 crew it would be simple. I stepped behind the first slicing his throat. As he went down clutching his neck the other 2 looked in shock. I popped my forearm blade introducing them to the closest crewmans chest. The third reached for his gun. I kicked him in the chest sending him overboard. my watch beeped as the final seconds counted down. I was more curious as to what was about to happen then the crewman in the water. I tossed the other 2 bodies over board. My watch beeped again. Time was up but nothing happened. Suddenly something hit the boat. I hit the floor latching onto a support. The ship was being lifted in the air. I pulled my self up to see a huge submarine surfacing underneath me. As the water cleared the tower, Destro stepped out.

"Good to see you again Wraith, glad you made it."

"Good to see you my Lord"

I jumped on to the subs deck and walked over to a lower door. Iron Greadiers opened the door as I enetered.

Over the ship intercom " Grenadiers destroy that ship once we submerge, and bring Wraith to my office"

A ringing answer came from numerous Grenadiers allover the ship " Yes Laird Destro"

As I was being escorted I could hear the torpedos being launched.

Till Next Time

The Faceless Master
02-10-2006, 10:52 AM
to make this dear diary game more interesting & visually pleasing
I highly encourage any posters to link a photo or two to whatever
you are talking about...

for example...
I met with General Hawk & Beach head today ( http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/donsbabyboo/detail?.dir=e671&.dnm=2ba7scd.jpg&.src=ph) at the Mobile Command Center...
they did fail to introduce me to another gentleman standing right behind them,
he looks vaguely familiar, like a younger, thinner General Flagg II :D

02-11-2006, 12:07 AM
Dear Diary,

After some rest time, it is good to be active again. I am on my way back to Trans Carpathia with Logan. The castle has been run by "Alexander" for months now in our absence. Perhaps I can test some of the new toys Dr. Mindbender has created on my dear, sweet stepson.

All is going well with no activity really from either Cobra or the Joes. Firefly is in a bit of a sticky spot from what my spies tell me, but I doubt it will stay that way for long. Other than that, it seems that everyone has been on vacation.

I have heard from my an old friend in the middle east. It seems that his harem is dwindling, and he has been looking for some fiesty beauties to replenish it. Unfortunately and fortunately, Destro has been behaving himself so I have not been able to add to Ahmed's collection. No matter, I know exactly who I plan on sending over. I won't even charge him for this one. She will be a gift as long as Ahmed holds up his end of the bargain.

We are almost home. Time to get Logan ready.


The Faceless Master
02-11-2006, 12:33 AM
Phase2, Voicelog Entry #1

As of this recording, I am stepping down as mission commander
& relegating myself as strictly C.I.D. reporting to General Flagg III...
I went way over my head & am partly to blame for General Hawks current
state of being a para-plegic.
For now, I will focus on the re-establishing of the D.E.F. Urban Defense Unit
& watching the Black Dragon Operatives closely.

Lt Col Sure Fire ~ signing off

The Faceless Master
02-11-2006, 12:38 AM
Deep in the Inner Sanctum of Cobra's Lair
Voicelog number 1 <since previous voicelogs are now lost>

I managed to act "normal" in front of the other CGs long enough
for them to dismiss any ideas of me being the leak for GIJoe.

Right now, I dont know who to even report to!!
I heard from CG Intel that General Hawk is paralyzed the waist down
and is going on disability due to severe bouts of depression.
Lt Col Sure Fire is stepping down as primary mission Commander.
Who will I give this information about the HISS Factory to?

Hmm, i will find a way.
CG# 92977 aka Agent Faces
~ logging off

The Faceless Master
02-11-2006, 12:44 AM
Deep in the Inner Sanctum of Cobra's Lair
Voicelog number 2 <since previous voicelogs are now lost>

I just overheard a Tele-Viper reporting that the HISS Factory was just
attacked by unidentified assailants.
I am pretty sure its Duke leading that strike team right now, but how can
I let them know that this is just a trap for Mindbender to test out his brand
new biologically altered Venom Troopers, Sand Vipers & Desert Scorpions??

As i speak, blue uniformed Sand Vipers are fastening blue gliders on their
backs ready for takeoff... man, they look really mean too...
I gotta get the word out FAST!!

CG# 92977 aka Agent Faces
~ logging off

The Faceless Master
02-11-2006, 12:52 AM
Phase2, Voicelog Entry #2

Hmm, my direct comm link to my undercover operatives is lighting up.
I thought that Chameleon & Chuckles have been re-assigned,
and Agent Faces is supposedly KIA??
"Hello? This is a military frequency & this is considered unauthorized access,
identify yourself."

Faces: "Sir? Lt Col Sure Fire!! Its me, Agent Paolino, um Agent Faces!!"

Lane: "Faces? I thought you were KIA soldier."

Faces: "No time to explain sir... i need to contact whomever just assaulted
that HISS Factory ASAP!!!"

Lane: "Paulino, I am no longer mission commander, I will patch your signal
over to Breaker... he'll get you connected. Good to hear from you."

Hmm. Wonder whats so important that Agent Faces risked blowing his cover
just to contact that mission?

Lt Col Sure Fire ~ signing off

james strickland
02-11-2006, 08:17 PM
we all made it back to the bunker safely. Tunnel rat and Ambush made back unscaved and came up with some info on the new hisses. I hade them give thier info to Duke and make preperations to get out of here. I have this funny felling that this was to easy and something is wrong. I went to Duke to tell him what about my feeling, but he was on the comm with breaker. Well I just wait.
dusty out

02-11-2006, 11:19 PM
Journal Entry for Sgt. Hauser, Conrad aka Duke (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Duke.jpg):

Success! From a certain point of view.

I knew I had the right guy for the job in Dusty. As I suspected, his guess about Ambush accompanying Tunnel Rat was right on. Like I said, I wouldn't have thought about that... glad he did. Not only was Tunnel Rat able to plant the explosives he was issued, but he was even able to rig some others he found there inside the bunker to bring down the entire structure as well. Pus he and Ambush were able to capture some images and technical data on the new HISS tanks. Real bad news for us if they ever make it onto the field, for sure. But something bothers me. Yes, they're are extremely bad news for us... but they also aren't too far advanced from the last model. Strange that they would product such a simple upgarde such as this so heavily. Then I found out, though.

I was on my way from the armory to congradulate Dusty and give him the news. The assignment to lead his own detachment has been approved and his men will be joining him shortly. I got pulled off to the side by Breaker, though, with an urgent message. I like this kid... he's alot like the original Breaker. I miss Alvin... he was a good trooper and a good friend. But this guy makes a good living testament to him.

Whe Breaker pulled me to the side, he was more than a little distressed. He gave me a message from Agent Faces, who was supposed to be deep under cover, and a way to reach him. Figuring a breach of protocol of this magnitude to be of the utmost importance, I went ahead and contacted Faces via Breaker's comm-system. The news he gave me was... well... disturbing to say the least. After I recieved all the information he had to give, I gave the system back to Breaker and turned to find Dusty. Luckily, he had come looking for me. He was waiting there just a short ways off and fell into step beside me as I made for the war room.

Dusty's instincts are good: he knew something was up and decided to drop whatever it was he wanted in leu of what I had to say. Again, I knew I made the right choice. En route to the war room I gave him a brief rundown of what I had just learned. He gave a low whistle and voiced what I hadn't yet had the chance to verbalise myself: "We're in deep, now." Time to call the troops together once again.

-Dukle, out

The Faceless Master
02-12-2006, 04:13 PM
Phase2, Voicelog Entry #3

After patching Agent Faces thru to Breaker, i immediately received a call
from the Pentagon that General Flagg himself was coming to HQ personally
to tell me where I was going to be re-assigned to, my duties & so forth.
There was mention of sub-teams that I was going to be heading, not
just the D.E.F. Urban Defense Unit, on top of my duties of being the teams
official C.I.D.

Law & I met General Flagg (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/donsbabyboo/detail?.dir=7d1d&.dnm=25e4scd.jpg&.src=ph) upon his landing at the designated classifed &
highly secure GIJoe heli-pad & escorted the General back to HQ. (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/donsbabyboo/detail?.dir=/7d1d&.dnm=9e6fscd.jpg&.src=ph)

Lt Col Sure Fire ~ signing off

*ps => dont forget to click on the links :D*
my first attempt at incorporating visuals to our game

The Faceless Master
02-12-2006, 05:16 PM
Deep in the Inner Sanctum of Cobra's Lair
Voicelog number 3 <since previous voicelogs are now lost>

Well, Lt Col Sure Fire wasnt at all accomodating, passed me right over to
Breaker2, who then patched me over to Duke. I told Sgt Hauser that the
HISS Bunker that they just attacked was just a ploy.
I sent him two snapshots of Sub-Level 4 of a nearby Cobra Terrordrome.
One of them shows the Noc Vipers (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/donsbabyboo/detail?.dir=7d1d&.dnm=94c9scd.jpg&.src=ph) preparing for take-off
and the second will show the Sand Viper leader - Scarab awaiting orders
from Commander Kraven to unleash the Ground Level Sand Vipers (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/donsbabyboo/detail?.dir=7d1d&.dnm=6e26scd.jpg&.src=ph)

I sure hope their strike team can get out of there before the Sand Vipers
arrive... uh oh, i hear someone coming

CG# 92977 aka Agent Faces
~ logging off

james strickland
02-12-2006, 06:30 PM
I new my instinics were correct about us being in trouble. After Duke got off the comm, he told me what faces said. That when, I knew with the look in Dukes eyes we were in trouble. I know we only have two vehicles and a dozen troops, but I know we been in worse situations. I have a possibly twenty-four hours to rest and think of a plan to get us threw this mess with out a loss to the team. I know Duke says I might have a team of green /tan shirts that are going to be my special squad as soon as we get out of here. Just can't wait for the Dusty's Dirt Crew to start.
Dust out

02-12-2006, 10:13 PM
Journal Entry for Sgt. Hauser, Conrad aka Duke (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Duke.jpg):

Dusty's Dirt Crew. Heh. That guy's a nut.

After a brief one-on-one, William and I both agreed that we had better get some chow and rest up before the big attack. We alloted ourselves three hours for food and sleep then it's back up to plan. If anything comes at us before then, though, lookouts are to wake both of us immediately.

Either way, we do have a basic plan. Dusty will take Breaker, Outback and Ambush and head one direction, while Beach Head, Tunnel Rat and myself head the other. If we can, we'll circle around. If not... well, they can't effectively chase both groups. Dusty has a group of survivors who can adapt to anything, and this is his home turf. Beach Head and I are experts at squad combat and Tunnel Rat... well, you never really know what to expect from 'Little Nicky'

-Duke, out

Viper Commander
02-13-2006, 05:35 PM
Digital Entry XX/XX/20XX:

The Joes are just up ahead, from the look of Vapor's thermal sensor's on his Hurricane. Heat signature indicates they're still asleep, perfect. Ready the missiles (http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/6440/img07770bp.jpg), locked, fire at will!


How did one of my wingmen get shot down? Crap! We flew right over their lookout and didnt see anything? Where did that little Asian dude come from? Concentrate fire on him!!! Cobraaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

Nocturnal Sand Viper, Over and Out.

02-13-2006, 06:13 PM
Journal Entry for Sgt. Hauser, Conrad aka Duke (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Duke.jpg):

Okay, so and hour and a half of shut-eye will have to do.

It only took me a split-second to get my barings about me once I heard the alarms going off. The preliminary report Breaker gave Dusty and I stated that Tunnel rat caught the Cobra forces coming in and took out part of their recon troops before they even knew he was there. After a brief discussion about that bit of info, neither Dusty nor myself could bring ourselves to even fake being surprised about that.

By the time we hit the deployment room, everything was rigged to blow and the troops were ready to split, with Nicky coming up through the tunnel door he had installed several days prior. I joined him and Beach Head, and gave a firm handshake to Dusty. With a wish of luck on both sides, the two squads split up. The plan was simple... leave the bunker powered up and active, to draw in the Cobra troops. Once we leave, cameras and mics set up by Breaker would let him know when the enemy had infiltrated the compound. Once the majority are inside the building, Nicky will blow it. He already has the place rigged with enough SYNTEX and C4... not to mention whatever he did with the dynamite and oil drums... to level Baghdad.

We all knew the plan and we all knew the risks. In losing this installation, Cobra wins this round. But at least we can make them pay dearly for that victory.

Time to head out. Everyone's got their night vision and night ops gear, and a good thing: the clouds have rolled in and the moon is hidden behind them. The night is black as anything Snake Eyes has ever worn. Too bad for Cobra... their vehicles have running lights, and we have long range rockets. let's get this party started.

-Duke, out

02-13-2006, 06:26 PM
Cobra Officer Draven, T., callsign: NightViper -1 (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/NV12.JPG):

The Joes have set watches farhter outside the perimeter than we expected. Looks like one of our Sand Vipers is going down. He'll never survive that fall. Tough break.

The Night Mamba sets down and lets me and my crew out to do our thing, then it's off again to cicrcle and await our signal. My crew is outfitted in the night ops camo created and used by US and British Special Forces instead of our normal hunter green. We spent over a week testing it, and it works like a charm... it's nearly impervious to night vision gear. As we made our way towards the bunker, we make sure to stay out of any light cast by the place. Stay down, close to the sand... spread out to reduce visibility...and get as close to the enemy as you can. It only takes a few moments for one of my men to call over our throat mics that he has a visual. I hit the ground on my belly and check the coordinates he gave me through the scope of my Haskins sniper rifle. And I can't believe my eyes.

"It must be Christmas," I tell my boys, but none of them get it. They haven't studied the records and dossiers that I have. They don't know we're looking at a group led by the Joes' leader: Duke. I split the team, taking the one that saw them with me, and set the other two looking for a back-up group. It's time to show the Commander why he kept the Night Vipers active.

-Major Draven, out

james strickland
02-14-2006, 01:26 PM
I know I don't have enough time for this. I need this to understand what going on. We must have sent a message to cobra high command with the attack on the hiss plant.
Duke should be coming up behind the night vipers in front of us, but I was shock that the new breaker had sniper skills and took out our tail in the air. Ambush has set up another sniper post on the doone twenty feet away from the bunker. this is were we are making our stand. I have my trusty m-16/ granade combo,and a sniper rifle. Outback pointed out a chopter with green landing lights landing in the distant. Thats when I took out my night bicaculars and looked in to them.I saw a squad of night vipers. We dug in to sand as deep as possible. Just hoping thier are no sand scorpions around. This maneuver should give us a surprise on those night vipers. I wonder how the others are doing.
dusty out

Ambush just in formed me dukes location been found the two night vipers are after them but we have three more near our location well lets gear up and attack boys.
dusty out

02-14-2006, 01:51 PM

I can’t believe this. All of my main hideouts have been raided by who ever is after me. It would seem I have gained a very powerful enemy. I have lost a number of contacts just by contacting them. I have taken a few more of their team out, but gained no information on who they are. They speak multiple languages, are from different countries, and walks of life. Nothing is making sense. AHHHHHHHHHHHH I AM SO FRUSTRATED.

I have decided to take them head on. I have taken control of one of Cobra’s abandoned bases in Cleveland. Cobra Commander was gracious enough to send me a list of supplies. He started to ask what I needed them for, then gave up. The truck should be arriving soon. I have already activated the automated defense systems. I have upgraded the sensor array to include feeds from the surrounding buildings. The “command center” will be reinforced to take damage from anything smaller than a HISS Tank. Once the explosives arrive Every corner building within the one block radius will be rigged to fall into the street blocking any escape or reinforcements from the ground. Cobra Commander also allowed me to test a few new BATs. And of course a Trouble Bubble should I need a quick evac.

Once everything is in place I will let my where about slip. It will not be long before whoever is after me shows up. Then I can finally be done with this one way or the other. I can’t wait, I can finally blow some stuff up and get back to my regular schedule.


james strickland
02-15-2006, 02:01 PM
these night vipers are smarter then I thought. Thier leader split them into two teams like we are. The others,following us,are kicking up sand like their is no tomorrow. I know my desert skills came in handy when I told every to shoot at the shadows in the sand. I just hope this sand thier kicking up doesn't mess up the optics in our night gear. I don't remember were Duke sent Clutch and Wild Bill. I wish we had clutch and his vehicle hear because we could have usedf the brights on the vehicle to blind the night vipers with thier obsolit eguipment thier wearing. I am writing this because if we don't make it out of here a live this will be a record of my last fight.
Right now we are right down at the bottom of a sand dune. Ambush and Outback are keeping thier eyes on the top of the dune. Breaker and me have the bottom we still haven't heard anything from Duke since we split. I had my crew fall back down this dune for cover mainly. I do now I hit one of the night vipers in the arm. While Ambush took one out. We come unscaved so far. I think that evens the score two night vipers after Duke and two after us. I just don't now if thier trying to lead us into a trap our not. The sand vipers in the glider things I have not seen since the beginning of the attack on our bunker, but mybe the bunker explosion that happened a few minutes ago took care of most of that problem. I know only an hour and a half sleep is starting to take it toll on Breaker he keeps mumbling something I guessing this is his first time in the heat of battle or lack of sleep. The sun will be coming up in anothere hour or so. I now once the sun comes up will be in trouble.
Dusty out

james strickland
02-17-2006, 08:26 PM
we have taken out our two night vipers. They past us up and we came upbehind them. In a surprise, we took them out now we are headed towards the spot that me and duke set as a meeting spot. I hope we can get thier with no prioblems.
dusty out

Viper Commander
02-18-2006, 03:53 AM
Entry XX/XX/20XX:

I ordered the Noc's with me to fly in separate directions, gain altitude, turn around, and glide back in a dragnet fashion to scan for any escaping Joes. I turned my attention to the NAC they had, still empty like a sleeping lion on the desert sand. It took both of my onboard missiles to incapacitate the Joe heli but that thing will not be flying anytime soon. Once we find the Joes on the ground we will harass them from the sky until Vapor (http://www.yojoe.com/action/90/90images/vapor.jpg) comes in for an airstrike. Cobraaaaaaa!!!

Nocturnal Sand VIper (http://www.yojoe.com/action/05/images/sandviper5_large.jpg), Over And Out

02-18-2006, 10:56 AM
Crimson Guard Mission Log:

Everything has worked out perfectly. After the lead Airborne Sand Viper took out the GI Joe NAC, my pilot swept in with our vynil coated Crimson Command Coptor. With the vynil covering, it looks just like it originally did before we captured it from the Joes. I watched as a masked Joe... Beac Head if I recall the dossier... took down two Night Vipers. One was the leader... he never did cut it well with me.

As the Night Vipers fell, the team's leader, Duke, spotted the coptor, and motioned us down. Perfect. Just as we hit the dirt, Duke grabbed the handle and threw the door open. He looked up at me smiling his thanks... and then his eyes widened as he realized I wasn't his precious team mate. They widened again, though, as he saw the twin Scorpians pointed at his face.

The burst was brief but the crimson spray was horrific. As Duke's lifeless form fell away from the coptor, it reflexively grasped at the side of the chopper and tore the vynil away in a large section, revealing the chopper for what it really was. As the other Joes that witnessed event, they came out of their frozen, horrified stupors and rushed the coptor. I smiled to them and the pilot turned the chopper, spraying a volley of anti-aircraft fire over their heads. That put them down, and we were off and safely away. I submit my report for my employers, Tomax and Xamot, to review. Final outcome of the mission: accomplished. The GI Joe team is now without a leader. Returning to base.

-Crimson Guard Enforcer, aka The Executive, out

james strickland
02-18-2006, 05:44 PM
we made it a few feet from the rondeuve spot when. We witness Duke murder
after that the cobra attack force left us before they left My small team killed the scorpions afterwards we radio hq to inform them of the problem and to order a tomahawk or another NAC.
While we wait we cover dukes body in a blaket and look for a spot to bury him.
very sad day:( for the joes

02-20-2006, 11:09 AM
Crimson Guard Mission Log:

I have returned to the Extensive Enterprises building and donned the well fitted suit my employers have supplied for me. The entire outfit, while comfortable and conforming, is lined with kevlar and has a pair of well concealed holsters inside for my Scorpian APs. The shades I normally wear in the field, purchased from the MARS coproration and equipped with a variety of options normally only found in larger, bulkier devices, also fit well with my tailored suit. My time in the field is at an end for the time being, and it is time to go back to my other job... head of security and body guard for Tomax and Xamot.

-Crimson Guard Enforcer, aka The Executive, out

02-20-2006, 11:17 AM
Journal Entry for Sgt. Hauser, Conrad aka Duke (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Duke.jpg):

Face still hurts. I got real [email protected]#n lucky back there in the desert... helmet took most of the damage from those auto-pistols. From all of the blood from the one serious facial wound I did take, everyone thought I was dead. That cuncussion I took from the rapid fire to my helmet almost made that a reality, too. Ah, but the look on Dusty's face when Lifeline and Extreme started trying to revive me after they had already been told I was dead. I don't think I have ever seen him or Beach Head in that kind of shock.

Here I lay in a hospital room, the stitches along my cheekbone healing and the room spinning anytime I do anything strenuous... you know, like think or breathe... and thinking. I have had plenty of time for that... I was almost dead... far as Cobra is concerened, I am dead. But I'm going to have a nice manly facial scar to remind me that I'm not.

I've also had plenty of time to read over a few files I've been sent, such as this one from Hi-Tech down in R&D. Speaking of which, that'll be him at the door. Tiome to talk turkey about a new idea of his. An idea that up until now I have rejected at every turn.

-Duke, out

james strickland
02-20-2006, 06:18 PM
I had a huge shock as we were leaving for home. Duke is alive. I glad he alive. I hate to go though knowing it was a good mission, but one huge problem left us with out a leader forthe hole unite. I swear Duke is a cat with nine lives I seen him take alot, but Always getting back up. When we landed thier were joes standing near the landing pad in dress uniforms. When Duke step out I swear if this place was secret base it was not after the shock of him climbing out was not quiet. I herd the whole unite let out a huge gasp of shock.

After I made sure Duke was taken to the inferery I headed for the debriefing lead by the Major Barrage. He a little gung ho, but he got what he wanted from the team and me. I then headed for my bunk for a good night sleep. Before, I even made it to the bunk Breaker thanked me for all the support I gave him during our mission. I told him no problem, and that I was glad he was thier to help us when it counted. He smiled and walked towards the tech bunk. I headed to my bunk to write this entry and to get some sleep.
dusty out

02-21-2006, 02:03 PM

What's the old saying? Live by the sword, die by the sword.

The events over the last few days have really made me think about what it is to be a soldier. In many cases, we have to employ violent means to accomplish our goals. In the end, I really do believe that, we are doing good. But whenever you are dealing with violence you become subject to its terms.

As many times, as I've dropped some poorly trained Cobra snake you can't help but feel that one day some jerk is going to get the drop on you.... And it won't be pretty. I don't expect to catch a slug that will cleanly take me into the next life.

NO! I'll get the most violent kind of send off. I'm going to have things done to my body that won't allow my family to see me one last time. Closed casket... The type of end that only violence can bring.

How do I deal with it? I'm not sure I am. Maybe that's why I'm preparing myself for retirement. Isn't that the REAL reason I'm trying to get my Master's?

What happened to Duke can easily happen to me.

-- Flash

james strickland
02-22-2006, 01:18 PM
This morning I left my bunk and headed for the parade field. After the morning practice and breakfast by roadblock. I headed for duke's and major barrage's office.
They intraduced me to my new squad. they are young and eager. I ask were our training facility was and they gave me a small abandon desert base out side the Phoenix,Arizona area. I was glade to get it. I told duke that I was going to take these green shirts and make them best subgroup to the Joes ever.
After my talk with duke I took the squads out to the practice field and had them intruduce themselves to me. They all seem to have a lot of action in Irag and Afganistan. So they are defently ready for action. Thier code names they gave me are:

Sniper-the sniper of the group,he also has a good sence of humor

Jimmyz-Desert Vehicle diver, machine skills are high with him he going to be the machanic of the crew.

Dirty Doug-he is the grunt of the crew, He also likes the dirt on his unform. he also listed as infantry.

Dune- he loves the heat, he is also the heavy gunner of the group(special note he never wants an artic mission.)

Sgt. Sandstorm-my second in command If he is as tough as he acts. He should be my second in command. He also has vehicle gunner and expolsive.

thats the Dusty Dirt crew
Dusty out

The Faceless Master
02-22-2006, 01:51 PM
Voicelog number 4 <since previous voicelogs are now lost>
Re-Assigned to Extensive Enterprises as Head of Security

As i supervised the Crimson Guard Immortals monitoring activity just
outside the Extensive Enterprises building, I saw a Crimson Command Copter
land on the helipad atop our sky scraper. I sent two Crimson Vipers up to
escort our guest, presumably here to speak with the Twins.

I was horrified beyond belief to find out that this VIP, that the twins refer to
as "The Executive" claims to have successfully killed Duke!! That can not be.
That simply can not be... I am at a loss for words right now...

I... have planted a bug... in the desks of both Tomax & Xamot...
Hopefully... more info can be... *click*

CG# 92977 aka Agent Faces
~ logging off

The Faceless Master
02-22-2006, 01:55 PM
Phase2, Voicelog Entry #4

General Flagg held a brief meeting in the Mobile Command Center
basically saying that Duke is still the head honcho of all missions, and that
new member Major Barrage will be 2nd in Command.

The General also informed me of a joint effort with the European branch of
anti-terrorism known as S.A.S, will most likely...

Lifeline: Umm, excuse me sir?

Yes, Lifeline?

Lifeline: I will need you & the General to come with me please

I will continue this voicelog when I am done with this.

~ Lt Col Sure Fire ~ signing off

02-22-2006, 02:56 PM

I am ready. This will end soon. I have cleaned every weapon, set every trap, explosives have been set and armed in key positions, and I AM BORED. I am sitting in the command center watching the wall of 32 screens which flip through their pictures as programmed. NOTHING. It has been almost a week and no sign of this covert team which has harassed me for the last three months. I was so bored I have even re programmed the BATs to …* BEEP, BEEP *

System voice. “Sir we have detected movement in section 4 rooftop area.”

The screen flickers on. Only one, a sniper, moving across to gain a good firing point on the rear of the building I am in. If anyone could have seen me, they may have even seen me smile just for a second. I slid to the main computer and activated the BATS. They would now only move and fire if a target approached. As I moved to the detonation console.

System voice. “Sir we have picked up an incoming vehicle entering from the North.”
System voice “Sir we have detected movement on lower floors section 1 and 2”
System voice “ Sir two more vehicles approaching from the south”

I almost snapped my neck turning so fast to look at the screens as the correct cameras flickered on.

System voice “Radar has detected to helicopters coming in low from the east.”

More system alerts kept going off as more and more sensors tripped and activated cameras. I am not sure how long I stood there looking at the screens. Someone wanted me bad, real bad. This kind of response would bring some heat behind it. Maybe even the Joes. Especially once I do this.

“Computer open the ground to air missile hatches”
“Hatches open”
“Lock onto the lead helicopter”
“Target Locked”

As I watched the missiles roar towards their target I could feel a chill run down my back. It was too far away for me to feel or hear the explosion, but it felt good anyways.

“Computer continue firing on any aircraft that enter the designated area. Except this frequency.” I enter the code my jet pack and Trouble Bubble will be emitting. “ Once you are out of ammo or can no longer fire set self destruction sequence to 5 minuets and alert me once it is done.”
“Orders received and activated.”

I take one last look at the cameras. All the vans have stopped outside and unloaded a host of guys for me to play with. “ Computer detonate A1 through A 68 on my mark” I had to sit down for this it would be one of my master pieces. I grabbed my wine I had set out. “BURN”

The facility I was in down three floors underground shook as pieces of the ceiling fell in. Power was slightly interrupted as backup generators came on. The noise was music to my ears. I looked at the screens to see what survived. Every building in a one block area was destroyed. Most were empty warhouses and such. This being an industrial district. Most of enemy were on the ground, some stumbled around on fire. Some even looked to be ok. Good I was hoping someone wanted to play still. I finished my wine off, grabbed my weapons and headed to find survivors.

Well if the antiaircraft missiles did not call the Joes that explosion will. I haven’t seen them in so long I almost miss them, almost.


james strickland
02-28-2006, 08:26 AM
My team and me have been training for two weeks now. I have the time to write this do to me letting the guys have a little time off for today. I call hq afew days ago to check up and see what's up with duke and every thing but they never responed so I thinking we head that way tomorrow to a see whats up. I going to go out and rest.

02-28-2006, 03:54 PM
Journal Entry for Sgt. Hauser, Conrad aka Duke (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Duke.jpg):

Finally, I'm up and around. I swear, if Lifeline kept me in that bed one more day I'd have had him court-martialed. I've been down in R&D with Hi-Tech and Snake Eyes all day checking out and testing Hi-Tech's new project. The two of them are thrilled with the outifts, but then... they would be. Snake Eyes has been wearing polyprene-type suits since the early '80s, and Hi-Tech... well, he did invent the things. I'm just not real big on skin-tight pollies as the majority of the suit instead of the insulation underneath.

On the plus side, though, this isn't really polyprene, per se, but a near-bullet-proof material that Hi-Tech calls "mono-mech". Maximum protection from the elements and combat damage, but still allows the best for maneuverability. Needless to say, Snake Eyes is in love with the suit. Our Joe-Comms have been built into the suit's sleeve with micro-circuitry and such, so we no longer need to use the bulky wrist units.

Seeing as the tests are going so well, I suppose it is time for me to start getting team members in mind for this sub-team. I already have Snake Eyes and myself, and we'll need Hi-Tech to keep the gear up to date. We'll need Heavy Forward Assault, and there's no way on God's green earth I'll get Rock and Roll or Roadblock to go along with this, so Heavy Duty's the main choice here. Tunnel rat's a shoe-in for something this covert. Of course, so is Scarlett. I'm not sure if Spirit will want in on this, but I'll check with him anyway... we could always use a tracker and he is the world's best. Oh, and the new guy, Long Range... I bet he'll be a great driver for the specially equipped ROCC we'll be using, plus Low-Light and Cross-Hair rave about his sharpshooting abilities.

Let's see, who else... I believe I'll check with Snake Eyes on the idea of using Kamakura and Jinx for this, as well, but in more of a stand-bye status
at first. I also think I'll talk to Wet-Suit and Torpedo, seeing as these suits would be perfect for SeALs to use, and perhaps Mirage as well... he loves this Hi-Tech stuff. Sci-Fi might be another choice, but I'll have to see what he's up to first. Oh, and I'll check with beach Head. Heh. Once I show him the pictures of the suit in action, his expression and reaction should be priceless. I can see it now:

"You want me to wear WHAT!?"

Suddenly, I'm seeing the entertainment value of this project as well. Better get cracking.

-Duke, out

The Faceless Master
03-02-2006, 02:30 PM
Voicelog number 5 <since previous voicelogs are now lost>
Back to the Inner Sanctum of Cobra Island Terrordrome

I have been re-assigned back to the Cobra Island Terrordrome.
I am still in shock regarding the news that Sgt Hauser is deceased.
Cobra Commander (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/donsbabyboo/detail?.dir=7d1d&.dnm=b699scd.jpg&.src=ph) called for a celebration in light of
the news of the demise of his arch nemesis, Duke

During his speech, I noticed something new in his throneroom though.
He used to have Cobra Immortals standing by his throne,
never more than 5 feet away from him, now he has these brand new
bodyguards that he refers to as The Black Mambas (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/donsbabyboo/detail?.dir=7d1d&.dnm=99f1scd.jpg&.src=ph)
Hmm, i wonder if they will be going into the battlefield with him.

CG# 92977 aka Agent Faces
~ logging off

The Faceless Master
03-02-2006, 02:35 PM
Phase2, Voicelog Entry #5

I am about to rendezvous with our European Anti-Terrorist counterparts
the S.A.S. with their Team Commander, Quarrel and...
what the? Is that Duke? What in holy mother of abraham lincoln is he wear-...

~ voicelog logs off after 30secs of inactivity ~

james strickland
03-03-2006, 08:14 PM
we headed for hq a few days ago. when we arrived. duke was wearing some metal suit with strange stuff. and all the joes were following him asking about it. I just don't think the Suit hes wearing is going to survive the desert, but I could be wrong. I had the guys load up some supplies while I went to talk to Major Barrage about getting a couple of joe vehicles to my little training facility.
Dusty out

james strickland
03-03-2006, 08:41 PM
My mission today was to go to the ship yards in northeast and find one of our Transportable Tactical Battle Platforms or TTBP for short. I don't know why Keel Haul doesn't send more than Shipwreck, Wetdown,and me to find this platform,but I know we well find it.
Last I knew when we were disbanded in '94 most of our eguipment went to auction or to the scrap pile. I guess Keel Haul has a plan for the TTBP. I now this boat of Shipwreck's we're on doesn't have the power to pull it. I do know a tomahawk or two could lift it. All my orders read was to locate and call the flagg for the pick up. Wow this shipyard has a lot of old ships here.
I don't Beleive my own eyes that it still exsist,It is the TTBP. I just going to get Shipwreck to pull up next to the ladder by the command unit.

wetsuit out

james strickland
03-05-2006, 06:04 PM
We are checking the TTBP while waiting for the pick up crew to come get the platform. I sent Ship wreck to the two front weapons to see if thier still able to function. I sent Wetdown to the lower levels to check and make sure that it was in safe shape to move. I headed to the computer area to see what's in good shape. What I have seen is the Computer components have been striped out. All thats here is wire that connect to the componts and there is the spot light still here and the bullet poof glass still in place. The chair is gone. Its just striped like crazy.

Shipwreck just told me that the componts are gone for both weapons the guns have concrete in the barrels. The missles are gone. The helipad is needing some repair. We still waiting for Wetdown to return from below.
I just noticed that the crane is gone. The fold up ramp is still in good shape. Wetdown just gave us the thumbs up so it means it ready for the ropes. I was just looking around there was nothing there.

Wetsuit out

03-06-2006, 11:43 AM
Journal Entry for Sgt. Hauser, Conrad aka Duke (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Duke.jpg):

Just met with the SAS a little while ago. Faces and I have been in talks with them for several days, now, and we conduct espionage classes each morning. Faces is as good as they come, maybe even better. During one of our exercises, even I couldn't tell Faces when I ran into him!

Anyhow, he seemd pretty shocked to see me on the first day. That tells me two things:

One: The order that no one outside of Hawk, myself and a few others is to know I am alive is sticking.

And Two: Seeing as Faces is posing as one of Cobra Commander's top guardsmen, if he didn';t know, then that means old sheet-head doesn't know either. And if he doesn't know, then no one in Cobra does. So far, so good, then.

I don't know what was more priceless, though... when he and Dusty heard the specs on the new suits... or when I told them I had Hi-Tech working on versions for the desert and undercover. Of course, since the suit can be worn under normal uniforms and in any weather conditions, then the suit can already be used for that... but they don't have to know that. Anyhow, the General in charge of the "Spy School" we're attending is signaling for the next class.

-Duke, out

james strickland
03-07-2006, 05:49 PM
I was walking out the rear doors of the mess hall when I heard a lot of noise. I looked upand saw a TTBP flying over the mess hall. I followed it to the repair area where Clutch and a bunch of the repair crew were waiting. I thought there weren't any more left I guees I was wrong.

I wish I could talk to Duke,but he been doing that SAS stuff all week. I now that he in there for an important reason. I did talk to surefire though he just been out of it since hawks injury. I ask if he need someone to talk to he could talk to me.
dusty out

james strickland
03-07-2006, 06:03 PM
I am on the flagg. The TTBP has went a head of us and head to Hq. We are docking at the naval base in San Diego, CA. Then were going by NAC to the Head quaters.

I can't wait to beat on old leather head I haven'ty seen him in months. Shipwreck seems to be good with his seal stuff. I wish we took him on more seal missions.

Wesuit out

03-08-2006, 11:11 AM
Mindbender's (http://www.geocities.com/night_viper_one/Mindbender2.JPG) log:

Often as of late, I am not sure whther I should be thoroughly annoyed or quite pleased with myself. The prototype of the new SBAT (aka: Stealth Battle Android Trooper) is working exellently. It is smaller and less armed than it's predessesors, but has stealth abilities quite unlike those of any other android. What, with the addition of a stealth module much like the one used by Wraith and the programming I have given it using the data from studying Recluse, this thing could sneak up on a recon patrol in the middle of a mid day desert. Hmmm... might have to test that theory.

Anyhow, all well and good as that may be, it doesn't account for this. Apperantly one of my test subjects... my guess is Recluse... has a hidden sense of humor. Everytime I step into my laboratory, I have to pause and see where it is hiding now. Of course, since it has the stealth modue, even that doesn't work. I have to wait until it comes out of hiding and does the impossible: he... goosed... me... in my one, completely unknown ticklish spot. It was rather embarrasing when I had an Iron Grenadier enter with me to retrieve something for Destro. Luckily, that prototype vibro-blade I gave him should keep the guardsman quiet. Well, here we are at my lab, and in I go.

Okay... so where is the-...

Hmmmmm... knew it was going to happen... I shall have to shut this one down until I figure out who has the fetish for ticklish spots.


03-08-2006, 11:26 AM
Crimson Guard Mission Log /// CGE Krusoviche /// The Executive:

An interesting turn of events. As it turns out, my guns did not kill the American agent, Hauser... known to his GI Joe comrades as Duke... as I had thought, and reported, they had done. He is currently at an SAS training seminar working with his team's European counterparts, Action Force. This information has come to me via a Crimson Guard agent we have within Action Force. A good job on his part, but this simply will not do.

I have already reported this new information to my employers, Tomax and Xamot, and as I awaited their wrath, I contemplated how good a run my time with Extensive Enterprises had been. To my surprise, though, that wrath never fell... instead... they laughed. A small chuckle, really, but surely one of amusement. They told me that the same attempt had been made many times, and that he was a truly remarkable... not to mention resilient... man. They had told me not to worry about it and to move ahead with current operations. So are my orders... so shall it be done.

But also let it be known... when next Agent Hauser and I shall meet, I will finish what I began in the desert. The next time, let us see just how "resilent" Agent Hauser really is.

-The Executive, out

james strickland
03-11-2006, 08:38 PM
I been on dryland now for two weeks and the TTBP is not done yet. The only problem with being at joe hq is the Crazy marine leatherneck. Everytime Me and him are togather he constantly makes sometype of rediculas remark and that makes me mad then we start fighting and end up sitting in a jail cell until morning. I have been lucky so far Leatherneck has been busy working with the MCC and ROCC. I don't now What's up with those two vehicles, but I have this funny feeling there going to be a huge operation with theTTBP,the MCC, and the ROCC.
I also been training the new recruits how to disarm Explosives underwater. I Glad I have Deepsix and Depth Charge helping as well they are amazing when it comes to getting stuff done. Torpedo and Wetdown have been with Keel Haul and Flagg all week. Shipwreck been trying his luck with this new recuit her code name is Bombstrike. Like every other time he has failed miserably. I just wish he would put that much emthesis in his seal training as he does with the ladies. There is this sniper guy I met who is the bother of Bombstrike wishes he would stop.

Well I got to check on TTBP before Supper I heard road block is having a new entry for dinner tonite I got to get thier before Every one eats it up.

Wetsuit out

james strickland
03-11-2006, 08:44 PM
I have been busy helping get the air conditioning rebuilt into the TTBP I never saw so much rust and Cobwebs in my life. I just wish I could figure out why all our moble bases are getting check out. I know last week I had to check the MCC and ROCC R-12 levels. Anyways, It kinda fun doing this because I don't normally use it that much.
Dusty out

The Faceless Master
03-12-2006, 12:20 AM
Voicelog number 6 <since previous voicelogs are now lost>
Deep in the Inner Sanctum of Cobra Island Terrordrome

This is a bit delayed, but I finally got myself a day off from three consecutive
triple shifts escorting Dr Mindbender back & forth from his Android laboratory
& Toxic laboratory, and this is the first time I've been able to get access to
my voicelog since. He is up to something big, very secretive about it too.
I heard murmurring about a new BAT proto-type that is so quick, as in
Storm Shadow stealth quick... hmm Is that even possible?

On a good note, word throughout Cobra Island is that Sgt Hauser is actually
alive and well, thank goodness. The "Executive" seems displeased with
himself for not finishing off Hauser... which is not a good thing.
Cobra is already alerting all European contacts to trace the whereabouts of
his SAS Training, even a possible re-union between Cobra Commander &
Destro with his own army of Iron Grenadiers?

I'll try to get as much intel as I can, but I dont like the way the
Interrogator has been glancing at me in the mess hall. Do you think he
knows? Anyway...

CG# 92977 aka Agent Faces
~ logging off

The Faceless Master
03-12-2006, 12:27 AM
~ Log 1 ~

I have been seeing my therapist for 4 years now...
She believes I have been making progress, but I highly doubt it.
She also believes that since i am not very verbal, maybe the best
way to express myself is to write about it, so here's my first entry.

This is enough for now
Jesse Kwinn Jr, aka Ghost Bear

03-12-2006, 12:56 AM
Dear Diary,

Oy! Today was a rough one. I got up this morning at noon with a splitting headache thanks to my old friend Captain Morgan. Watched a bit of BET's Rap City: Tha Basement before popping some Tostino's pizza rolls in the oven for lunch. Why can't MTV still show The Grind?

A shower later I'm hanging with my boy Zartan playing some Street Fighter II: Turbo (Destro just can't figure out why I keep this guy around - but who else will play Super Nintendo?) and whuppin' him three ways from Saturday. He finally had enough and wandered off to find Major Bludd for some tennis. Cheater. He finds the guy with one eye and one good arm to play sports with. We should get a good game of N64 GoldenEye going next, eh? Man, I love that game.

Dr. Knox came in with some kind of a request for flu vaccinations for the new Viper recruits but I can't listen to her because I'm too busy staring at her chest in that low cut uniform. Why do girls always wear stuff like that and then lean over in front of you - on purpose? Hmmmmm, I wonder if those DD's are real. I suppose it doesn't matter because the Baroness...well nevermind. It's best just to let sleeping dogs lie, right Diary?

So after Dr. Knox left I figured if I stayed in the office then someone ELSE might want some honest work out of me and I booked it to the library to check the message boards at yojoe.com and my email in private. It's so nice down there and I was hoping to have some peace and quiet but guess what? My ex-girlfriend starts sending me text messages! Geez. No rest for the weary.

I tossed the phone and went to go hit up Firefly and see if he wanted to watch the new DVD for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Dude still has my Hip Hop Honeys: Different Flavors DVD, too. He owes me.

It seemed like a good plan, but I got caught in that stupid long hallway with the mechanical cobras (ya know, the ones that say "Identification please!" and read your palm?) by Scrap-Iron. Why does he have to talk in that raspy voice all the time? He wanted to know when I was going to have some laser-guided whatsits mounted on the new HISS tanks. R-I-G-H-T. These people think money is just growing on trees.

Around 6:30 I called Jessica Simpson to see how her day went and she's STILL dating that loser! OF COURSE. Sigh.

So it's getting later and I still have to call Senator Clinton and Paris Hilton (who-hooo!) and listen to both of them whine for forty minutes apiece before catching up with Destro and talking about how we're gonna spike up the old bank accounts. Before doing that I collapsed in the new recliner and watched some Jay-Z videos to recuperate, though. I still can't believe that tool is dating Beyonce.

And that's about it for today, Diary. Destro will be in shortly and he'll bring that fifth of Crown Royal and the Animal House tape. I've got some soft drinks in the fridge and we'll figure everything out.

Note to self: Ask Dr. Knox out for dinner tomorrow, order some new cardboard GI Joe targets, and catch up with Firefly.

See ya,


03-12-2006, 12:45 PM
Good morning Diary!

Today started good with two shots of Jack Daniels, before room service sent up some OJ, bacon, and two fried eggs at 5:30am. I love their toast with honey, too.

The Baroness swung by early to watch the sunrise with me (such a good time of day!) and she suggested that we install two Starbucks departments in the temple. One for the VIPs and one for the troops. That is the best idea I've heard since 1982. See why I keep her around?

I got dressed in my black uniform and helmet, left the suite and guess what? There is a friggin' "Black Mamba" standing guard outside my door! What is this...the Death Star conference room? Oh, for the olden days and a good platoon of Crimson Guards! I'll have to call up Tomax and see if I can't arrange for some honest elite troops to be transferred back over here from that stupid Extensive Enterprises building in New York. Trust me, I'd love it if the world had more lawyers, but I miss those guys.

I got to the office and there's some memo about how Duke just got shot and blah blah blah, and Mindbender has some new BAT prototype series and blah blah blah. I'll get back to that stuff later. I wonder if there is anything on the Golf Channel? Ah, the luxury of having a 72 inch plasma flat screen in one's office suite!

An hour later guess who shows up - Firefly. He brought me the new Season One DVD collection for the Sopranos and I just can't quit watching it! I asked him to pick up that latest run from Newlyweds, too. He mentioned something about a mission and I told him fine, whatever. He's a good kid.

Sigh. I still want to call Dr. Knox and see if she wants to go out for dinner and a movie. Maybe later.

I better get over to a Strato-Viper meeting and a tour of the Night Raven hangar. Wild Weasel was gonna show up and we were gonna discuss actually cranking one of those babies up for a real mission again. Why not? I'm tired of having all these AVACs sitting around on the payroll doing nothing.

I need to call up a Grand Strategy Meeting this evening with some of the top leadership around here and get something big cooking again. I can only tolerate sloth and laziness for so long.

Note to self: I better remember to set the Tivo to record Bill O'Reilly this evening while the meeting is going on. I hear Al Sharpton is going to be on and I don't want to miss that!

See ya,


03-12-2006, 11:06 PM
Dear Diary,

Well here I am again. I just have to say that Wild Weasel is a great contribution to this organization. He is the best pilot any of us has ever seen, and I'm here to tell you that he is a superb organizer and administrator. He makes a perfect commanding officer for the Cobra Air Force. If he could just lose that freaky speech impediment...

Anyway. We sat down for a few cases of Coors Light, some ribs, and a chat. He's got the Air Vipers, Aero-Vipers, Astro-Vipers, Vapors, AVACs, Strato-Vipers, and even those pesky Viper Pilots all in line and the Air Base floor is looking as polished as a mirror. Two thumbs way up.

Of course, they all want to go on some mission or other. Don't they watch the stock market oil prices? Do they have any idea how much that bloody jet fuel costs? I told Wild Weasel to send a Night Raven up for a recon mission over New Mexico (to see if they can turn over anything useful). Maybe they can go stir up something over Area 51? I suppose I better send a Rattler or four off to decimate some oil field or other, too. Maybe in Kuwait...

Bleh. I still have to meet with the heads of the Navy (Copperhead isn't doing nearly as well as Wild Weasel), Infrantry, and Special Forces. Then there are those "Ghost Tigers." Excuse me...Night Creepers. Does it ever end, Diary?

Later, Dr. Knox cornered me in the laboratory and fussed at me to cut back on my "excessive alcohol consumption" - whatever. I guess it's back to the black coffee for awhile. She did say "yes" to dinner tomorrow night, though. Bada-bing!!

Zartan cruised by this afternoon for some Mario Kart on the Gamecube and actually started winning (he picked the Princess while I was Bowser). To get him flustered I told him he needed to get crackin' on finding the new GI Joe headquarters. OF COURSE he started whining until I whipped out a giant pink crystal and he mumbled something about how "a gem of that size answers all my questions." We finished up the Star Cup race and he told me he'd get Zandar, Zarana, and crew to work on it "right away." We'll see how all of that goes.

Finally, I sent an email out to let everybody know that the Strategy Meeting will be tomorrow at lunch. We can all get together for some roast duck, a few bottles of Burgundy, and hopefully figure out something spectacular. I'm feeling the makings of a good desert mission beginning to crystallize...

Note(s) to self: (1) Wear that special black cape and take the gold scepter with me to the Strategy Meeting. (2) Check on Copperhead and the status of the Naval Force. (3) Put a bullet in Dr. Mindbender's worthless neurocranium (why can't he ever wear a shirt with the cape and monocle?). (4) Finalize the deal with Starbucks for two branches in the Cobra Temple.



The Faceless Master
03-12-2006, 11:24 PM
Voicelog number 7 <since previous voicelogs are now lost>
Deep in the Inner Sanctum of Cobra Island Terrordrome

Cobra Commander expressed his supreme dissatisfaction for those weird
clingy Black Mambas he enlisted, so now he has assigned them to strictly
be in the throne room, and some Crimson Guard Captains ~ including me
running around doing his strange errands & demands like returning rented
games from Hollywood Video all the way back in civilization...

I overheard him talking about installing a Starbucks inside the terrordrome
here on Cobra Island! Boy would THAT boost morale... it might also be
the best time to insert covert operatives so its not just me in here

I have been running back & forth from Dr Knox's office & CC's chambers
delivering "highly confidential" notes... Should I inform him that Firefly
is sneaking into her chambers every once in a while?

CG# 92977 aka Agent Faces
~ logging off

03-13-2006, 07:48 PM
Dear Diary,

Woke up at 4:00 this morning with a ghastly migraine. Must've been the absinthe. Oy. Better not tell Dr. Knox about this. I took six aspirin and started reading The Basic Writings of Nietzsche. What fastidious little nihilists those old philosophers were! Postmodernism rocks! Anyway. Room service sent up some coffee, strawberries, and orange juice. When that new Starbucks gets here the first thing I'm gonna do is get a white chocolate mocha....mmmmmmm.

After breakfast and a quick steaming shower I switched into the navy blue uniform with the gold braid and my hood and decided to head over to the office. I made sure to grab the uber-cool black cape (ya know, the one with the golden cobra clasps in front?) and the emerald-topped scepter before I left.

Note to self: I'm such a stud.

Got over to the office and it was still pretty early, so I finally went over the mountain of papers on my desk. The Night Raven mission over New Mexico rolled out at 0600. I sent four Rattlers to Kuwait to torch Oil Base Gamma at 0700. There are six Hurricanes and six Firebats following them in support (maybe overkill but ya never know when the Joes will show up and I'm tired of losing to 'em). The latter aircraft will have to refuel en route but that's why I keep all those expensive deals going with the Third World for, right? Cha-ching!! I should hear something back from the pilots late this evening.

Copperhead stopped by at 0900. Why can't the fool wear a shirt with sleeves? He's been worthless lately. Snow Serpent ranks are thin. Eels and Lampreys are out of shape. I ordered him to step things up a bit and booted him out.

Next up was the Strategy Meeting. I ordered a ton of Crimson Guards to come in and line the doorways (still don't trust those "Black Mambas") and all the players filed in. Destro was ticked 'cause I interrupted him watching Braveheart for the sixtieth time. Scottish patriotism and all. I told him to deal and sit.

We laid out the plans for a nifty new attack on an Egyptian military air base. You want details? Why don't you go check the voicelog archives and leave me in peace, Diary?

Zartan checked back in to say he was making NO progress whatsoever. Why am I not surprised? Why are great men always surrounded by lesser beings? I told him to stick with it and get back to me later.

Well. Better go get spiffy for the big date with Dr. Knox. I invited two Crimson Guards to come along as waiters. ;) What movie will it be? I know! The Breakfast Club! I can just hear that theme music playing now...

Note to self: Don't you forget about me, Diary.

Nighty night,


03-13-2006, 10:09 PM
I still have a hangover from Carnival, but today I started my training once again so I could continue to fight the evil menace that is kangaroos. I began the day by practicing my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and watching BBBB vol. 5 (Big Brazilian Bubble -- ah you know the rest). As I walked from my dojo, I felt like there was someone watching me but no one was there. I continued walking back to my flat until someone grabbed me with a rear naked choke. I managed to use my defensive techniques including the Hello Kitty Attack to get out of the hold and I turned around to find none other than... a kangaroo. They've tracked me down!!!! This must be one of their scouts. Although the kangaroo was exhausted by the failed rear naked choke, I still had to be careful. I went straight for a liver kick but where is the liver on a Kangaroo???? The kangaroo then tried to give me an arm bar by using his tail. I quickly dismantled his attack with a fierce uppercut. The kangaroo was down but not out so I went for the axe kick which meant kangaroo went sleepy time. All of this in my banana hammock and its not even noon.
I then went home and had some Sweet 16 Donuts because they are crazy delicious.

03-14-2006, 02:49 PM
What's up Diary,

As of last night I am so happy! I went to go pick up Miss Cassandra Knox, MD and guess what? She had a present for me! I was expecting a DVD of Hip Hop Honeys: Brazilian Boom Boom but alas, I received a 1980's vintage Teddy Ruxpin. That's right. Just swell, huh? What can I get her? Hmmmm, maybe a pomeranian...

So, I'll cut to the chase. Dinner followed by a movie and a party, followed by the afterparty, followed by the after-afterparty, followed by her pulling out some fuzzy handcuffs and telling me "Don't be scared!" Yikes! And I thought the Baroness was the rough one. Of course I'll be calling her again...

I woke just in time for four shots of Absolut (don't tell Cassandra), a quick breakfast, and a hot shower. Changed into the old blue uniform with the faceplate...my favorite.

Note to self: I am a total stallion.

This morning proved to be the start of another bit of good news. All jets returned from Kuwait - mission accomplished. The Night Raven made it back from New Mexico with some tasty tidbits - including the exact coordinates for a giant United States Air Force base. The Cobra Air Wing is doing so hot I think I might just let them have a crack at this.

In other news...Copperhead reports that progress is STARTING to be made with the Navy. No word from Zartan. The two Starbucks go up next week (score!!). Firefly didn't stop by to see me. Destro is watching Braveheart...again. And last but not least, the Baroness and Scrap-Iron are both watching My Best Friend's Wedding. Fantastic that I am surrounded by such dedicated and talented people, right? But don't worry, because the minute someone starts accusing Cobra of "failure" you better believe that each one of them will blame yours truly.

Major Bludd cruised over this afternoon to go over the state of Cobra's infrantry forces. We instantly pulled out the NES and cranked up Contra, Pro Wrestling, Kung Fu, Super Mario Brothers, Castlevania, Double Dragon, and finally...The Legend of Zelda. Who cares about the new HISS tanks? Besides, all of that gaming took up the rest of the afternoon.

Never fear though, Diary. Over some Crown Royal and Coca-Cola, Sebastian and I started developing some nefarious schemes to utterly level GI Joe if all else fails. Soon the world of GI Joe supporters will quake with terror at the mention of AFA...but that's another story.

The Trilateral Commission pestered me for more membership dues today. Ah, the price of being a concerned citizen in today's ever-changing political climate. What's that? You don't know what the Trilateral Commision is, Diary? Better go look it up. You'd think that these folks could cook up something credible to ameliorate the crisis in Iran, though...

In closing, I tossed the Teddy Ruxpin doll in the trash and flopped down on the couch to catch some Fox News. It's safe to say that today was a day well spent.

Right before I let you go Diary I'm going to impart one last secret. It's an idea that I had earlier this morning. Listening? I've got two words that will soon be striking fear into the hearts of youth everywhere...Forca Fera!

Note(s) to self: (1) Dick Cheney owes me money. (2) Buy a new Titleist driver.



03-14-2006, 09:02 PM
After my encounter with the scout kangaroo yesterday, I thought I should leave Brazil and travel South to Buenos Aires where I hooked up with Urzor. Urzor is an interesting guy and fun to go clubbing with but he smells like bears. I told Urzor about my encounter with the kangaroo and he mentioned similar citings throughout Argentina. Apparently, kangaroos were travelling to Japan and then using the trade routes established by Japan with Argentina to arrive in South America. I asked him if we should assemble the Forca Fera. He said not yet. Then I asked him what does Forca Fera mean. He said it is an elite force that loves animals. I looked at him suspiciously and said "loves animals?" -- he replied "its like throwing hotdogs down a hallway" I'm not sure what that meant. I don't think I fit in with the group because I hate kangaroos.

Urzor and I took the ferry to Montevideo, Uruguay. On the ride over, I noticed a large abandoned baby carriage on the ferry but didn't think anything of it at the time. When we finally arrived, as were getting off the boat, Urzor goes flying over my head and into the water. I turn around and there is a kangaroo wearing a baby's bid!!!! They followed us even here!!! Dios mio!

I harnessed my chi and then hit him with a Gaylord Perry screwball punch and the Flying Camel Attack to finish him off.

Urzor dried off and then we both went to the club so I could hit the 1s and 2s. I performed a little free style with some friends of mine although there were a few off color rhymes not suitable for young children or kangaroos (if anyone wants the mp3, feel free to e-mail me). The crowd was digging it. Then, Urzor gets up and pops something in the dvd player -- you see there was a giant screen that was playing images in the background. He then played this horrible clip of a wrestler with the cheesiest song ever. It was so funny I loaded it on youtube -- here's the link:


I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at Urzor's failed attempt. When I went to pull Urzor off the wax, I accidentally pulled off his mask to reveal --- a KANGAROO. Had the kangaroo used a replication techinique on me -- where was Urzor or did he ever exist?????? How do I get this mask off my head???? Where is my shirt????

03-14-2006, 09:14 PM

Global terrorism is such a costly business. The Terror Drome is running low on toilet paper; Krispy Kreme is delinquent on their rent; parking conditions need to improve; and internet infrastructure needs an upgrade. CIS says that we need to install Windows NT (I'm sure Bill Gates will want an to charge more for "extra" coverage/services). We also need to prohibit the use of P2P sites. RIAA has already sent us warnings and C+D orders. CC and Destro demand Starbucks instead of Foldgers and we need to integrate diversity into the workplace.

Dr. Mindbender assures me that Xamot--my French doppelganger--is merely a figment of my imagination--years of repressed anxietes and fears all stemming from my failure to successfully pass French 9B while in college. Whatever it is that I remember from the class apparently manifests itself into flamboyant phrases such as "zut alors!" Dr. M says I could learn a thing or two from Zartan...who is supposedly aristocratic French. More like a circus degenerate. What does M know; I have an MBA from Harvard's School of Business. And, if it weren't for French 9B I might have a PhD is Political Economy. But damn, Xamot looks good in the mirror! Holla!

Friday is TGIF, and that cockneyed brute, Ripper, is going to do that lame "O-Face" joke again. I'll make sure his bike receives the "my key special."

james strickland
03-14-2006, 11:53 PM
I got orders to head to Kuwait today to inspect some damage. I am taking tripwire, Tunnel rat, Barque,Stalker, and the Dusty's dirt crew. I am in charge of this mission with Stalker there to back me up. I am glad I have plenty of explosive experts on this mission. We are sceduled to leave tomorrow at 0600 hours. This is going to be my tans shirts first mission I hope they do good. I had the chance today to talk to Footloose. He talked to me about His last mission in the Congo. He was sent there to gaurd a miltary exposition to the Congo. He told me how him and recondo were wishing cobra was working in the area so it would be more exciting. It was amazing that Cobra wasn't interested in the scientist in the mission. I was wondering why Cobra has been so quiet lately with all that work they are doing.
Dusty out

james strickland
03-15-2006, 07:25 PM
I have been working with the new recuits in the training pool. These recuits are raw, but they are alot better then they were two weeks ago. I also heard the TTBP is almost done and the Flagg's upgrades wile been done in to weeks. I was talking to torpedo yesterday and he told me that the next mission is going to be big. I asked how big he said it going to require most of the joe team. All were waiting for is information on were the cobra's current base is and how well it's gaurded. That would expolain why most of the joes are here at Joe Hq.
wet suit out

03-15-2006, 08:23 PM
Toilet paper finally stocked; working on installing a Starbucks cart in the main lobby; chucked out the old Mac Quadras; keyed Ripper's bike.

Conference meetings suck: that bastard Destro said that there was room for only one flaired collar. As if. What straight man coordinates black with a red flaired collar? Neither his Scottish accent nor his "relationship" with the Baroness fools anyone. And wearing that medallion over his exposed chest is like walking a poodle down West Hollywood blvd.

Dr. Mindbender is trying to coordinate a group session with that circus freak, Zartan. He said something about schizophrenia, but I wasn't paying attention. Clueless fool probably got his degree from University of Phoenix online...or the back of a matchbook. Whatever. Maybe Dorkstro should give Mindbender some fashion lessons. Speaking of Mindbender, I saw that handsome stud, Xamot, in the mirror today. Zut alors! That scar makes him look so rugged; and that flaired collar is just too much. I bet he works out just as hard as I do. Maybe I should ask him if he'd like to go to the gym at the same time. He's got that je ne sais quoi.

Layoffs are coming. Those schmucks, the Tele-Vipers, aren't going to be pleased. Overpaid yuppies with laptops are two things we don't need. Besides, purple and blue don't work together. Another one of Dorkstro's failed fashion policies.

03-15-2006, 09:35 PM
Dear Diary,

Today it's time to get serious - for a variety of reasons.

I woke at 4:45am to quite a fright. Ya know that Teddy Ruxpin doll that I threw in the trash last night? He was sitting on the the counter this morning! What's up with this?!? I grabbed him, ran down the hall, tossed him in the garbage shaft (leads to an incinerator) and locked the hatch - twice. Whew.

Feeling much better after six shots of Crown, I got a quick, hot shower, and dressed "old school" in my Cobra blue uniform complete with helmet and faceplate.

Note to self: There's no school like the old school.

I strolled back over to the office with only a giant cup of coffee for breakfast (only five more days until Starbucks is fully operational!), and I maliciously buzzed the "noble" Destro. Guess what he was doing, Diary. That's right...watching Braveheart. To his credit, he hustled upstairs pretty quick and he was actually in my office before 5:30am. Nice. We get to watch the sunrise together over coffee. I know what you're thinking, Diary. Why bother with Mr. "FREEDOM!!!" The answer is simple. He rarely lets me down. Need a "laser core" retrieved from the Arctic circle? Destro delivers. Want some catalytic metal from a meteorite brought back to power a MASS Device? Destro is your man. Hence, I want him running this next mission.

So I cut straight to the chase. The Baroness had left an intercepted message in my file last night. What's that? You didn't know she ran the Tele-Viper intelligence service? Check her filecard, Diary! The message indicates that at least ten GI Joes will be arriving in Kuwait shortly to help clean up that air raid mess from the other day. I told Destro. He recommended sending a "massive" force of at least six platoons of Desert Scorpions and Night Vipers to wax 'em.

Hee hee. That's not what I'm gonna do. You see, Diary, I used to watch this "Sunbow cartoon" in the afternoons where this "terrorist snake commander" would gawk around like a Congressman and lose every fight to a bunch of American soldiers. Know what? I'm not ever gonna be that loser...and GI Joe, Destro, and everyone else is about to find that out the HARD way.

The plan is as follows: Destro is going to personally lead a full brigade of Desert Scorpions and Night Vipers out to ambush that Joe team, capture or kill every last member of their pathetic little squad, and pulverize any UN military forces, Kuwaiti firemen, police, and civilians that get in the way. Any problems can be handled by the fifteen new Cobra Strike HISS tanks that I'm sending along as additional ground support.

Know what else, Diary? I think that this just might be a typical GI Joe-engineered trap, too. Wouldn't it be nice if I sent a small Cobra squad to kill ten Joes and HEY-PRESTO! forty Joes showed up with heavy tanks and massacred all of my men? Not gonna happen. Know why? Because in addition to all that firepower mentioned above, I'm also sending Wild Weasel and fourteen Rattlers, six Firebats, twenty Trubble Bubbles, and six Hurricanes as air support in case the Joes try anything snazzy. Is everybody getting the picture that you don't mess with Cobra yet? I explained all of my plan to Destro and he actually looked at me with a glimmer of respect. He snapped off a crisp "I'll get right on it" and marched out. Good riddance.

Courtesy of Aleph and his "Ghost Tigers/Brotherhood of the Were-Tigers/Ghost Dragons/Night Creepers/N' Sync/98 Degrees" I have also been alerted to the fact that at least two more Joes (Footloose and Recondo) are in the African Congo mucking around with "some scientist" and "some military" troops doing "who knows what." Heh. Maybe they'll find King Solomon's fabled diamond mines or something. Anyways, it is information worth noting for a later date.

The plans to raid that Egyptian air base are being held up in light of the Kuwait scenario, and that United States Air Force base in New Mexico is scrap metal as soon as I can get to it.

No word from Zartan or Firefly (which is beginning to worry me - I need BOTH of them right now), and Scrap-Iron has been laying low, too. The Baroness is working feverishly on the Starbucks deal. Tomax is looking in the mirror 22 hours a day.

Major Bludd sends his regards, and informs me that the majority of the infrantry forces will be ready for inspection in three days. Copperhead is MOVING. He tells me that the Navy is still improving, but that I shouldn't expect any big strides foraward for another week. The Special Forces are still up in the air. Firefly runs them these days, and I don't know where he is.

Mindbender actually wandered by yesterday. Didn't I make a note to put a bullet in his head? I hate that guy.

Dr. Cassandra Knox called, but I was too busy to play with her today. I sent a box of Godiva chocolates and a set of emerald bracelets with an "I love you" note to tide her over in the meantime.

Note to self: Remeber my Cassie Knox-related question from my first entry, Diary? I've got two words for ya: they're real.

So anyways. Ye Mystic Krewe of Comus informed me that I am still an "exalted member" in "superior standing." Excellent!! (Strums air guitar!!) Can't believe I'm still in the order's good graces after this past Mardi Gras. Let's hear it for the post-Hurricane Katrina city of New Orleans!! I hear a GI Joe convention might even be there...

Nothing for lunch or dinner today because I was too busy, and unfortunately, not eating gave me another bleeping migraine. Bogus. Nothing seven aspirin won't fix, though.

Anyway Diary I guess that raps up the day. Time for Fox News.



03-17-2006, 10:40 PM
Dearest Diary,

I woke up in a bleary daze at 0322 this AM to be completely shocked out of my wits. That Teddy Ruxpin toy? It was back in my room, sitting on the recliner, staring at me. I am not joking. What the fizz is going on? I broke out in a cold sweat and decided to carry it down the stairs and deposit it in the Terrordrome trash compactor myself. No way is it gettting out of there. Eulogia be praised.

Back up to the room for breakfast. Three bottles of Zima, some OJ, a multivitamin, and waffles. Next came the typical scalding shower. I grabbed my blue hood and standard navy blue uniform and left for work.

Got to my office early at 0430. Nobody was up except the Night Watch guards and they let me be. I set the coffee machine up (Starbucks in a couple of days!) and sauntered over to the mass of memos and post-it notes on my desk.

Destro will be locked, cocked, and ready to rock in one day. The Baroness has volunteered to tag along with him. Wild Weasel reports that the Air Force is ready for biz-nass right now. Intelligence reports that the GI Joe operative known as Dusty might be in command of the Kuwait cleanup. Wonderful. If he gets captured I'll be sure to put him to work on some of the Terrordrome refrigerators that need fixing (so he can finally put that incredibly relevant secondary military specialty to good use).

Major Bludd says things are running ahead of schedule for the Infrantry, and I can perform an inspection tomorrow. Oh, the sweetness. You still have to wonder about a guy with a hyper-modern cyborg arm and a seventeenth century vintage eyepatch, though. Copperhead is still working on polishing up the Navy, but he's gettin' there.

Note to self: Slow and steady wins the race.

Despite his inherent narcissism, Tomax has been doing a great job with the paperwork lately. Perchance it's time to give him something extra-wicked to get to work on?

Note to self: I am MUCH better looking than Tomax.

Zartan sent me a brief email to let me know that he's not sleeping. He says that he has managed to infiltrate a group of Joes (he failed to specify which or who) and that he might very possibly have a lead soon. Firefly phoned in (with that wacky walkie talkie he always carries) at 0700 to tell me that he was on a mission but clicked off before I could get more out of him. Arrogant ninja saboteur. Just because his "coolness factor" is off the charts in that uniform doesn't mean he is above the ordinary courtesy of protocol. He should have checked in. Maybe he is just a tad jeaous of my relationship with Cassie? Regardless, who else will watch The Sopranos or Newlyweds with me?

Speaking of Cassie, we had lunch today and she presented me with a small, baby "love fern." My first reaction was: "Huh?" She informed me that it "symbolized our relationship" and that I would have to "nurture and care for it to allow it to grow to its full potential." Um....Y-E-A-H. I'll get right on that. She also hinted heavily that she was an ardent fan of Lady Death comics and heavy metal music. I suppose this means it's time for me to buy her something else. Maybe I can ship one of those Crimson Guardsmen out for a shopping spree? Anyways, we'll get together tonight and watch the new DVD release of Pride and Prejudice...she says I remind her of Mr. Darcy. Whatever.

"Dr." (I always thought only medical physicians were referred to as "doctor?") Mindbender made a point of stopping by and murmuring something about his "new prototype BATS." Can't Cassie (a bona fide robotics wizard) do whatever it is he's doing better than that former orthodontist? When was the last time anybody needed braces around here? This guy is just subconsciously PLEADING for a bullet to be projected straight through his Circle of Willis.

So I finally finished up Plato's Republic, and even managed to catch Finding Nemo on the Disney channel. Right after that it was the History Channel. Any guesses what was showing on the History Channel, Diary? That's right...World War II. Having already been through William Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich twice, I opted for the Golf Channel. Boo-yah!!

Anyways. That's all for now, Diary! I'll write again when I've got more news.

Note(s) to self: (1) Pick up a Scotty Cameron putter from Billy Bob tomorrow. (2) Water the "love fern."

See ya,


The Faceless Master
03-17-2006, 11:51 PM
Voicelog number 8 <since previous voicelogs are now lost>
Deep in the Inner Sanctum of Cobra Island Terrordrome

Strange days...
I have been busy going back & forth from the Cobra Island Terrordrome, and
the Extensive Enterprises building in downtown Manhattan, I have pretty
much been kept away from my own quarters until now.

The Interrogator has been too busy watching his brand new Collectors Edition
of the Shawshank Redemption on his PSP to suspect me of being a spy, while
the rest of the Cobra Hierarchy acting really wacky.
Dr Knox & Cobra Commander have been exchanging gifts from love ferns with
little notes to Teddy Ruxpin dolls <which by the way Zartan has asked me to
put a new Teddy Ruxpin doll in different parts of CC's room first thing in the
morning :confused:>...
Destro has been on the NES for 36hrs straight now, trying to perform the
"small fiery Mario" trick that Cobra Commander just showed him this morning.
When i am at Extensive Enterprises providing body guard duty for Tomax,
he is constantly having conversations with his reflection in the mirror, and
he speaks with a weird accent when responding to his own questions...

I really should put in a transfer back to HQ

CG# 92977 aka Agent Faces
~ logging off ~

The Faceless Master
03-18-2006, 12:04 AM
Phase2, Voicelog Entry #6

Well, I saw Duke's new S6 suit. I just have to say its quite impressive.
He wants to handpick several joes for his own unit. I have no say in it.

I met up with Euro-Force (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/donsbabyboo/detail?.dir=7d1d&.dnm=29c3.jpg&.src=ph), whom I mistakingly referred to as SAS.
Their leader Quarrel is this fiesty blonde, and her team of 8 agents that
included Jammer, Hunter, Blades, Gaucho, Agent-X, Moondancer, Dophin &
Stalker. I requested him to change his name since we already have a Stalker
here in HQ, but OUR Stalker now said its ok if we refer to him as Lonzo, or Sgt

I received a report from our South American contact, Claymore. He is a
weird one. Let me read this real quick... Hmm yadda yadda, he claims he
has successfully trained about a dozen kangaroos, wait Kangaroos? Hmm,
to attack a certain individual whom he believes is a Cobra Agent... dada
da dada da, he is convinced that one day, one of his kangaroos will
successfully gnaw off his genitil-what??
OK- I am not reading this any further.

In other updated news, Flagg has just informed me that we are moving
forward with cracking down on this Black Dragon Syndicate. A Special Ops
unit has been created, led by a Major Briggs & a Lt Blade to track down any
Black Dragon Operatives. Hmm ok this looks worthwhile. I will see if I can
spare any men from my sub-teams to help assist in this operation.

I just thought of Agent Faces. i wonder who has been contacting him about
his intel on the hooded one.

Lt Col Sure Fire, logging off

james strickland
03-18-2006, 06:37 PM
We have made it to Kuwait. I sent my crew to secure us a camp. I had Sgt. Wilkins,Tunnel Rat,Tripwire, and Barbque go with the US army team here tothe damage area see what we got. I had to let duke and Major barrage now were here.
After, I got a hold of Duke. I asked If we were going to have anymore support besides these US Army guys. I swear some of these guys look like they been here for years. I did get an answer back. They have a team in standby if we need them. I asked who it was on it. Duke said it was Rock-n-Roll, Roadblock, Spirit, Dart, Barrel Roll, and Ambush. I was glad to here the team was full of good joes. With the desert fox and the desert Humvees here should help. Beforewe left though there was Three additions top my team it was Dialtone, Skidmark, and Rollbar. Rollbar And Skidmarks should give good knowlege to Jimmyz. Dailtones here for communications and help Tripwire with analazing the data he finds.
Boy! it fells good to be out in the desert again. I miss the sun and the heat. The Kuwait desert is alot different from most. It has oil pipelines all over it and US Soldiers constantly Patroling the border with Irag Looking for insurgents.

well thats it for now. I got to get the team update and send the info to HQ.

Dusty out

james strickland
03-20-2006, 05:36 PM
I went to Sure-fires office to see if I could ask him if he was up to a game of basket ball. the teams are The seals and me against the marines. Sure-fire is normally our best joe for referee he normally nutural type of joe. It was a way of passing time of when I am trying to get a work out. Shipwreck has been lying around all week so I am making him a point gaurd. When I arrived at Sure-fires office, he was on the computer working on something. I did interuted him and asked If he do the refereing for the game he responded with a nod. I gave him a time and left his office. well I got to get to gym soI can get some warm up shots in.
wetsuit out

03-20-2006, 07:28 PM
Dear Diary,

It's been a couple of days, so hold on for a ride! I awoke early this AM to the usual pounding migraine (courtesy of my good friend Jim Beam) and was forced to quaff eight Tylenol tablets to make it go bye-bye. I stumbled into my living room and promptly screamed "AHHHHHHHH!!" because...there was the Teddy Ruxpin toy sitting on my couch. It was staring at me - again.

Note to self: It's getting closer to my bed each morning.

I went and dug the vintage 1980's instructions and packaging out of my den wastebasket in the vain hopes of finding some help for "demonic activity" (and if nothing else, I could sell 'em on ebay). All I could figure out was that the included cassette tape was not supposed to go where a "good" bear would want it. But I digress. I quickly took out my trusty shotgun and blew the $$$$ed thing to a level of the underworld that precocious readers will learn more about in Dante's Inferno. Then I burned the remaining fluff in my fireplace. Anyone else have a problem?

So. Breakfast consisted of some fresh kiwi, strawberries, OJ, and a multivitamin. The typical hot shower followed. Then I suited up in my uber-nifty black uniform and battle helmet that Devil's Due fans will recall from the TPB "Union of the Snake." Then it was over to the office.

Starbucks is officially up this morning! Had my nice white chocolate mocha from the "VIP/Executive" branch in the upstairs portion of the base. Marble floors, gold faucets and fixtures in the lavatory, mahogany wood on the counters, blueberry scones, and delicious coffee, coffee, coffee. Wonder if the "Employee/Loser" branch downstairs is this nice? Well. Who cares about the little people, right Diary?

In the office I got a chance to catch up on my reading. I highly recommend the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, Sense and Sensibility, the March edition of Penthouse, anything by Edgar Allan Poe, Thoreau's Walden (gotta love those transcendentalists!), Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, and the latest issue of Lowrider.

Anyways. By then it was 0900, and it was high time for some BET music videos. Two hours of "flavor" later, I'm deep into some paperwork. The long and short of things are as follows:

Destro took Wild Weasel and Major Bludd (with the forces that I have outlined above) to Kuwait. He should have gotten into position last night and be waiting for the unsuspecting Joes even as we speak. I haven't heard back from him yet. Those bases in Egypt and the United States are still in my thoughts. Copperhead says the Navy will be in fighting condition by TOMORROW. The infrantry forces and armor are in spectacular shape! Props to Major Bludd for that one! The Baroness, Scrap-Iron, and Tomax are all hanging out watching Bambi. Why am I not surprised?

Cassie stopped by this morning to ask about the "love fern." Oy! Can't remember everything can I? Of course she looked really hurt and mumbled something about how she "still trusts me completely" and "our relationship" should "be nourished with warmth and affection." I am not making this stuff up, Diary. Of course, there are practical reasons why even the most strong-willed man should listen to a woman every now and then, eh? She also demands that I shave (my face) every day and thinks I might look better with my hair frosted. Sigh.

Note to self: Water the "love fern" before lunch.

No word from Zartan or Firefly. Wonder how the "Master of Disguise" and the "Cobra Saboteur" are getting on? Something tells me they're up to no good. I just love those boys.

At 1100, I was starting feel kinda lonely, Diary. To try and make myself feel better, I wandered back up to my room, watered Cassie's fern, did some pushups, clicked on the television, and watched Scarface, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Good Will Hunting. I (of course) also made some celebrity calls during the movies. Dialed up Jessica Simpson, and Beyonce (both are doing well), my boy Rush Limbaugh (not doing well), R. Kelly (doing terrible), Justin Timberlake, and even called my old drinking buddy Ted Kennedy. Nothing new from any of them (just the usual whining).

In other news I hopped on the Internet and tried to take one of those "personality tests" to see which "Hogwarts House" the Sorting Hat would put me in. I wanted Slytherin soooo bad, Diary! OF COURSE I got put in Ravenclaw. What's up with that? Where's JK Rowling's personal email?!?

To get my mind off the excrutiating tragedy of not getting sorted into Slytherin, I pondered weighty philosophical issues of great cosmic significance. The first concept I thought about was the most obvious - why isn't there a character paired with a yak in the Forca Fera? What was Hasbro thinking?!? Every young child wants a yak! Or a water buffalo.

By then I realized it was time for dinner, so I had some veal and a glass of Chianti sent up by room service, and popped Revenge of the Sith in the DVD player. Then I called Cassie. She showed up, we broke out the Monoploy board, played Beatles tunes, and had a great time. After the first movie, I put in Top Gun (every man's secret weapon), and made some chocolate-covered strawberries for my lovely little sweetheart. We listened to Barry White songs and she held my hand for the rest of the night. Sniff.

Long after midnight, I walked her back to her room, and got my "good night" kiss. Love, sweet love...it's what it's all about, Diary.

Note to self: Life is good.

Nighty night,


james strickland
03-21-2006, 12:25 PM
Got an early wake up call by one of the look outs from our US army companions. SGT. Wilkins and I step out of our tent and had a look around.We saw Metal face Destro in a strange flying craft, being followed by Serveral of the new hisses from the warehouse. I had SGt. Wilkins with tunnel rat, Tripwire, and Skidmark take the desert fox and flank them from the right. I would take the dusty's dirt crew and attack the cobra foot soldiers wiht the army support we have. I had every one else take up the desert humvee and attack with it. Most of the anti-aircraft weapons were taken by Destro and wild weasel in an air attack. then any tank in the area were taken out by a missle brage from the hisses left us with the two joe vehicles and plenty of ground troops. Destro with a huge yell "Corbraaaaa!!!" started to attack with gun fire all the troops on the ground. Lucky couple of the troops had a bazooka that took a couple of hiss tanks out. I then took position to shot at the battalions of bats and cobra troops. After the battle, the cobra forces have retreated all thats left is damage and injured troops on both sides. Boy we were lucky, That a group of Apache and black hawks flew by. The black hawks were bringing fresh troops. The apaches started attacking the hiss tanks. After half the hisses and cobra air craft were taking out is when cobra retreated. The dusty dirt crew did thier job and they all survived. The desert fox only had a few gun shot holes. The desert humvee was in the same shape none of us were injured. The army guys with us had several casulties no deaths mostly wounds.
I have already sent Duke the information on both cobra and attack oil rigs with help from dialtone. I am still waiting for a responce though.
I got help wiht the clean up now.

dusty out

03-21-2006, 04:32 PM
Entry Passcode: The mongoose, too, must die!!

Authorization accepted.

Destro: Good morning Commander. Mission went perfectly. Attack was begun this afternoon with minimal strength and I am pleased to report that the 1500-man brigade is still largely intact and now battle-tested. Encountered large United States military presence during attack in support of GI Joe element. Current Cobra losses total six Strike HISS tanks, seven Rattlers, twelve Trubble Bubbles, and two hundred personnel (majority WIA). Enemy losses in infrantry are unknown, but include losses at least equal to ours and presumed to be higher. Ten American Blackhawk helicopters and twelve American Apache helicopters were shot down.

Following the morning assault we withdrew beyond enemy range and dug into defensive positions. At nightfall I dispatched 400 Night Vipers back to the GI Joe encampment and the ranking Cobra officer gloriously captured nine GI Joes, killed two GI Joes (one was confirmed as agent "Skidmark," other agent unknown), destroyed enemy food supplies, water, equipment, and vehicles. Enemy gasoline stores were captured for our forces. Four US Army sentries were murdered in the attack. Twenty Night Vipers were confirmed KIA.

Nine GI Joe prisoners have been completely secured with cuffs, chains, and wire. Mouths have remained taped shut, and blindfolds have been placed. All weapons and possible tracking devices have been removed. Names and ranks are currently unknown, though it is confirmed that we have captured the agent called "Stalker" and the agent called "Dusty." All prisoners have been shipped under heavy guard back to the "secondary" Terrordrome and should arrive tonight for full interrogation.

Oil field Gamma was completely destroyed. Hopefully this example will further erode Middle Eastern trust in the United States of America.

All Cobra forces are hereby in redeployment and should be returning to the "primary" Terrordrome tomorrow.

This concludes my report. I submit the following notes from our executive officers.

Major Bludd: Official reports have been submitted to Destro. Night Viper Officer #2024 is noted as having performed above and beyond the call of duty in the capture of several Joe soldiers and the successful completion of a daring and difficult mission. He is recommended for suitable compensation and accelerated promotion.

Wild Weasel: Official report and pertinent addendum has been submitted to commanding officer. Cobra Air Wing suffered losses as noted, but losses were deemed acceptable in pursuit of stated goals. Pilots performed above expectations.

Exit Passcode: Ouroboros


james strickland
03-21-2006, 05:02 PM
we were all called to the war room today. there stood Duke, Flagg,Major Barrage, keel haul,and Surefire. We are being told that on our small operations in Kuwait was compermised. All I know is that theysent sbnake eyes and the ninja force to see if they could find any info on what happened. We have called all units and told them to be on stand by.

I have never seen the brass so worried. It like the prisdent is ready to send all the US armforces to cobra Island or something. I am preparing all my gear because I am not sure what the next mission is, but Ido know we are mobilizing all joe units placing them in ready condition.

Wetsuit out

03-23-2006, 04:57 PM
Dearest Diary,

Woke up early this AM. No sign of the Teddy Ruxpin (thank providence for small favors), but I'm paranoid that he'll show up when I least expect it now. I hate that bear. Breakfast was a concoction of coffee, whole milk, and French Vanilla Coffeemate.

Note to self: Splenda is my friend.

Showered quickly and threw on the silver Battle Armor (viva 1987!), watered the "love fern" and put it where it could get some sun, and hurried over to the plush Cobra Command Conference Rooms (a huge suite of executive rooms up on the top floor). I got Destro's battle report from Kuwait and logged it into the archives ASAP for future gloating. Seems like he did pretty good. Two confirmed Joe deaths were noted: Skidmark and Ambush. No big losses there. The remaining nine prisoners were originally herded over to the secondary Terrordrome, but I had 'em transferred and tossed in the nice, cozy jail cell right here on Cobra Island. Hope they're comfy. You wouldn't BELIEVE who else was caught. No...not Snake-Eyes, Diary...it was Stalker and Dusty. I'll probably have to spare these older Joes because there is a good possibility of dredging solid information from them. They'll crack under pressure eventually. Maybe if they watch some of their fellow-members get shot? Mwahahahhahah!

Note to self: Order Dart's execution...or better yet...do it myself. He's such a loser anyway.

Other captured Joes include Dial-tone, Rollbar, Barrel-Roll, Barbeque, Tunnel Rat (he looks familiar for some reason), and Tripwire.

Wild Weasel is gunning up to attack that Egyptian airstrip and that American Air Force base tomorrow. Hopefully those attacks will go as planned, but I worry since he won't be personally leading either. He's working on a special project of mine right now...

Destro is watching Braveheart, and the Baroness is checking out some Lil Kim videos. I don't really care what Scrap-Iron is doing (building some new laser-guided ultra-sophisticated toy no doubt). Tomax is busy smoothing over the new Starbucks additions, and sent a Crimson Guard file over for me to peruse later.

Zartan refuses to divulge which Joe he has impersonated (if any), but he claims to have infiltrated a GI Joe center and is sending me vibes that something big is getting stirred up. He seems nervous. I wonder what those freaks at the Pentagon are cooking up? I ordered him to stay hidden and continue to siphon information off to me unless "opportunities of merit" came his way and he deemed it important enough to blow his cover.

Note to self: Huh huh huh. Huh huh huh. I said "blow."

Firefly is still under. I wonder what he's up to (hopefully about to detonate something important) and I hope he brings me the second season of The Sopranos when he comes back. Copperhead sent some files my way yesterday about the Navy, but I'm giving him some extra time to really polish up his act before I head over for a "surprise" inspection. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Major Bludd stopped by for some Goldeneye on the N64 (the greatest Nintendo game - EVER). I walloped him.

Cassie wandered up to the conference rooms for lunch and we had a quick lunch before she headed back to the clinic. You'd be surprised at the exotic tropical infections those Vipers get on this island, Diary. She thought that she would never put that Medical Microbiology course to good use, too...

After lunch it was time to look at that Crimson Guard file. It contained tons of information about the current activities of Joe agents known as Claymore, Footloose, Wet-Suit, Torpedo, Recondo, Spirit, Scarlett, Blowtorch, Steeler, Flash, and Ripcord. There is much I need to get to work on about all of this. Apparently there are the makings of a good jungle mission, naval mission, and arctic mission about to go down. All of this fun just makes my head hurt.

Supper consisted of a sirloin, green salad and beer. Rock on. Time for Fox News. Maybe I'll do some advanced planning later tonight and think of good uses for words/names such as "ringhal," "William Huntington Russell," or "nephilim" and even ponder the social implications of The Dukes of Hazzard, Gladiator and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. For now, though, I'm ready for some coffee and the O'Reilly Factor.

Note to self: Buy a black toy-sized pomeranian for Cassie.



Viper Commander
03-24-2006, 05:36 PM
Taskforce Delta Digital Journal: Arashikage, Thomas S.

Im finally back at HQ after three month doing a recon mission. I managed to infiltrate the Commanders new digs and got every bit of info on him for the last 90 days. Now the top brass can know everything, and I mean everything he's done day in and day out. What he eats, when he does #1 and #2, who he has a crush on, what his favoriet channel is, and all the heinous crimes he's up to. While Duke and the rest digest the info in a closed door meeting with Pentagon officials, I decided to shock everyone by ditching my old ninja getup and getting back into US military duds. Hopefully Snakes will follow my move too. Time to spar, hey Snake Eyes stop messing with O'hara and come spar with me!

Storm Shadow, Over and Out.

The Faceless Master
03-25-2006, 12:18 AM
~ Log 2 ~

Its been 2 weeks since my first journal entry
I have been seeing Dr Knox every other day since then, my blackouts
seem to be happening more frequently... she seems worried
but that is the least of her concerns, she is distracted.
During our last session, a man with a goatie & red outfit interrupts &
the doc handed him a Teddy Ruxpin doll, and urgently mumbled him something
about stuffing it inside someones underwear drawer...

Dr Knox recommended i pick up some sort of hobby... I have
On one of my midnight walks after my first journal entry, I came upon a
shadow lurking in the dead of night. He thought I didnt see him, little does
he know that he doesnt see me. I have been following him for a full week
now. He wears grey camouflage & a mask & goes by a name of an insect
I shall confront this stranger one of these days, he intrigues me

This is enough for now
Jesse Kwinn Jr, aka Ghost Bear

The Faceless Master
03-25-2006, 12:24 AM
Voicelog number 9 <since previous voicelogs are now lost>
Deep in the Inner Sanctum of Cobra Island Terrordrome

I have just come from Dr Knox office in Manhattan, unaware that I actually
interrupted one of her psychotherapy sessions. This orange haired man
stared at me with such rage, I was convinced he was going to pounce out of
his chair & attack me. he didnt
As usual, Dr Knox gave me another intentionally worn down Teddy Ruxpin doll
to look like the other 15 that I have been displacing all over CC's room first
thing in the morning. She believes it to be another one of her advanced
psycho-therapy techniques.

I arrived back at Cobra Island not more than 10mins ago & just found out
that two Joes were killed in action, and several more are being tortured by
Viper Guards (http://www.yojoe.com/action/06/allgearedup/viperguard.jpg) & the Interrogator. Sgt Wilkinson & Dusty being the two big
names out of this group.
I have to find a way to get them out of here without comprimising my

CG# 92977 aka Agent Faces
~ logging off ~

03-25-2006, 04:23 PM
Hola Diary!

Woke up early this morning and got the surprise of my life. A Teddy Ruxpin was lying on its side facing me (about one foot away from my face) on my bed. Like any rational human being in this situation, I let out a big "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!" and then leapt out of the red silk sheets as fast as my legs could pump me. I broke out in a cold sweat, and sat huddled on the floor in a fetal position, sucking my thumb for about twenty minutes.

I began to feel that this Chucky nonsense had gone on long enough. I got up off the floor, gingerly picked the bear up, and sat him upright in a chair. Next, I grabbed a phone to order a CG to come up. When he got there, I told him his job for the next 48 hours would be to watch the bear. He thought this was really funny, but he agreed to guard the Teddy Ruxpin THING. Whew. Maybe I can finally get to the bottom of this particular mess.

Anyway. Six shots of rum later I'm deep into my breakfast of strawberries and OJ, and contemplating the remainder of the day. I got a quick shower, changed into my workout clothes, and headed off for the gym.

Two hours of heavy lifting on my chest and arms is my limit, and after the workout I wandered over to the steam room, the sauna, and finally...the jacuzzi. Jacuzzis are truly one of life's great pleasures. I have yet to meet the man that won't sell out for a jacuzzi and a Porsche. Better yet, I got to hit on some terrorist chicks that were at the gym this morning. Everyone knows that forty-five percent of the female population in a gym are purely there to be oogled by men. How else do you explain women who wear loads of makeup, jewelry, matching skimpy neon workout "clothes," and highly visible g-strings to go "get in shape?" Schwing!! Wondering if I was alone in that jacuzzi, Diary? Keep wondering...cause I'm not telling!! A second shower later, I'm back in my black uniform and hood and heading over to Starbucks.

Note to self: A Starbucks vanilla frappuccino is the nectar of bliss.

Made it into the office this morning in time to click on the Golf Channel and watch Tiger Woods hit 300 yard drives (with a 2-iron) that home in on the flag pins like laser-guided missiles. Sigh. I need to work on my game. Back to business.

Major Bludd is warming up the infrantry with superfluous drills. The Baroness is over at the gym (now you know why...and knowing is half the battle!), while Destro is watching Braveheart. Scrap-Iron is online wasting time on some GI Joe message board. Tomax is staring in a mirror and gently speaking to himself in French. R-I-G-H-T. I'm telling ya, Diary, the aftermath of the next big fight we lose will be positively rife with complaints of "Cobra Commander's cowardice, incompetence, and stupidity." Just wait and see.

Copperhead and Decimator stopped by this morning (in person) to inform me that the Lampreys, Eels, Sea Slugs, Hydro-Vipers, Secto-Vipers, and Snow Serpents are in fighting trim. The Cobra watercraft are in perfect condition now, too. Will wonders never cease, Diary? I ordered them to prep the Snow Serpents for a mission in Canada. I also dialed up a freelance operative named "Ghost Bear" to see if he's interested in a nifty cold weather adventure. Firefly (yeah he finally checked in with his walkie-talkie) tells me he might be the sort of dude we need for a good upcoming scrap. I also ordered Copperhead to put the entire Moray hydrofoil force on standby. I think I might have some coordinates for the USS Flagg and I've got a mean idea, Diary.

Zartan hasn't reported yet today, but he probably will later tonight. No news on what General Flagg might be up to, yet.

Cassie came by for lunch (caviar, quail, and vodka) and I told her all about this Teddy Ruxpin thing that's bothering me. Guess what, Diary? She said that she was behind the whole thing!! Her whole objective was to "get to the root of my obsessive need to avoid attachment" and help me "get in touch with my inner self." What llama puckey.

Then she dropped another bomb...she wants me to meet her family. Waitaminute!?! Aren't things going a little bit fast here? Eek!

I quickly told her that I would "think about it" and rushed back to the office for a pull from my trusty flask that I keep under my desk. Ahhhh. Life seems much less complicated when you're drinking Old Charter.

So anyways. I thought about what Cassie had said, and grudgingly admitted to myself that she might be right. I need to make it up to her. I ordered my Crimson Guard network in Texas to hook me up with a pomeranian and ship it over tonight. They told me they'd get on it. I think we should name the puppy '"Jasper." Cassie will love it. They sent me a couple of pics:



Which one should I get, Diary?

Next, I strolled back up to my apartment and on the way, I walked past two Vipers. As I went by, a funny thing happened. One of them whispered "I wassss once a man! A man!" and suddenly they both broke down and started giggling. Weird, eh? I wonder what that's all about?

When I got up to my room I popped Raiders of the Lost Ark in the DVD player (I love that movie!) and promptly dialed up some friends. Jessica and Paris weren't answering, though. Unfortunately for me, some people I would rather not talk to decided to call ME. Oy. First up was half the membership of N' Sync. I would rather talk to a scorpion about his love life than talk to those tools. Second was Michael Jackson. Do you really want to know what he wanted to talk about, Diary? I didn't think so. Trust me, you'll sleep better at night without knowing, anyway.

Anyways. I better go. We executed Dart today. You should have seen the way Stalker was carrying on! I will probably have someone else shot tomorrow, too. I'll keep ya posted on how everything develops, Diary!

Note to self: I am a complete and total stallion.



james strickland
03-26-2006, 06:17 PM
The Joe seal unit is headed to cobra Island with the TTBP a few miles off so cobra radar don't pick it up. We are go in the manta ray that way we don't get pickup by any radar. Our mission is to find a way in to the terrordrome with out being detected and rescue our traped joes. If the sky patrol wasn't on another mission. They would have flown us in there sharqs, but there out and the other sharqs are needed to keep patrol around the TTBP. We are told there are already two Joe operatives in the terror drome and can help us. I am hoping the Cobra Disguises help us get in undetected. According to Hightech he put in a device in to allow us to get thru cobra check points. I am a plain viper, while wet-down is alley viper,topedo is a viper as well, depth charge is a viper, Shipwreck is a viper. Deep six will be about halfway between our location and the TTBP. I hoping the team at the TTBP is ready for thier end of the mission.

Duke is in command thier with Gungho, Leatherneck, Beachhead, Roadblock, lifeline, Sideswipe,Crossfire, Breaker, Wild bill, and Airborne. Wild bill is there with a NAC to come get us if it get harry. I hope our mission doesn't get compermise.

Wet suit out

The Faceless Master
03-27-2006, 08:27 PM
Voicelog number 10
Deep in the Inner Sanctum of Cobra Island Terrordrome
Specifically, Cobra Commanders Chambers

I found the Commander in his chambers wearing nothing but his Bart Simpson
Boxers, and curled up in a fetal position sucking his thumb. Wow, this prank
that Dr Knox is pulling is really beginning to take its toll on good ol CC
He ordered me to guard this Teddy Ruxpin doll for the next 48hours...
But i have other matters at hand. A couple of captured Joes to free, an
execution to stop, and an infiltration team to let in, so I cant be held up
babysitting a teddy bear...
I called up another Crimson Guard to take my place in CC's chambers.
He cant tell us apart anyway.

*now in an elevator descending terrordrome sub-levels*
Step one of infiltrate & extract is to distract Cobra Commander.
I called upon another undercover operative on Cobra Island, Camille Leonne.
According to her file, she is the illegitemate half-sister of Anastacia deCobray
She recently underwent minor reconstructive surgery to look more like her
sibling, and now is the time to get her into the program.
Its 905a so the Baroness should be in the gym doing her daily workout
I have instructed Camille that her sis will be hitting the showers @ 915a so
the switcheroo can be made right then & there...

Step two, I need to get the Interrogator out of the prison cells so that
I can free Dusty, Lonzo & get Dart out of the execution chamber.
I convinced him that the mess hall was showing the widescreen edition
of Shawshank Redemption, so off he went. I had already set it up with
a Techno VIper so Interrogator should be back for a coupla hours.
I managed to find a prisoner near death, i know poor soul but I went ahead
and I ordered two inept guards to take this prisoner whom I referred to
as "Dart" to the execution room. To CC, all Joes look the same anyway.

Step three, delay the Swamp Viper patrols by 2mins during the shift change
@ 1035a ~ that should be more than enough time for the SEAL extraction
unit to get these guys out of here.

CG# 92977 aka Agent Faces
~ logging off ~

03-27-2006, 10:30 PM
What's up my Diz-izzle?

Woke up early, after the most refreshing night's sleep I've had since (what will henceforth be referred to as) the "Teddy Ruxpin Incident." No worries, Diary. Cassie has me on the straight and narrow path to enlightenment. I've been feeling much better since I have come to embrace my inner child and reconciled myself to my past. I have also respectfully come to grips with my own selfish desires to avoid singular female attachment and companionship for the express purpose of using multiple females for my own physical gratification (which will henceforth be referred to as "playing the field"). It is very important that I become more sensitive to the needs of women. I must embrace not only women but also those who are different from myself. I must be sensitive to other cultures and their needs (this includes the fire ants that have taken up residence in the fourth floor kitchen cabinets).

Note to self: Must invoke an equal opportunity employment program for the new Viper recruits and take affirmative action to ensure that this program is enforced. Everyone should be allowed equal access to their long-fostered dream of becoming a terrorist.

Anyways Diary, this mind-numbing elation (and gut-wrenching beffudlement) lasted until I wandered sleepily past the Terrordrome gym and saw the Baroness "working out" like the girls in the music video for the song Play (thank you, David Banner!). Testosterone promptly kicked in, and yours truly was back in fine fighting form. Anastasia threw me a quick wink before I continued on my way to the weight rack. Must...concentrate. Must...not...be...distracted...by...female presence.

A speedy workout, steaming shower, and strawberry breakfast later, I'm hangin' in the den listening to some of my favorite CD's.

Note to self: One cannot go wrong when listening to Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, Holst's Planets, Respighi's Pines of Rome, or anything by Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, Berlioz, Ravel, Schubert, Mussorgsky (Night on Bald Mountain "rocks da house!"), or Tchaikovsky. I would continue to recommend classical composers, but you wouldn't believe that I actually listen to each of them huh, Diary? Truth can be stranger than fiction, though...

Regardless, it was high time to get some plain, honest work from myself, eh? I sauntered over to the gleaming doors of my office and started letting the tasks of the day unfold. I was in for a very rude interruption.

An emergency message from Copperhead came screaming across my computer at 1025. We're under attack! A Viper Pilot had taken out his Glider for a routine patrol and had spotted "at least" five GI Joe MANTA wind surfers on appoach to Cobra Island. I put all Cobra forces on full alert and ordered a full deployment of Morays, Water Moccasins, and Hydro-Sleds to protective positions around the harbor and two shoreline caves. A strike team of four Water Moccasins and two Morays was dispatched to deal with the attackers. Time for Copperhead to earn his pay. To be safe, I had Wild Weasel to scramble a flight of six FANGs, too. I also sent a couple of crack Eel squads down to the beaches under the command of Major Bludd. We'll see how this pans out, Diary...

Gotta run. Duty calls.



james strickland
03-28-2006, 11:43 AM
I am glad our decoy dummies have took the low patrol eyes off us going in to the swamp path set out by Agent faces and the intellengence crew. I am glad we all had our underwater gear and jumped the boat and headed thew the swamp.

I hope the we can get our guys to the TTBP with out any problems. We reached the point on which we are expected to meet Agent Faces and the captured joes. If we get into any problems we still have a trump card in our hands just hope we don't need to call it in to help.

This trump card is the NAC and the launch of a burage of missles from the TTBP. I know this is what cobra didn't expect. We have all our bases cover.

I think our deguises are paying off we made it past two patrols and no one has stop us. I going to have to end here Torpedo has signal all queit.

wet out

03-28-2006, 01:41 PM
Entry Passcode: Asmodeus

Authorization accepted.

Cobra Commander (helmet recording): Copperhead's team reported artificial decoys on the MANTA surfers. Destro thinks it is likely that a covert, highly specialized team has inserted onto the island with the possible mission goal of rescuing the GI Joe captives. If any GI Joe team members have infiltrated the island, they have not been discovered. Roving swamp, forest, and beach patrols of Vipers, Swamp Vipers, and Eels have turned up no traces. Viper Glider, FANG, and CLAW patrols have seen nothing. I've ordered Croc Master to double up on his guard placements, too. They cannot hide on an island forever...

Note to self: Grab a vanilla frappuccino from Starbucks ASAP.

I've also ordered maximal guard strength of the Terrordrome itself, with corresponding increases in security checkpoints, bases, and depots interspersed across the island's terrain. The detention level has been sealed and completely locked down. No admissions or exits from this level will be allowed - no exceptions. Scrap-Iron, Overkill, and a huge force of BATS have been sent as extra protection for the jail areas.

I am concerned that the Joes may have more in mind than just freeing prisoners, so I'm in the process of locking down our computer systems here on the island.

I hate not knowing what is going on or where the enemy is. Will I have to accelerate Operation Leviathan because of this nonsense?

Note to self: How did this guy Ames win at Sawgrass?

Exit Passcode: Endymion


james strickland
03-28-2006, 05:44 PM
We headed for a dock near the area were we meet Agent Faces. When we got thier with our joe buddies croc master with a hole bunch of Lampreys were loading it up.We hide in some bushes and Depth charge took aim with his sniper rifle and took out two of the Lamprey's. At that point, I took my gun and shot Croc master in the head. Torpedo took out two more lampreys. After that we ran to the Hydrofoil; and climb on and took off. We know Agent Faces had to stay behind I hope Corbra Commander doesn't find out he help us. As soon as we left port we had all types of cobra vehicles attack us thats when we radioed duke to say we were headed thier way and we need help thats when the squadron of sharqs showed up. Wild Bill stated attacking the water craft behind us. As we headed for the TTBp we got help from a few devil rays and Joe htydrofoils. We do have bad news we weren't able to save Dart, I now spirit going to be crushed. In good news we took Copperheads boat out with one of our torpedos. then as copper head was climbing on another boat he was killed by Shipwreck in back with one of the guns in the back of this hydrofoil.

At this time, most of cobra forces are falling back Especially after Copperheads death and Most of the fangs were taken out by Sharqs and Wild Bill's NAC. I can now see the TTBP and they seem like thier ready for us.

wet suit out

james strickland
03-29-2006, 11:45 AM
I made to a well known joe facility I thinks I am in side of the TTBP. I have a rough month. First I assigned to a mission in Kuwait to where we take out a small unit of cobra, only to get attack later that night. They first took out our night watch teams wich included Skidmark and Ambush. These guys moved like ninja. When we herd the alarm it was allread to late Cobra Attack us off gaurd. My Dirt Crew was one of several brown shirt causaltes. I feel bad that I didn't have more on night watch then I did. I still don't know how we all got captured, but it happened so fast I just lucky to be a live. I am just here right now trying to figure out how to tell the Generals back at Joe Hq what happen.

I am now going to explain what happened ,so I can get my head straighten out. I do know the first thing I do remember is the alarm going off. I then grab my gun by my cot an threw on my armor vest and headed out to ready to fire. That when I saw Skidmark with a Assult Quad firing on some strang shadows. Skidmark Assualt Quad got hit by some type of missle from a hiss tank in the shadows. Ambush was killed by a Sniper in the back. I could get him becsause I was nock down by a viper. I do remember seeing Ambush falling to from his position. As things went I saw Stalker Get taking down by about ten vipers. The last thing I can remember is my dirt crew trying to help the last few joes that did get out. I think then they all piled on a desert fox and attacked a corbra hiss head on and lost. To me they died as true hero If it wasn't for them. I don't think tripwire or roadblock would have gotten away.

I am greatful to Agent Faces and our seal team for thier quick and easy rescue. I hope I can still lead missions they give me the feeling of staifaction.

Dust out

03-29-2006, 01:10 PM
Dear Diary,

Where to begin? The GI Joe rescue operation was completed. Fortunately, our guards saw to it that Dart was killed before the Joes made good their escape. Viper Glider reports informed me that they managed to escape out beyond our radar. A subsequent Rattler flight pinpointed the location of a GI Joe tactical battle platform out to sea. I suppose that was their "base." I'm not going to order a counterattack.

Casualties (and implications) were bad. Scrap-Iron and his BATs were completely bypassed in the detention level. The only way this could have been done is with "inside" help for the Joes. Passcode records were checked, and it turned out that Crimson Guard #92977 was the culprit. This is terrible news. Of all my forces, I have always trusted Siegies the most. They have always been the most dedicated and loyal troops I have. I couldn't tell you "Viper Wilson" from "Viper Adam," but I know those Crimson Guardsmen by sight and reputation. Crimson Guard #92977 was arrested and thrown in the prison. The Interrogator discovered that he is in fact a GI Joe double-agent named "Faces." Great. We've been hemorrhaging information of the highest order since I can remember.

Despite his obvious cunning, Destro and I figured that he must've had help. Sure enough, with some brutal "questioning" we discovered that an agent named "Camille Leonne" had infiltrated the Terrordrome and posed as the Baroness during key moments of the extraction to facilitate the Joe rescue. We caught her, and threw her in jail, too. It turns out she is a blood relative of the true Baroness. This just keeps getting better and better, huh Diary?

Casualties were tough. Copperhead was shot by GI Joe team member "Shipwreck." He's still alive, but took a nasty burn, a bullet in the back, and a dunking in the Gulf of Mexico. Eels fished him back out. He's in the intensive care unit now. Dr. Knox is tending to him. His chances of survival are 50/50. What else is there to add?

Croc Master was killed. This is surprisingly much tougher for me to deal with than Copperhead's injury. I personally LIKED Croc Master. I always liked him. He wasn't the highest profile member of the organization, but he had a good sense of humor, a nice singing voice, and took his job seriously. His alligators and crocodiles are infested throughtout the canals of the island, and everytime I see one of them I'm gonna think about him. I wonder if the Joes get this upset about deaths in their unit?

The recent violence has numbed me a bit. Actions have consequences don't they, Diary? People die in real fights. Friends don't come back from missions that you send them on. Good people are lost.

Note to self: Maybe it's time I gave Billy a call again?

Anyway. "Ghost Bear" has yet to return our offers. That Egyptian airstrip was blown away. The United States Air Force base in New Mexico was attacked by a squadron of fifteen Condors yesterday and was completely annihilated. A twenty man Cobra Range-Viper unit stationed in Germany was taken out by a GSG-9 task force two days ago. Extensive Enterprises is cleaning up on the stock market, which is filling our coffers to overflowing (we just netted fifty million). Boo-yah! A chemical weapons lab in Syria was discovered by UN officials early this morning. Forty-five Toxo-Vipers were arrested and the lab was completely shut down. Bogus.

Operation Leviathan is hereby ordered to proceed. GI Joe is about to find out that payback is a bee-yotch. The operation will encompass the destruction/sinking of the USS Flagg. Tele-Viper units have already confirmed the position of the aircraft carrier and its complement of tin cans and fighters out in the Atlantic. Forces are being prepared as we speak.

The first move of the operation has already begun. This morning, Zartan has personally murdered General Flagg. Good morning GI Joe! Doom on you! The famed master of disguise has been lying in wait for weeks now, and I couldn't let the opportunity pass by any longer. Six bullets in the back of the head. Fingerprints on corpse confirmed. DNA from skin, saliva, and hair samples confirmed. Zartan got his man. He is halfway back to base now, and should be here tomorrow. We can play some N64 when he gets here. I wonder how GI Joe is going to take the loss of General Flagg and his famous aircraft carrier?

Note to self: Can't have a war without casualties, Diary!

I don't think we'll be able to get a good shot at the GI Joe base after this - it will be too heavily guarded. Time will tell, though. In the meantime, there is always that aircraft carrier to focus on.

Nothing interesting to report on the social scene, Diary. Cassie and I had a full breakfast together before she went back to the SICU to keep an eye on Copperhead. Destro and the Baroness are watching Memoirs of a Geisha, while Scrap-Iron is busy doing research on particle physics. Major Bludd reports that the nefarious Cobra plot codenamed "AFA" is proceeding smoothly towards the ultimate destruction of the GI Joe civilization. Wild Weasel is prepping the Cobra Air Force for Operation Leviathan. I sent Zandar out on a secret mission (more about this later) at lunch. Firefly is still attempting to recruit "Ghost Bear" for an arctic mission that I have in mind. Mindbender is working on refinements for the newest generation of BATs. Decimator is watching over the Cobra Navy while Copperhead is out of commission.

I stopped by the jail this afternoon to see Crimson Guard #92977 aka "Agent Faces." I quoted some wise words to him: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." He didn't reply. I ordered him set free and sent back to his team. A Lamprey came and took him in cuffs out to a Moray hydrofoil. The Lamprey has orders to deliver him back to the Joes on the battle platform that the Rattlers found earlier. I have no stomach for more deaths right now, and I cannot bring myself to order the execution of a Crimson Guardsman - even a fake one. Who knows? Maybe my mercy will give him something to think about.

I'll figure out what to do with his accomplice Camille, later. I've just got too much on my mind right now to worry about her.

I've got to go now, Diary, because Billy is calling me back.

I'll talk to you later,


The Faceless Master
03-31-2006, 11:21 AM
~ Log 3 ~

Its been a week since my last journal entry
I have been tracking down Firefly as best as I could
he is an elusive devil...

I finally returned to my studio apartment & found that I have several
messages, from a certain Commander of Cobra... I have heard of this person
Some terrorist organization determined to rule the world.
All i know is that Cobra is against GIJoe, and since that wretched Snake Eyes
is on the GIJoe team, I will accept Cobra Commanders offer.

am getting carpal tunnel
am not used to writing this much, this frequently
Jesse Kwinn Jr, aka Ghost Bear

ps - i really should get one of those fancy voicelogs
maybe when Cobra Commander pays me handsomely I can finally
afford one...

The Faceless Master
03-31-2006, 11:51 AM
Phase2, Voicelog Entry #8

I apologize for not making any voicelog entries.
After meeting with the Euro-Force a couple of weeks ago, I was immediately
sent out back to Europe with them to observe their daily training regimen
to see if GIJoe should incorporate the same strict training on a daily basis.
So far, I am so so with this, since Beach Head & Sgt Slaughter seem to be
tough enough for everybody to handle.

Ok, let see, I have 50 new messages...
hmm, spam spam spam, message from Agent Faces?
He was already instructed not to contact me about his undercover mission.
This was sent 12 hours after Wet-suits successful Extraction mission of
Dusty & Sgt Wilkinson...
"do you want to download the attach.." YES... Man i really should tell the
General to upgrade me to DSL.

Well, this is cur... OH MY GOD!!!
Janice!! Tell General Flagg <III> that I HAVE to see him immediately!!
*print, print* this is NOT good...
- DOWNLOADED PICTURE #1 (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/donsbabyboo/detail?.dir=7d1d&.dnm=64b4.jpg&.src=ph)
- DOWNLOADED PICTURE #2 (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/donsbabyboo/detail?.dir=7d1d&.dnm=244c.jpg&.src=ph)

Lt Col Sure Fire, logging off

The Faceless Master
03-31-2006, 11:57 AM
Journal Audio Entry #1

Dear Diary, this is so corny already :rolleyes:
but since I am the new CG Captain, I am required to have a journal...
Yes, you heard it correctly, I was just promoted to Captain today after
the Shadow Guards discovered that the former CG Captain was actually
an undercover GIJoe agent!! Sucks for him, great for me. :D

I was ordered to go to Extensive Enterprises via the Crimson Command Copter
to escort Tomax's new bodyguards, a couple of female ninja twins. Hmm
they have been spotted by my men - ahh i like the sound of that -
anywahs, they are standing by the newly installed Starbucks in Sub-Level2
sipping on Frappuccinos. There is already mumbling of nicknames for them,
the most appropriate ones, Mary Kate & Ashley... :D

CG Captain #41103 ~ aka Cap

The Faceless Master
03-31-2006, 05:24 PM
I edited post #81
and updated it with a photo of my Euro-Force which has been
loooooooooong overdue...

for more info as to who is included in Euro-Force
you can go to my customs page & 5 of them are seen in better detail :)

Viper Commander
03-31-2006, 06:28 PM
Taskforce Delta Digital Journal: Arashikage, Thomas S.

I'm deploying back to the Terrordrome again, this time to extract Agent Faces from the custody of The Interrogator. His cover was blown. When Dusty and Lonzo came back, they informed us (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ddnoyume/detail?.dir=/6823&.dnm=d0bc.jpg&.src=ph) (pic) about the number of changes Cobra has made since I came back from my recon mission. We are going back in with the help of two NSA agents (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ddnoyume/detail?.dir=/6823&.dnm=71d3.jpg&.src=ph)(pic) who are still undercover under the command of Faces, they are very eager to help us get their commanding officer out of harm's way.

(Hours later) We just landed on the beach (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ddnoyume/detail?.dir=/6823&.dnm=3b49.jpg&.src=ph)(pic), dropped off by a custom NAC(pic) (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ddnoyume/detail?.dir=/6823&.dnm=602f.jpg&.src=ph)
We will make our way into the jungle and ditch the humvee(pic) (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ddnoyume/detail?.dir=/6823&.dnm=1e8d.jpg&.src=ph), split up and infiltrate the main Terrordrome.

Storm Shadow, Over and Out.

03-31-2006, 08:16 PM
At the risk of interrupting a good story, I would like to point out that Agent Faces was last seen in handcuffs, stowed aboard a Moray, and being driven out to the floating GI Joe tactical battle platform in the Gulf. Storm Shadow might need to know this before he winds up unlocking an empty cell.

However, the Joe team is welcome to try and re-invade the Terrordrome.

There are many empty cells right now. ;)

james strickland
03-31-2006, 08:19 PM
I finally made it back to gijoe main hq. Where I had to sit in an office with Psyc-out for four hours. I don't know why, I had to tell him what happened to me in the Cobra prison over and over. I guess they want to be sure cobra didn't put any thing in my head.

I just need to talk to Duke but he been busy trying to recuit the euro-force and the Major Barrage is busy trying to get a hold of hawk to inform him of Flaggs demise. I worried we are all in a daze now since there is no true general in charge of us. I guess maybe I should talk to Lt. Falcon or even Keel Haul would work. Surefire is busy trying to figure out what's going on with everyone here why he's in England. I don't even think he nows Faces is in Col. Courages office trying to find out what his next assignment is. I don't even now why they sent Storm shadow to cobra Island after cameleon. There agood chance he could get brainwashed to work for cobra again. I could go find Snake eyes and tell him.

I hope I can get a new Dusty's Dirt Crew.

Dusty out

Viper Commander
03-31-2006, 08:34 PM
Taskforce Delta Digital Journal: Arashikage, Thomas S.

The order just came in, by way of delayed voicemail. Guess my signal wasn't so good in this swampy jungle.

High Tech: Faces was rescued by other means, infiltrate and capture Cobra Commander and any member of High Level Command you come across. Sweep the entire Terrordrome and destroy or retrieve any relevant Cobra intel. Rescue Chameleon. High Tech out.

Sounds fun, let's go Snake Eyes.

Storm Shadow, Over And Out

james strickland
03-31-2006, 08:43 PM
Just taking some time to check the secruity on the flagg I just have a bad feeling that something going to happen. I hope this devil ray will make it to the naval base were its getting an upgrade. I wish the others would have came with me. When I told Torpedo my feelings about the Flagg he laugh. Shipwreck was wondering why I would even worry about a ship that has survived more cobra attacks then a Devil Ray. Death Charge that I could be telling the truth, but then he thinks there should be pleny of military police and special secruity forces with the flagg while its getting updated. Wet Down a good friend of mine says it could happen even if cobra could get thru the tough secruity force there. So, they all thought staying At TTbp was more important.

wetsuit out

The Faceless Master
03-31-2006, 09:57 PM
Journal Audio Entry #2

Wow, so much has been happening within the 24 hours of my promotion
First of all, I met up with some of the Crimson Troopers in the motor pool
and was introduced as the new Crimson Guard Captain so they will be taking
orders from me

Then, i was rushed into a room where I was outfitted with a more
suitable Crimson uniform...
Here is how i look in my old uniform
Here is how i look in my NEW uniform
Pretty kewl if you ask me :cool:

Then @ 0600 hours, shortly after i personally loaded that no good traitor
Agent Faces into a Hydrofoil to be dropped off at a nearby Joe TTPB
Cobra Commander informed me that a Joe-Team was on the shores of
Cobra Island attempting some sort of kidnappinng of god knows who...
Well, I wasted no time in showing the Joes who is in command of CC's
Crimson Forces...
I flatly told Chief Torpedo that his presence is unwanted & unwelcome on
the shores of Cobra Island, and I will not hesitate to have my troopers
open fire on their humvee & make them a memory... :mad:

but since my dear Cobra Commander does not want any more bloodshed for
this weekend, I told them that they MUST go back to their chopper
or be a memory...

CG Captain #41103 ~ aka Cap

Viper Commander
04-01-2006, 03:48 PM
Taskforce Delta Digital Journal: Arashikage, Thomas S.

What a disaster! The NSA agents that were supposed to get us into the Terrordrome turned out to be double agents, leading us right into a trap. It was a good thing that the Siegies only caught Ed and I. That means Spirit, Snake Eyes, Lonzo, Rollbar and Shipwreck are still loose on the island.

I knew that leaving without them was out of the question, so I decided to try something...

Using my Joe-comm I made a call via the Commander's direct line(I did used to be his bodyguard), telling him that I was merely trying to lead some of GI Joe's best into his captivity and that he placed me on this assigment before his "transformation" a few months back. I hope he buys the lie that Im still under his influence and working for Cobra.

I was stopped from walking back to the LZ while the CG Captain received a call on his comm device. Then I was informed that the Commander wanted to see me. They told me to subdue Ed and bring him too. Of cousre he played along, cursing at me for being a traitor again. First chance I get, Im going to nab the head snake, collect my Joe team and get out of here. There's a nice cold cell waiting for the Commander at Gitmo. If I can, Ill try to collar this Cap character too.

Storm Shadow, Over And Out.

james strickland
04-02-2006, 06:00 PM
I been busy trying to get people to help me figure out what to do about a new Dusty's dirt crew still no answer. I talked to Bazooka and Zap about some training with some of the new missle and grande laucher we got in they said they help me out tomorrow. I been trying to get hold of Footloose for the last couple of days, but no answer. He expose to be in Eygpt checking out a attack on a US air base thier. Spirit, Scarlett, Rapid fire, and Grandslam are checking out an attack that happened in New Mexico at an Air Base there. Cobra been on a big tare ever since we were freed. I saw a Thunderwing jet in the hangar bay today. There are only three or four in there, but I asked when I could fly in one. Ace told me there waiting for the okay from the Pentgon. So far the only ones allowed to fly them right now are Ace, Slipstream, Wild Bill, and Lt. Falcon.

I been roaming around the motor pool last couple of days and notice a lot of vehicles coming out of the moth balls. I was shocked to see a Vamp MkII, a General, and a Rolling thunder. I asked Clutch what was up with the old vehicles and he said they were working on getting the old back to new.

I talked to Major Storm who was talking to Thunderwing about the upgrades to general. A soon as they were done, I told Major Storm what happened to me in the last couple of weeks. He said that he would see if he could get some leave time for me. I told him I would like that. I haven't seen my mom in years I do know she okay and in good health. I wrote as soon as I got some time to write her. I think I give her a call to night.

dusty out

james strickland
04-03-2006, 05:34 PM
I barely made it to the flagg location, before I ran out of fuel. Lucky for me, Cutter came by in NLC and towed me to a dock and they started to refuel my devilfish. He showed me all the secure points around the flagg.

I was wondering about the air defence. He sowed me about ten missle pac rats that were being operated by Hard Drives little arm computer. I decided to stay and helpwith the defence of the flagg for awhile.
wet suit out

Viper Commander
04-03-2006, 07:21 PM
Taskforce Delta Digital Journal: Arshikage, Thomas S.

Tricked! Instead of taking me to see the Commander, Ed and I were immediately taken to The Interrogator's lair by the new Crimson Guard Captain. Looks like they already caught Lonzo, Shipwreck, and Rollbar. Counting me and Eddie, only Spirit and Snake Eyes are still loose out there. This is a good chance for me to try a technique Snakes and I have been working on. A new version of the Arashikage mind set that will render the Brainwave Sacanner useless, here goes nothing...

Storm Shadow, Over And Out.

james strickland
04-04-2006, 06:35 PM
I just got off security detail. I thought Law and Order would be happy to have sandstorm and me help with thier security detail, but thier very distaant to day. I ask what was up. he said " Nothing, just wish I could have caught zartan before he got to flagg."

I responed"I didn't know you were in the area of Flagg. If we could have caught Zartan we would have not need to have any problems with him."

I know he a hard catch for all the joes. Right now we all want him. This is what I told law too. He was glad that we were on the same page. Other than that Law and me didn't find any thing on our watch.

dusty out

04-04-2006, 09:12 PM
Entry Passcode: Chemosh

Passcode accepted.

Cobra Commander (helmet recording): The Firefly has contacted me for the fufillment of the Cobra Operation: Leviathan. The drydocked USS Flagg is gonna make the second Death Star explosion look like a penlight. I almost feel sorry for any losers on that puerile piece of scrap metal. On a personal note, I despise General Flagg. I've hated him since that Springfield parade/MOBAT debacle back in the day. It's a pleasure to see his memory desecrated. Countdown has already begun...

Operation: Tiamat is soon to be underway, and Zandar reports progress on his secret mission. Those imbeciles still have no idea how badly they are about to be beaten.

Gotta go...there's a Stone Temple Pilots song on the radio.

Exit Passcode: Moloch


james strickland
04-05-2006, 11:58 AM
I was in the water right next to NLC. About a mile away, When we heard a huge explosion. We looked and saw a huge explosion. I signaled Cutter and we head for the FLagg. When we reached the Flagg holding it was in flames. The hole ship haul was in huge flames, the control room was technically nmo more. I could only think of one explosive expert who could turn this big ship in to a inferno like this and its Firefly I called what land secruity we had andtold them to look for a guy in grey camaflage leaving the area. I headed doown the bay while cutter headed up the bay hopefully we could find him.

wetsuit out

I never found firefly he has vanshed. I now the ground crew didn't find any thing. The fire department here was busy putting out the fire and finding injuried. I could not have worst timing I just got orders too head back to TTBP, but now I have to call Surefire and have him come down to help with the reason why it exploded.

wetsuit out

04-06-2006, 09:08 AM
Leviathan Mission Log.

I have been on board the Flagg for a week or so seting up explosives to insure a complete burn. The Joes must be getting soft. It was to easy to sneak aboard, and they had minimal security. The only one who noticed something was wrong was that dog Order. Law just didn't pay attention. From my perch high apon one of the cranes I watch as the explosives went off starting from right to left like a wave. It almost brought a tear to my eye. O wait that was the smoke from it burning hahahaha. After the fire department and the water pumping trucks arrived it was easy to fade away.


james strickland
04-07-2006, 05:47 PM
I just heard The flagg was destroyed. I was down therejust a few days ago before I got called back I guess Law didn't now any thing. I am with Cannonball and we are in the RHINO trying to get to Spirit and company in New Mexico. Once we meet up with them we head to the cobra city Springfield, to see if they are up to anything. On the way, we meet up with Rollbar,Rock-n-Roll, Dialtone, Beachhead, and Grunt in a Humvee. we are to head to Spingfield and flush out all of the Cobra agents once we do we are to capture and use for bargan bate to get our captured joes back. If this don't work we are going to attack cobra Island with all our forces in the name of Hawk and Flagg.

Dusty out

james strickland
04-07-2006, 05:53 PM
Still waiting for Surefire to return my message. I left in his call notes I hope he gets it. I working with Cutter trying to get the evadance out of the water.

wet suit out

04-08-2006, 12:15 PM
Dear Diary,

Hola! You just wouldn't believe all that's been happening in the last few days. Some scary Congresswoman beat a security guard with a phone, Iran has been firing wacky prototype torpedoes, and the stock market just won't quit. C'est la vie. I've been out in Pensacola, Florida these past few days on vacation. My recommendations? All who pass through Pensacola must visit McGuire's Irish Pub. Must. Two thumbs way up for that place. Of course, I hit the beach with my boy Hugh Hefner and his seven (or is it nine these days?) blonde girlfriends. Hep Hef was in rare form. But that's a tale for another day...

Note(s) to self: (1) A suntan makes your muscles look bigger than they really are. (2) Pirates loved rum so much for a very good reason. Arrrgh. (3) Playboy playmates are very entertaining on a veritable plethora of levels.

So. I awoke this morning at 0900 and began my usual ritual of strawberries and Starbucks white chocolate mocha. Cassie came by to express her supreme dissatisfaction that I didn't wait for her to fix me bacon and fried eggs for breakfast. Ah, the delicate internal balance of women. You can't win, can you Diary?

After a scalding shower and a quick change into my old school blue uniform I swaggered over to the office for a quick update on the state of all things Cobra.

Firefly finally blew that monster aircraft carrier to kingdom come. He gets a fat bonus! Zartan is back and eager to get a round of golf together (he bought a new driver yesterday and just wants to try it out). Zandar is still on that "secret mission" I told you about earlier. Destro is watching Braveheart. The Baroness and Scrap-Iron are watching Uptown Girls. Tomax is experimenting with various new colognes including Polo Black (by Ralph Lauren) and Acqua di Gio (by Giorgio Armani). Mindbender and the Interrogator are off somewhere doing something nefarious. Decimator is running drills around the coast of the island. Major Bludd is trying on some new "Chinese" uniform and running around asking if anyone recognizes him as "the Chinese Major Bludd." R-I-G-H-T.

Note to self: Kids, DON"T do drugs.

Copperhead came out of the intensive care unit and is on the main hospital floor now. The tough Cajun is actually going to pull through! I'm glad. We don't have enough Southern bad boys around here for my taste. I still miss Croc Master, though. I saw a crocodile on TV last night and I just started crying my eyes out in quiet desperation. Maybe we could hire a new reptile trainer?

Nothing new to report on Operation: Tiamat. I've got it on the back burner until further notice. Do you know who Marduk and Tiamat were, Diary? No matter. Oh, and Chameleon is still stuck in the detention block and awaiting punishment. I'm thinking I should dress her up in a seductive outfit and force her to rub my shoulders every day. You see Diary, all of this stressful terrorism work makes my sholders ache and burn for hours on end, and I've been needing a slave girl to give me daily massages since I turned fifteen. This way, I kill three birds with one stone/chameleon. Bada-bing!

Note to self: I am an unmitigated genius.

With little else to do, I checked out the Devil's Due forums and surfed ebay hunting for a sealed Night Force WHALE (but who has the money for those)? When these options didn't pan out, I called Cassie up, popped Phantom of the Opera in the DVD player and cranked the volume waaaay up. It's my second favorite musical (after Les Miserables).

I need to catch up on my reading. Sense and Sensibility won't finish itself, and I'm still stuck in some boring chapter of The Golden Bough. Don't I need to get a good jungle mission cracking? And where is Ghost Bear?

Note to self: I also need to go reread Dante's Paradiso, T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, some ancient Egyptian mythology, and at least six more plays of Shakespeare.

Note to self: Shakespeare and Dante divide the world between them. There is no third (T.S. Eliot actually said this first...not me).

Jasper (the pomeranian) arrived yesterday and Cassie is just thrilled. He's black with brown highlights on his feet, chest, and cheeks. The Eels took a vote and decided that he was the cutest thing they had ever seen. Score! Some new Crimson Guard captain is working over here these days. He seems to be a good kid. Hope we see much more of the Crimson Guard around in the future...

Anyways. That's about all I have time for today, Diary.

Rock on,


04-09-2006, 04:00 PM
Chuckles Log: Infiltration of Cobra Island Pt. 1

Dropped off by Stealth fighter Phantom X-19 by...what's-his-name at 0100 hours last night using HALO chute. Buried chute and wore CG uniform taken from prisoner of a previous battle. Infiltrated guard during guard change, almost got nabbed by the Cobra Nightwatch team, but was saved by quick thinking. Inside a Terror Drome, I was bored to tears by a guard duty shift that lasted all night.

On Hawk's orders, I am to investigate a possible traitor in the US government, and it was decided that infiltration into Cobra Headquarters was the best way to proceed.

Near the end of my shift, I noticed Cobra Commander entering the room, annoyed, as usual, this time because he was woken up by another CG.

He walked across the room muttering to himself, activating the viewscreen on his desk. I couldn't see the screen unfortunately, but I could hear.

CC:What is it now? I told you to only contact me in emergencies!
Voice: I know, sir, and this is an emergency. Project backfire is not going well at all. I need instructions.
CC: Your instructions are to keep GI Joe out of the picture!
Voice: I know, sir, but...well, ah...
CC: What, you cretin?
Voice: Well, ah, GI Joe may know something and they may be suspicious, and they may be about to send in an infiltrator.

Not good.

CC: WHAT!?! You idiot! You have that many connections and can conceal all those secrets in the government, but you can't keep GI Joe from finding out about this? I should kill you right now. And I would if you wouldn't be noticed. Now what's wrong? Why did you let GI Joe find out?

Voice: I couldn't help it! Some Joe dressed in black was caught on surveillance and somehow got some information.

Snake Eyes. It had to be him.

Voice: He got in and out, and no one knew he was there until he was already gone!

Fuming, Cobra Commander smashed his computer and stormed out of the building. A few minutes later some techno vipers and tele vipers rushed in to try to fix it.

Shortly after that, my shift ended, and I was able to snoop some. Taking the CG's number that I mugged, I was able to get into several different rooms, one of which was the Baroness' chamber. Lucky me, she's not here. I searched the room. After finding various hiding places for weapons I didn't think were very lady-like, and the usual clothes, spare glasses, spare mask for Destro, and the toiletries in the bathroom, I found something interesting. In the closet, there was a hidden door that I found only by tripping over a pair of her boots, catching myself on the wall with my hand. Hollow. I continued my investigation and discovered a hidden latch that opened the door.

04-09-2006, 04:08 PM
On the other side of the wall, an unconcious female with black hair and glasses lay there, bound and gagged, in her undergarmets. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that this woman laying there was actually the Baroness herself, or someone looking just like her. After closing the door, I heard the front door open, and Destro and the Baroness were saying goodnight. After what seemed like forever, Destro left, and the Baroness entered the room. I waited. She went to the bathroom and shut the door. I tiptoed out, hearing the shower, working my way to the door to her room. Upon opening the door, the shower stopped. I looked out into the corridor and no one was around, so I came back in, sure the Baroness heard the door and wondered who it was. I turned around, appearing as if I had just walked in. The bathroom door opened and the Baroness stepped out, wearing a robe and carrying a pistol, which she aimed directly at me.

I backed away, hands up. "Excuse me" I said. "I knocked, but you didn't answer. I was told to update you on the backfire project"
"I was in the shower" She said "And I already know about it."
"Very well" I said, and started to leave.
"I never said you could leave, trooper." She said.

Almost made it out.

"What were you doing in my quarters?"
"What do you mean?"
"You were here before I came back. Trying to be a peeping tom? Or are you a spy?"

She leapt before I knew what was going on. She was fast. She closed the door and tackled me in one go. I was going to let her get the upper hand but she seemed to manage that without my help. She pulled off my mask after wrestling me to the floor, pointing the gun at my face.

"Who are you?"
"Crimson Guard #206-9"
"No, I mean your name."
I had to think fast, but that's my speciality.
"Campbell. John Campbell."
"I think you're spying on me. Cobra Commander has been most suspicious of me the past few days."
"Why, ma'am?"
"He seems to think that I'm a GI Joe spy!" She laughed. I laughed along with her. "Here's the real spy" she said as she showed me the Baroness in the closet.

"Should I have her put in the brig?" I asked.

"No, I want to keep her here to amuse me. I may turn her over to Dr. Mindbender later anyway. I'm sure he'd love to tinker with her."

I ended the conversation as quickly as I could, hoping that my micro transmitter was working. I think I know what's going on. Hawk had Chameleon working on this case too. The only trouble is, is Chameleon the one I talked to, or is she the one in the closet chamber? The way she was talking, she could have been Chameleon, because the Baroness was so ruthless that she would have killed her double almost immediately upon discovery, unless this was the Baroness and she actually was going to hand Chameleon over to Dr. Mindbender.

So the questions remain: What is Project: Backfire, Why is Chameleon here, which one is Chameleon, and why wasn't I told that she was going to be here? And, why did she show me the woman in her closet in the first place? Does she know who I really am? Is she the right person to know who I am?

james strickland
04-09-2006, 06:57 PM
I have just met up with Footloose, Recondo, Outback, Crossheir,and Crossfire in Eygpt. From here we are going to go to a Abandon Cobra Temple in the forest off of the nile. There is exposed to be some activity going on there. We are going in the guile suits,weapons, and other gear in the Piranha Attack Boat. I am in charge of this mission with Recondo as my second in command and jungle expert. Crossfire and Crossheir are here to help us with the heavy fire and cover. Footloose and Outback are here for the infintry. I hope the other ablities we all have will come in handy as well. I just was hoping to have Ambush, but I herd what happened to him this will be a tough mission with out him here. I remember something duke told me and that is to trust my teams abilities and they should not fail.

Well it's Brawling time.

Brawler out

james strickland
04-09-2006, 08:42 PM
We met up with Spirit and company they were surprised about the mission detail we gave them. after they loaded up we headed for the location of beachheads team once we meet up with them we head to springfield and start the operation: Serpant Payback. So far cobra has not got wind of this operation lets hope they don't.

I finally got word form Footloose that he is apart of another mission that is hunting down cobra as well. I now our mission is more of capture and interagate, while his is find and grab info. We also talked about my last few months. He never knew I was even imprisoned. I explain what happened, and he never knew Destro had that much cunning. We talked about a lot before we left the Airbase in New Mexico. He was sad to here about Dart, Ambush, Skidmark,and My Dusty's Dirt Crew. He was also glad to here my voice and glad too here of the rescue.

Dusty out

04-10-2006, 04:22 PM
It is spring and the smell of conquest is in the air, I am planning an attack on Joe headquarters the Joes are un prepared and weak and an attack now could devastate them drastically. I will lead this attack my self provided Dr. Mindbenders brilliant B.A.T.S protect or flank. This attack will take place 48 hours from this very moment, and will mark the beginning of the end of GI JOE, THIS I COMMAND !.

james strickland
04-12-2006, 10:50 AM
I am headed to TTBP in the Gulf of Mexico with Cutter in a Whale with supples that Torpedo ordered. We also have Keel Haul with us. He wanted to see how TTBP has been handling in the water. My Devil Fish is being driven by Topside. We left the NLC at the repair yards. Our orders are to keep our eyes on Cobra Island. I now Cobra knows the location of the TTBP. I hope Cobra don't thow us a huge curve ball. I was in the cargo bay of the whale to check on Tracker and Rampart. They were okay just as little bored. They been out of action for the last year. I hope they are ready for anything.

Wetsuit out

james strickland
04-12-2006, 11:13 AM
My buddy Outback and me were playing some cards last night, when Footloose came into the tent and informed us that Recondo found a intruder into the camp. I headed out of the tent to were recxondo ws holding a local native that was carring a note with a Symbol of Cobra on it. I gave to Outback to look at. He opened it and read it out loud. It was orders to prepare for the arrival of the supreme leader of Cobra. We resealed the note and told the native not to tell them we are here. I told Crossfire to get a hold of HQ and inform them of what information we have.

Tommorrow we head towards the temple. I hope this hole thing is not a trap. Well I need to get some sleep before I can't be a good brawler.

Its brawling time.
Big Brawler out

04-18-2006, 07:49 PM
Mon Dieu!

Taxes are such a bore. Using Starbucks and Crate & Barrel as legitimate fronts to finance Cobra is busy-body work that takes time away from the gym. I bet that stud Xamot is there right now, getting ripped...and the Baroness. Speaking of my Euro peeps, I saw that quack Mindbender talking to Crystal Ball about "the old country"--as if. The only old country he needs to be discussing is Spice (deoderant for men). Is Crystal Ball still on our payroll?

Time to hit the gym.

P.S. I think I heard the Commander fart during our weekly sales meeting.

james strickland
04-24-2006, 05:39 PM
Today we were about two clicks from the temple. When Recondo stopped all sudden. He pointed out the electric fence and sensor trap. We then back tracked to a good distance. I took out a pair of bicnaculars to see if I could tell if we were spotted our not. I couldn't tell if we were or not.

It's brawling time!

Big Brawler out

The Faceless Master
04-25-2006, 01:06 AM
Journal Audio Entry #3

I feel like so much has been happening, yet nothing for me to write...

CG Captain #41103 ~ aka Cap

The Faceless Master
04-25-2006, 01:10 AM
~ Log 4 ~

It was magnificent watching Firefly do his work
I watched from an undetectable underwater seacraft as Firefly skillfully
& stealthilly entered the USS FLAGG, planted bombs basically under the
inept guards noses, had a powerbar & snuck out
its a work of art, its magnificent ~ altho from what I hear its not his best

I am due to see my shrink in 2hours, maybe i should get back to shore...

Jesse Kwinn Jr, aka Ghost Bear

james strickland
04-26-2006, 09:52 AM
Today on the TTBP is kinda of quiet. The water a little rough do to the weather comming off the coast. We had to send the dragonfly to main land for a while until the water settles down. We had to take the missles to the storage area down under the TTBP. This prevented us from having to dive for them. I hope we make it threw This rough period. The Sharc and Barcuda sub are tied to the dock of the TTBP. The Whale is on patrol of the area so while we are unable to see threw the waves at points. The com controls are protected by a plastic cover that prevents water from damaging the computer componets. Well I glad we have a decent crew here to help out.

Wetsuit out

04-27-2006, 05:10 PM
Entry Passcode: Osiris

Authorization accepted.

Cobra Commander (helmet recording): Arrrgh. Woke up this morning to a pomeranian licking me in the face. Obviously the world's most fearsome terrorist needs to work on his intimidation skills if a seven pound "yapper" dog isn't afraid of him...right?

Well. Where to begin? Have I really been gone so long? So much is happening. What's this I hear about Serpentor? Does this mean I get to take a vacation while that loser does all of the hard work? Hmmmm. I better think about this a bit.

Note to self: If this information is indeed true, then it's now officially Millertime!!

Exit Passcode: Anubis


james strickland
04-27-2006, 07:11 PM
We been made it to springfield no sign of corbra it seems abandon. There are nothing ,but abandon warehouses and others I wonder if somebody found out or litle plan. our if it was bad fropm the begining. Well we decided to search the area and see if its not a trap.

"audio part of log"
I seen nothing in this cobra run town We found a old abandon hiss factory that was empty. We also found a old stinger that ran great so I decided to take for the desert patrol team. It has no weapons so I don't think cobra needs it. VRoom(sounds of dusty starting the engine). As I drive Rapid fire and myself threw the west part of this city we have found nothing, but a abandon city with the remains of damage cobra vehicles and automobles.

dusty out

08-17-2006, 10:58 PM
Dear Diary,

The revolution is coming.

I've been laying low. It's time to come back out of the shadows.


james strickland
08-18-2006, 10:45 PM
The team and me returned two months ago from springfield and we found nothing. After the return I was given a well over due vaction. When I got home, I step out of the cab and looking at my childhood home a tear came to my eye. I pay the cabbie and headed to the door there stood my mother with a huge smile on her face. I have to say one thing that ladys smile could stop cobra in thier traks. That night, I ate the greatest meal in my life. I now Roadblock's food is great, but nothing beats your moms home town cooking. The next day I went with mom to the doctor to see how her health is doing it was amazing that several years ago she was still in a bed today she walking and talking. I can't remeber All my leave at this point but I am ready for anything now.

Dusty out

08-19-2006, 09:58 AM
Dear Diz-izzle,

Fo shizzle my diz-izzle, it's time to wreak some death-izzle on the GI Jizzles. Right after I get through watching BET's commemoration of the Doggfather of rap and hip hop.

Cassie and Jasper the pomeranian send their love via email (I'm currently off Cobra Island right now). The love fern is still apparently in good health.

I left Destro in charge, hopefully he and the Crimson Guard brass can keep things from completely falling apart in my absence. Or maybe not.

I called up Scrap-Iron, Zartan, and Firefly. Basically, I'm annoyed that a couple of Joes escaped my righteous wrath in one of the last escapades we got ourselves embroiled in. Dusty is right at the top of my "to die" list. Why can't I ever remember if his last name is Rudat or Tadur???

So, a nice assassination op is definitely called for on Mr. Tadur. Firefly guarantees he can locate this loser ASAP and we can get the death toll cracking again.

In breaking news...

The Baroness actually told me she was considering breast reduction surgery today! Something about how her bra strap really cuts into her back and makes her neck ache and blah blah blah. Needless to say, I told her it would be a complete travesty if she went through with this. I'll have Cassie just prescribe her some Percocets and all will be well with the world.

Note to self: Destro owes me. Big time.

So. After a few Robert Frost readings (including a masque and sixteen poems), I was all ready for a couple of steaks and much beer.

The swimming pool is calling my name, Diary. I'll let you know what gives with Firefly later.

Yours ever so truly,

Cobra Commander. Izzle.

james strickland
08-19-2006, 07:31 PM
I been busy in the jungle around this temple. We have never notice any patrols out here. I figure there is a minefield or something on the other side of this electric fence. Recond thinks we should put a stick or something in the electric path to see whats going on. I think I am going to step in there and see what's going up. The guys look at me like I am stupid, but I am the brawler man I ain't afraid of nothing. So I step across the line and a bunch of bats start coming out of the ground. I was lucky I had my friends here with me. We started wasting them like they were junk. After a couple thousand destroyed bats I notest we were close to a side door to the temple so I signal and we headed for it. Once we made it inside our problems got worse but nothing we couldn't handle it just was a bunch of blueshirts with miss firing weapons we went thru them with no problem. After that we head for the generator room and set around of explosives thier and in the ammo room.
to escape we stole a cobra troop chopter. Foot loose was able to get some on info on the temple. It seems it was a training facility well the intel guys will like waht we have in this chopter though.

big brawler out

james strickland
08-19-2006, 07:45 PM
I step out of my bunk this morning only to dive back in avoiding bullets. I was able to pull the alarm in my bunk to alert Law and Mutt plus the other security on base. I never figure good ol' junk yard and order2 could find who was shoting at me. By the time we were done with our serch. We were able to capture ghost bear. It seems like I will be bunking in the main bulding for a while. I am probly stuck at base for awhile too.
dusty out.

09-16-2006, 11:38 AM
Dearest Diary,

I have been so lonely lately. The days have all been overcast, but no rain or lightning. Work is hard and there is no end to all of the things I have to do. Sometimes I just wish it was 1984 again. Cassie and Jasper are well, but I haven't spoken to either of them in quite some time. Maybe later. She did just teach me a neat trick that you can do with strawberries...;)

Firefly managed to find Dusty's house. Perhaps I should have Scrap-Iron fire a rocket in through the front door and blow the place to splinters?

Note to self: Huh huh huh. Huh huh huh. I said "blow."

I'm sure Dusty wouldn't mind the death of his beloved mother...and it would make it easy to locate and kill him after a cool trauma like that.

Destro phoned in early this morning to tell me something about some new satellite with "laser guided photo-optic" widgets that would help us "destroy GI Joe once and for all." I'm all ears. Maybe this satellite could be the beginning of something new for Cobra? About time the Scotsman got off his macduff and cranked out something useful again. He's probably just grateful that I conned the Baroness into NOT having that reduction surgery. Hee hee hee. "All's fair in love and war."

The idiotic UN keeps playing right into my hands. I just love it when stupid and impotent rich people get together and basically do nothing except condemn the United States. Mwahahaha. Soon the world will be safe for ruthless terrorist organizations determined to rule the world.

Note to self: Attend the Trilateral Commission meeting on Thursday.

In other groundbreaking news that is much more interesting than anything ABC or CNN has played in the past fourteen years, I had some great flavors of Coffeemate the other day! The first I tried was French Vanilla and another was Creme Brulee. Yum. Mmmm....coffee. Sweet, sweet nectar of the gods!

Been reading more Robert Frost. I approve. Dude was a freakin' genius.

So. That about wraps things up for the evening, Diary. Nothing much to report out here lately. I'll be sure to keep you updated as things progress on this Dusty situation. Tele-Vipers are sending me some new info on a Joe agent named Big Brawler. Who is Big Brawler? I'll have to go send someone or other to scope this fool out.

Yours ever so truly,

Cobra Commander

james strickland
09-20-2006, 06:11 PM
I justy got word that my house I grew up in just got blown up with my mom inside. I got leave to go to her funneral I have my friend footloose going with me and Rockroll. I have a feeling Cobra is behind this, but I have no proof. We are going to leave for Texas in the morning. I know I see the rest of my family we we get thier.
dusty out

03-19-2007, 11:09 PM
I can't believe it, that Lunatic Cobra Commander has somehow tracked me down. Apparently I have a bomb imbedded in my skull and if I don't come back to work for him, he'll blow my head up. Ah if only I didn't have to go, I've got a good job as the manager of this Starbuck's and a giant pile of Viper's Gone Wild DVDs at home. I thought for sure after Firefly sank Cobra Island I could just disappear for good.

Well at least Serpentor's not still in charge. That guy bugged me. I wonder if the Baroness will be around. I could stare at that leather clad goddess forever.

Viper 697 "Chipmunk Cheeks" signing off.

james strickland
03-24-2007, 08:44 PM
I have been stuck with this Major Barrage who thinks he a big military jock who could take cobra on his own. I told him if he keeps that attitude hawk will send him to the slaughter house. He laugh until I took him to Falcon and had him tell him of huis experince there. Barrage was not ready to hear that so we left for the training area to see the new recruits that were arriving in two hours.
well its brawling time
big brawler out.

04-06-2007, 10:52 AM
Thats it I gotta have a talk with Gen. Hawk.

It's not bad enough that I seem to be the pilot for every mission around here. Now they gave me this new uniform that makes me look like a scout master, and want me to LRRP again. No way I'll resign first.

I don't know when I'll have time anyway, between flying the C-130 for ol'e snake's night time assault, then coming back to Mcguire, (eight hr. round trip btw, don't they know there are rest requirments) then jumping in the Tomahawk with that Oakie lift-ticket to drop off the recon team. them I gotta high tail it back and jump in the Dragonfly (thank goodness finally in my ol steed) with Airborn and fly support for Steeler and Cross Country on an armor strike on the Jersey shore.

I just dont' know when I'll get to work on my new country song "helicopters full of tear".

james strickland
04-25-2007, 07:49 PM
I am going on a mission with Torpedo, wetdown, tracker,and shipwreck. We are heading in to a mission of recon. We had to bring in the TTBP for check up so Admiral keel haul thought we could use our land skills for a while. While at hq I talked to old leatherhead he and gung ho were getting ready to head out with the rest of the joe marines for some type of training or something. I don't know why I talk to leatherneck we always end up spending time in the brig for a couple of days.
wetsuit out

james strickland
04-25-2007, 08:06 PM
I caught two cobra solders following to the rifle grounds today. If cobra trying to do somthing with me they are going to have to get up ealier then me or so. They seem to be two of cobra commanders top agents. I got a holed of these two with the good old brawling time.
well it's brawling time.
big brawler out

05-16-2007, 10:20 AM
So, I'm flying top cover for Lift-ticket yesterday, he was dusting off the advanced recon team off of C.I. When the whole world erupted in red tracer rounds. Leatherneck caught one right in the buttocks.

So Airborn and I go down to the deck and Sgt. Talltree opens up with the ol' chin gun. He got that "Far-seeing look" the guys think is so spooky, I think he's just day dreaming because he didn't hit jack.

What a Cluster "you know what". Gung-Ho tripped jumping on the Tomahawk and blooped a grenade about three feet from my tail roter.Low light was popping snakes at about 150 yrds from the door of the moving tomahawk. Roadblock was laying down the law with the Ma duece. Lt. Falcon was the last man in the bird, draging Leatherneck the whole way, shoot,drag, shoot.
My canopy was shattered and the post flight insp. showed 362 new wholes in the DF. the Tomahawk made it back to the Flagg smoking and the rear rotor was just about to leave the chopper.

GREAT FUN. I love my job.:D

james strickland
05-20-2007, 10:45 PM
I have been out for a while been busy trying to figure out what to do about what is left of my family home in texas. Well I decied to come back to work after I got every thing under control. At least the rest of my family is know in hiding and I am glad for that. I made an appointment to talk to psyc-out for a while also going to talk about what I been threw for the last few months. I am stuck on the base and I am alos stuck in the with a escort were ever I go Today was mutt and junkyard was my escort. Well at least if I am in a building I am safe. I been giving a room with out windows. Falcon is keeping a close watch on me and that goof ball Big bawler. I don't know what I did to Cobra but I can't wait until this is clear because cobra has a big butt kicking coming to him.
dusty out

11-17-2007, 09:18 PM
Dear Diary,

Holy smokes! I can't believe how The Sopranos ended! Hillary Clinton is still in the running for President of the United States? There's a new Transformers movie? Whatever happened to Gutstheberserker?

What happened to Forca Fera, Python Patrol, Street Fighter, and what's up with this "25th anniversary" gig?

Am I really that old?

I think I need to play the Star Wars arcade game for about sixteen hours to get back in touch with my inner child.

Yours in shock,


11-18-2007, 09:09 PM
I really don't know what's going on with Cobra Commander lately... I've been trying to read his mind but he keeps using that blocking device that Dr. Mindbender created...

I'm afraid that his unorthodox behaviour will lead the Cobra Organization to ruin... we got to have a backup plan if that happens...

I think he might be getting old...

I'll try to find out more... the future of Cobra hangs in balance

-Crystal Ball-

11-24-2007, 08:27 AM
Dear Diary,

Oy! It snowed in Pittsburgh last night and every conspicuous individual in the state of Pennsylvania decided to have stroke-like symptoms and come to the local Cobra ER. I need at least 15 bottles of Beck's to recuperate from this.

And speaking of Pittsburgh...what's up with the Browns anyways? They didn't really think they were gonna win right? Right? No one from Ohio ever won anything that I can think of.

Was watering that "love fern" that my girlfriend gave me and a couple of Siegies wandered in and wanted to get early Christmas bonuses for Black Firday shopping with their wives. I told 'em to bring me a month's supply of Starbuck's Vanilla frappuchino and I would consider it. I hate those d*** lawyers. Why did I have to make most of the Crimson Guardsmen accountants, bankers, stockbrokers, and lawyers?

Note to self: Recruit more doctors, nurses, and health care professionals for the Crimson Guard. At least they can work the local Cobra ER during their down time. And everyone will get a free flu shot.

Is it just me or are the Devil's Due comics getting much better?

Why is Crystal Ball still wearing an open shirt and fur?

Aren't these 25th Anniversary figures sweet?

Until next time dear diary, hugs and kisses.


11-27-2007, 12:45 AM
Dear diary,

Danger ahead!!! According to my powerful mind powers Cobra Commander is about to do something terribly wrong... recruiting nurses and doctors as Cobra Officers! What kind of people are those?

How does he dare to recruit people that have been trained to take care of other people's health??? We need true soldiers & specialists here... men motivated by the desire to conquer the world... after all that is our purpose. How can we achieve that with nurses fighting alongside us!?

I don't know what to do... Should I let everyone else know about this?

Is CC suspecting that I'm getting into his thoughts??? I hope not...

Until next time, this is Crystal Ball....


james strickland
01-01-2008, 12:31 PM
I have been working with the some greenshierts training them how to drive our desert vehicles in the sand. I havealso heard that I might get a new team to train.
dusty out

james strickland
09-11-2009, 01:23 AM
i been busy working with the upgrades on the new flagg and others

wetsuit out