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06-03-2004, 03:46 PM
I'm looking for the following items:

Torpedo's accessories
Blowtorch's accessories
Roadblock's accessories
Tripwire's landmines
Lady Jay's backpack
Scrap Iron's red rockets
Firefly's backpack door
Shipwreck's rope weapon
Airtight's accessories
Barbeque's axe
Crimson Guard accessories
Snow Serpent accessories
Wet Suit's accessories
Serpentor's cape
Law's accessories
Psyche Out's accessories
Falcon's attenna
Crazyleg's ripcord? (little black piece)
Crystal Ball's disc
Raptor's bird
Fastdraw's white trigger
Hit and Run's climbing back and knife

Willing to buy or trade. If you want to trade, please send trade list.

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Also looking for Stun flags, Alpha Checkpoint parts, Zartan's sled, and ASP sticker set.

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major- bluddloss
06-03-2004, 08:23 PM
ive got a blowtorch pack for ya heres my want list

-82 Flash/ straight R arm, helmet, clear visor, laser, backpack )pack and laser pending

-87 Law and order/ blk uzi

-86 Dialtone/ backpack w/ mic

-88 Shockwave/ blue pistol

-Hit & run v1/ crotch, both arms,

-Lift ticket/ mic

-85 Barbecue/ nozzle

-Windmill/ pistol

-83 Duke/ crotch, gun, helmet, binnoculars

-Chuckles/ gun

-86 Lowlight/ uzi, bipod

-Ice viper/ sais x2, helmet

-86 BAT/ all hand accessories

-89 Viper/ rifle

-91 Psyche out (sonic fighter)/ all accessories

-92 Bulletproof (DEF)/ all accessories

-90 Sonic fighter viper/ gold pistol, gold machine pistol, gold mortar, legs, pivot

-TARGAT/ grey pistol

-Windchill/ skis

-87Techno viper all accessories


-Tiger cat/ , red ski missles x2, back hatch cover,

-Mountain howitzer/ tripod, shells x2 ammo box

-Sky patrol shy hawk/ L tail fin

-JUMP/ blaster, hose

-Tiger paw/ body,rubber fenders

-MANTA/ backpack

-Outpost defender/ short support beam M16 w/o bayonet

-CLAW/ inferno missles X2

LMK if you can help with anything

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06-04-2004, 02:12 AM
I may have Flash's pack or the Jump Blaster. Is Blowtorch's pack in good condition and yellow in color? Can you send along a picture?