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Sniper Viper
07-04-2004, 07:21 PM
All items below are for trade only. Please refer to my Wantlist in the Wanted Forum. If you have any questions about an individual item or items from my lists, please ask, as I will be happy to answer all questions. If you do not see a figure's accessory listed by year, refer to the middle of this page for the combined section, for accessories that have more than one possible owner. Also, please check back from time to time, as I will be updating often.


GI Joe Weapons & Accessories


Breaker --- backpack X3

Flash --- rifle (no cord)

Rock N Roll --- machinegun X2

Short Fuze --- launcher X4, bipod X2 (1 broken in half, 1 missing bottom portion)

Zap --- backpack X2


Airborne/Duke --- backpack

Cobra Commander --- pistol

Destro --- backpack X3 (1 w/ scuffs)

Gung Ho --- backpack X2 (1 w/ fading)

Major Bludd --- backpack X2, pistol

Snow Job --- backpack X3, ski pole, pair of skis (yellowing, dented)

Torpedo --- backpack (paint-wear)

Tripwire --- backpack

Duke --- binoculars


Blowtorch --- backpack X2, helmet X2, flamethrower (no hose or stock)

Firefly --- backpack

Mutt --- helmet X4

Recondo --- backpack X2, rifle

Ripcord --- backpack (broken strap), air-mask

Roadblock --- backpack X4 (2 w/ broken tab), backpack bottom, gun X2, tripod

Scrap Iron --- pistol X3, missile (w/ broken tip), launcher housing, launcher swivel, launcher controller

Spirit --- backpack, rifle (broken barrel), eagle (no legs)

Storm Shadow --- backpack X3

Zartan --- backpack X3, mask X2, chest armor (faded watermark)


Airtight --- back pack X3 (1 w/ broken peg), gun

Alpine --- pickaxe, gun, grapple (broken)

Barbecue --- backpack X2, axe X2

Bazooka --- backpack X3

Buzzer --- backpack X3, blade

Crimson Guard --- backpack X5 (solid, not hollow version)

Dusty --- backpack X2

Eels --- backpack X2, flipper X2

Flint --- backpack X2

Footloose --- backpack X3, helmet

Lady Jaye --- backpack X3 (1 w/ silver painted bucles), gun (broken strap)

Quick Kick --- backpack X3

Ripper --- rifle, backpack X3, cutter X3 (1 w/ broken tab)

Snake Eyes --- backpack X5 (1 w/ broken tab), Timber (broken back left leg)

Snow Serpent --- pouch X3 (broken straps), bazooka stand (broken), rifle, bazooka X3

Torch --- backpack X3, torch

Crankcase --- rifle

Heavy Metal --- gun (no strap)

Accessory Pack #3 --- tan backpack (Recondo)


BAT --- backpack X4 (1 w/ broken peg & back peg)

Beach Head --- backpack X3, pouch X2 (broken straps)

Dial-Tone --- backpack X2 (broken mic)

Dr. Mindbender --- pistol X2, tazer X2, container X5

Hawk --- backpack X3 (1 brownish/green), helmet X3

Iceberg --- rifle X3

Leatherneck --- backpack X6, rifle

Lifeline --- backpack X3 (1 w/ broken antenna), case X5 (1 w/ fading, 1 w/ paint-wear), air-mask, pistol X2

Lowlight --- backpack X6

Mainframe --- backpack X2, case X2

Sci-Fi --- backpack X5 (1 w/ broken hose peg, 1 w/ broken rack peg)

Viper --- rifle (chewed barrel tip)

Wetsuit --- sled X6, backpack X5, light X4 (2 w/ broken strap), flipper X2

Zandar --- rifle X4

Zarana --- rifle X2

Serpentor --- hood X3, snake, dagger X2


Big Boa --- punching bag X3, stand, right glove (paint-wear)

Chuckles --- holster X2

Cobra Commander --- backpack X4, pistol X2

Crazy Legs --- parachute X2, rifle X2 (1 w/ broken barrel)

Croc Master --- leash, whip

Crystal Ball --- shield (broken handle)

Falcon --- backpack X5 (1 w/ broken knife holder)

Fast Draw --- backpack, missile X3, trigger X2, visor (stress marks & glue marks)

Golobulus --- gun (broken handle)

Jinx --- backpack, staff

Law --- Order (K-9)

Nemesis Enforcer --- backpack (broken back peg)

Outback --- backpack X4, harness X2

Psyche-Out --- head antenna (broken), backpack X2, handheld unit X2, handheld unit dish X2, wrist-pack X2, wrist-pack dish X2

Raptor --- backpack X2 (1 w/ ripped hand-hole) falcon (no legs)

Red Dog --- backpack X2

Sneak Peek --- periscope X2, periscope handle X2, periscope clip X2, binoculars

Taurus --- backpack X3, rifle

Techno Viper --- backpack, wrench

Tunnel Rat --- backpack X2, rifle

WORMS --- helmet (no antenna)

Zanzibar --- hammer, pistol X2

Avalanche (BF2000) --- rifle X2

Blocker (BF 2000) --- rifle X2

Knockdown (BF 2000) --- helmet

Maverick (BF 2000) --- rifle

Steel Brigade --- small rifle X2 (broken barrel), large rifle (broken but included barrel & bayonet)

Accessory Pack #5 --- cream backpack (Beachhead), brown backpack (Lifeline)


Astro Viper --- helmet, backpack (1 broken hose peg), backpack arm X2 (1 w/ broken handle), backpack laser

Blizzard --- helmet (dirty), backpack X2, ski X3

Budo --- backpack X2 (1 w/ broken sword tabs on one side)

Charbroil --- helmet, flamethrower

Hardball --- backpack X2

Hit & Run --- duffle bag no hook, rope or handle (broken strap)

Hydro Viper --- helmet (broke snorkel pegs), knife X2, stingray X2 (1 w/ broken tail), backpack

Iron Grenadiers --- pistol, sword (broken handle)

Lightfoot --- robot (w/ hologram)

Repeater --- gun, backpack X2, stabilizing arm

Road Pig --- arm shield X2, crossbow, concrete hammer

Shockwave --- backpack X2, gun, knife, pistol

Spearhead --- backpack, knife, bobcat X2, rifle (broken but included bayonet – missing strap)

Storm Shadow --- backpack X2 (1 w/ broken sword tabs)

Toxo-Viper --- helmet, gun X2, backpack

Voltar --- backpack, gun

Bazooka (TF) --- backpack (2 broken bazooka shells)

Flint (TF) --- backpack

Recondo (TF) --- backpack, rifle

Super Trooper --- shield

Accessory Pack #6 --- blue backpack (Tele Viper)


Alley Viper --- gun

Annihilator --- backpack X3 (1 w/ yellowing, broken rotor housing & right handle), chopper swivel, gun, backpack handle X2, backpack gun

Countdown --- helmet, backpack X2 (no hook, weight, or string), backpack outer half

Dee-Jay --- backpack X3, shotgun

Deep Six --- helmet X2, backpack (broken)

Downtown --- backpack X2, helmet X2, mortar tripod X2, mortar handle, mortar shell

Frag Viper --- backpack X2 (1 w/ broken grenade pin), waist-piece (broken crotch)

Gnawgahyde --- hat (dirty), bipod, machette (chewed blade)

HEAT Viper --- backpack X4 (broken X2), bazooka X3 (1 w/ broken tube peg)

Night Viper --- gun, backpack X6 (5 w/ broken antenna)

Recoil --- backpack, double-gun X2, rifle, backpack antenna, case X4

Rock N Roll --- backpack X2, rifle X2, mini-gun X4 (1 w/ broken handle)

Scoop --- helmet X3, backpack, camera X2

Snake Eyes --- blowgun X2, backpack X2 (1 w/ broken sword pegs)

Stalker --- facemask (dirty), backpack X3, rifle X2, kayak arm, kayak gun, knife

TARGAT --- jet pack (fading), jet pack inner half (broken figure peg)

Hot Seat --- helmet

Windchill --- pair of skis


Ambush --- backpack, camo net

Bullhorn --- mask, backpack, rifle receiver, rifle scope, bullhorn amplifier

Capt. Grid Iron --- backpack, rifle X2, pistol, football X2, missile X10, armpad

Freefall --- helmet, mouthpiece, backpack

Laser Viper --- backpack X3 --- (1 w/ broken handle peg, 1 w/ broken hose pegs, 1 w/ broken handle & hose pegs), laser X2, laser swivel

Metal Head --- helmet X2, backpack frame X2, backpack launcher, missile X8, leg launcher X4

Night Creeper --- curved sword X2, barbed sword X3, crossbow X3 (1 w/ no stock), backpack X3 (2 w/ broken sword tabs)

Pathfinder --- weed-eater X2, blade X2, gun X2

Rampart --- launcher

Range Viper --- backpack

Rock Viper --- rifle X2, pistol, grapple hook, backpack (no hook, 2 broken missile tips)

Salvo --- mine layer, mine X5, helmet

SAW Viper --- backpack

Stretcher --- backpack X2, antenna, sled windshield (no pegs)

Sub-zero --- backpack X2 (1 w/ yellowing), launcher X2, launcher base, snow shoe X3

Topside --- helmet, gun, missile X6, backpack X3, backpack stand X3

Undertow --- flipper, sled (broken left handle), barracuda

Decimator --- helmet (has pink blotches)

Dial-Tone (SF) --- backpack (no battery cover), grenade launcher X2 (1 w/ no grenade drum)

Dodger (SF) --- shotgun (Dee-Jay type weapon)

Law (SF) --- rifle (Roadblock type)

Tunnel Rat (SF) --- missile launcher

Viper (SF) --- rifle X2, mortar tube X2, machine gun X2

Static Line (SP) --- helmet


BAT II --- missile, backpack

Big Ben --- grenade bag (w/ strap)

Cobra Commander --- glider body, glider launcher, glider bipod X2

Crimson Guard Immortal --- backpack, launcher/gun combo

Desert Scorpion --- backpack X2 (both w/ hook), missile rack (broken hose peg), gun X3

Dusty --- backpack X3

Gen. Hawk --- helmet (no faceplate)

Grunt --- missile launcher X2, bipod X2, missile, helmet

Heavy Duty --- backpack (eyepiece broken in hole)

Incinerator --- backpack X2 (broken hose pegs), launcher, launcher base, ball

Mercer --- missile launcher, backpack X2, small rifle, large rifle

Red Star --- missile launcher

Sci-Fi --- helmet, missile launcher, missile X2

Snake Eyes --- sword X3, gun X4, hook X3, backpack

Snow Serpent --- snowboard X2, backpack X3 (1 w/ broken hose peg), missile launcher X2, missile

Tracker --- submachine gun

Cloudburst --- machine gun X2

Mjr. Altitude --- helmet

Gen. Hawk (TBC) --- rifle

Overkill (TBC) --- backpack, chest plate (broken hinge)

Cesspool (ECO) --- helmet X3 (1 w/ paint-wear, 1 w/ missing respirator), backpack w/ water tank X2, water gun w/ hose X2, chainsaw X2

Flint (ECO) --- rifle, helmet

Sludge Viper (ECO) --- water cannon assembly (2 pc.)

Sludge/Toxo-Viper (ECO) --- backpack X3, rifle

Toxo-Viper (ECO) --- water cannon assembly (2 pc.)

Psyche-Out (SF) ---backpack

Road Pig (SF) --- rifle X2, double barreled gun

Zap (SF) --- laser rifle (w/ barrel cover) X2, bazooka, laser pistol, helmet


Big Bear --- backpack, missile launcher, missile, missile w/ clamp

Destro --- disc launcher, disc X4

Duke --- missile launcher

Firefly --- rifle (wear on handle), spinner housing

Flak viper --- missile

Wetsuit --- rifle X2, mask

Wild Bill --- missile launcher X2, hat

Dice (NJF) --- staff X2, axe X2

Dojo (NJF) --- sickle

Nunchuk (NJF) --- nunchuk X2, sword

Slice (NJF) --- knife X2, sword

Storm Shadow (NJF) --- sword

T’jbang (NJF) --- double-bladed sword X2, sword X3

Bullet Proof (DEF) --- missile launcher, backpack

Headhunter (DEF) --- missile

Headman (DEF) --- missile launcher, missile, rifle

Mutt (DEF) --- missile launcher

Shockwave (DEF) --- missile launcher

Cutter (DEF) --- gun

Toxo-Zombie (ECO) --- cannon pin

Ninja Viper --- sword X2


Alley Viper --- missile launcher, missile, shield

Bazooka --- missile

Beach Head --- rifle

Cobra Commander --- missile

Crimson Guard Commander --- flamethrower

Cross Country --- backpack

Cyber Viper --- machine gun X2, missile

Dr. Mindbender --- knife

Duke/ Gung Ho/ Clutch/ Ozone --- rifle (Grunt v2 type)

Flak Viper --- backpack, rifle

Headhunter Stormtroopers --- missile X2

HEAT Viper --- machine gun

Iceberg --- missile launcher, missile X3

Law --- missile X2

Leatherneck - missile launcher

Long Arm --- missile

Mace --- handgun

Mirage --- missile launcher

Muskrat --- pistol ,rifle (Ambush type)

Night Creeper Leader --- missile launcher X2, sword X3, arm shield X2, battle stand X2, knife, crossbow, missile

Payload --- rifle (Ambush type – orange), gun (broken handle – orange), battle stand (red)

Snow Storm --- rifle (Bullhorn type), machine gun, pistol

Snow Storm --- battle stand (tan)

TARGAT --- missile

Countdown (SB) --- missile launcher

Banzai (NJF) --- axe, long sword, short sword, knife, dual-pronged weapon X2

Bushido (NJF) --- sickle (silver painted blade)

Night Creeper (NJF) --- bow, long sword

Snake Eyes (NJF) --- claw X2, long sword, short sword, broad sword, knife, nunchuk

Zartan (NJF) --- bow X2, long sword, short sword, sickle, knife

Blanka (S-F) --- missile

Guile (S-F) --- missile X2

E. Honda (S-F) --- battle stand

M. Bison (S-F) --- pistol X2

Vega (S-F) --- knife


Metal Head --- missile launcher, missile X2, rifle, pistol

Shipwreck --- missile launcher

Viper --- missile X2

Roadblock (SB) --- missile launcher

Rock N Roll (SB) --- helmet w/ faceplate

Action Marine --- boat hull assembly (2 pc.)

Action Pilot --- rifle X2, pistol X2

Action Sailor (orange) --- sled, missile launcher, missile, harpoon gun

Action Soldier --- pistol X3


Zap/ Short Fuze --- backpack


Firefly --- backpack, backpack cover, rifle, walkie-talkie, battle stand

Torpedo --- rifle

Wetsuit --- backpack, sled


Rock Viper --- bazooka, bazooka shell


Cobra Commander --- battle stand, backpack, uzi

Destro --- battle stand X2, gun X3 (1 w/ wear to grip)

Leatherneck --- rifle, knife

Sure Fire --- helmet

Zartan --- rifle, bipod, backpack, ammo belt, mask X2


Big Ben --- machine gun X2, rifle X2, grenade X4, pouch X2, battle stand X2

Blowtorch --- back pack X2, black hose X2, rifle X2, mask w/ hose X2, pistol X2, blowtorch X2

Cobra Commander --- staff, pistol, gun, backpack

Frostbite --- pair of skis, pair of ski poles, rifle, machine gun w/ stock, backpack

Heavy Duty (tan) --- backpack X3, machine gun X3, tripod X3, pistol X3

Heavy Duty (green) --- machine gun, tripod, pistol, backpack

Mirage --- machine gun X2, black rifle X2, silver rifle X2, battle stand X2

Serpentor --- cape X2, snake X2, hood X2, battle stand X2, knife X2

Sideswipe --- sled, sled handle, sled windshield

Wetsuit --- harpoon gun X2, backpack X2, pair of flippers X2, mask X2, flashlight X2

Crimson Tomax/ Xamot --- machine gun


Cobra Commander (SPY) --- staff, rifle, backpack, pistol

Recondo (SPY) --- shotgun, rifle

Ripper (SPY) --- rifle, backpack, uzi

Roadblock (SPY) --- mini-gun, mini-gun bracket, ammo box, ghillie suit

Sgt. Airborne (SPY) --- harness X3, backpack X3, chest-plate X3, helmet X3, rifle X3, pistol X3

Various 2003 Spytroops figures --- yellow ghillie suit X5, brown ghillie suit X3

Major Bludd (PP) --- laser pistol X2, laser rifle X2


Agent Scarlett (VvV) --- crossbow, arrow, bow, backpack, sword, sheath, wrist-pack

Alpine (VvV) --- rope, rifle, wrist-pack, hook w/ rope, pistol

Beach Head (VvV) --- rifle, wrist-pack, knife

Snake Eyes (VvV) --- sword, sheath, wrist-pack, nunchuk assembly (3 pc.), machine gun

Storm Shadow(VvV) --- knife X2, sword, sheath

Recondo (VvV) (comic 3-pk) --- pistol X2, rifle X2, uzi X2

Wild Bill (Tiger Storm Copter 3 pack) (VvV) --- helmet X2

Tiger Storm Copter (Tiger Storm Copter 3 pack) (VvV) --- complete X2

Duke (VvV) (Wal-Mart exclusive) --- missile launcher, missile, gun

Gung Ho (VvV) (Wal-Mart exclusive) --- missile launcher, missile, backpack, pistol, rifle, knife

Roadblock (VvV) (Wal-Mart exclusive) --- missile launcher, missile, mini-gun, mini-gun bracket, ammo box


Rifles & Pistols


Machine Gun --- Alley Viper v1, v2

Uzi Gun X6 --- Snake Eyes v1, v2, v7, v8, Steeler, Claymore, Blizzard v2, Cobra Commander v10, v11, v12

M-11 Submachine Gun --- Stalker v1, v6, Duke v2 (TF), v7, Viper v4

FAMAS Sub-machine Gun X2 (1 w/ missing rail) --- Dusty v1, v2 (TF)

M-16 X2 --- Footloose v1, v2 (SM), Sneak peek v1, v2 (NF)

Sniper Rifle --- Low-Light v1, v2 (SM), Rapid Deployment Force

Machine Gun X7 (2 w/ distorted barrel, 1 w/ broken grip) --- Hit & Run, Roadblock v4 (post recall), v5, Cross Country v2, Snow Serpent v3, Flint v4, Shipwreck v2, v4, Rapid Deployment Force

Assault Rifle X2 --- Windchill v1, v2

M-203 Attack Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher X3 --- Copperhead v2 (PP), Dusty v7, v8, Razor Claw

Rifle X3 --- Ambush, Flint v4, Sidetrack v1, v2, Cobra Commander v11, v12, Frostbite v4, v6

Assault Rifle X2 (1 w/ broken barrel) --- Bullhorn, Cross Country v2, Roadblock v4 (post recall), v5, Shipwreck v2

Sub-Machine Gun X2 --- Dial-Tone v3, Alley Viper v2, v4, Blowtorch v2

Laser Rifle --- Lampreys v2 (SF), Duke v6 (SB), Predacon

M-16 Attack Rifle w/Scope X5 (wear to grip on all) --- Frostbite v1, v2 (TF)

Rifle X2 --- Big Ben v1, v4, Flint v4, Gung Ho v8, v9, v12, Mirage v2, Big Brawler v2

Soviet AK-103 Assault Rifle X2 --- Red Star, Colonel Brekhov, Big Brawler, Agent Scarlett v1, v2, Crimson Viper, Storm Shadow v9, Sure Fire v2, Dial Tone v7

Machine Gun --- General Flagg v1, v2

Heavy Machine Gun --- Gung Ho v3, v4, v7, G.I. Joe

Silenced Machine Gun --- Backblast v2, Heavy Duty v2, Countdown v3

Silenced Submachine Gun --- Duke v4, Gung Ho v5, Clutch v3, Ozone v2, v3, Stalker v5

Laser Rifle --- Guile (S-F), Laser Viper v2, Neo Viper v1, v2

Laser Rifle --- Cobra Commander v5 (TBC), v9

Rifle (magazine on top) --- Leatherneck v3, Low-light v4

Rifle (looks like grenade launcher) --- Leatherneck v3, Low-light v4

Supressed Machine Gun --- Dodger v2, Crimson Guard Commander

Flamethrower X2 (1 w/ broken barrel tip)--- Charbroil v2 (NF), Dial-Tone v3 (SF), Shock Viper

Ingram Mac-11 --- Mutt v1, v2 (SM)

Pistol X10 (1 w/ broken grip, 1 w/ heavy damage) --- Tomax v1, v2, Xamot v1, v2, Alley Viper v5, Big Brawler v2

Sub-machine Gun --- Low Light v1, v2 (SM), Claymore (some variants), Law & Order, Ace v3, Kamakura

Pistol --- Psyche-Out v1, v2 (NF)

Handgun X4 --- Shockwave v2 (NF), Roadblock v4 (post recall), v5, v9, Cross Country v2, Shipwreck v2, v4, Predacon, Action Soldier (boxed set), Dart v2

Pistol X2 --- Leatherneck v3, Low Light v4

9mm Pistol --- Cobra Officer v2, Cobra Trooper, Dusty v4, Sure Fire v1, v2, Beach Head v4, Blowtorch v2, Duke v9, v10, Firefly v6, Headman v2, Heavy Duty v4, v5, v7, Neo-Viper Commander, Flint v8


Laser Gun X2 --- Sci-Fi v2, v3, Destro v4

Sub-machine Gun --- Law & Order v4, Sure Fire, Cobra CLAWS v1, v2, Crimson Baroness, Roadblock v8, Snake Eyes v10, v11, v15, v16


Submachine Gun X3 --- Blizzard, Iceberg v2

Pistol X2 --- Blizzard, Iceberg v2


Submachine Gun --- Cobra Commander v4, Hawk v2 (mail-in versions)


Shotgun --- Dr. Mindbender v2, Lobotomaxx

Pistol X3 --- Beach Head v2, v3


Rifle --- Wild Bill v2, v3

Swords, Knives, & Martial Arts Weapons


Knife X2 --- Falcon, Lt. Falcon v2 (NF)

Machete --- Spearhead & Max v2 (NF), Ken Masters (S-F), Shock Viper

Knife --- Backblast v2, Heavy Duty v2, Countdown v3


Knife --- Hit & Run, Spirit v4 (IAF)


Machette --- Iceberg v2, Frostbite v3

Knife --- Iceberg v2, Snow Storm v1, v2

Sword --- Storm Shadow v3 (NJF), Bushido (NJF)



Backpack X2 --- Mercer, Footloose v2 (SM)

Backpack --- Alley Viper v1, v2

Backpack --- Tele-Viper v1, v2 (PP)

Backpack --- Viper v1, v2 (PP), v5, Crimson Viper

Backpack --- Big Bear, Lt. Gorky, Big Brawler, Alley Viper v5

Backpack --- Gung Ho v3, v4, v7, Crimson Baroness, Sgt. Stalker v1, v2, Sure Fire v2, Wet Suit v9, Snake Eyes v15, v16, Dial-Tone v7


Helicopter Assault Trooper Backpack X2 --- Steel Brigade, Duke v2 (TF)


Helicopter Assault Trooper Backpack X2 --- Airborne, Duke


Backpack --- Wild Bill v2, v3

Helmets, Headgear, Facemasks, & Visors


Facemask X3 --- Mutt v1, v2 (SM)

Helmet --- Low Light v3, v4, v5

Visor --- Low Light v3, v4, v5


Helmet --- Barricade v1, v2

Battle Stands & Boards


Battle Stand X17 --- various figures


Battle Stand --- Bazooka v3, HEAT Viper v2, Colonel Courage


Battle Stand --- Snow Storm v1, v2, Bushido


Battle Stand --- Eel v3, Long Arm, Viper v4


Battle Stand X2 --- Beach Head v2, v3, Dr. Mindbender v2, Law v3, BAAT, Countdown v2


Battle Stand --- Dhalsim (S-F), Blanka (S-F)

Spring-Loaded Missile Launchers & Missiles


Missile Launcher --- Gung Ho v3, v4

Missile Launcher --- Beach Head v2, v3

Missile X2 --- Roadblock v4, v5 Cross Country v2


Missile Launcher X3 --- Barricade v1, v2


Missile Launcher --- Alley Viper v2, Viper v4

Missile X2 --- Barricade v1, v2

Missile --- Beach Head v2, v3


Missile --- Headman, Mutt & Junkyard v4

Missile X2 (1 broken) --- Robo-Joe, Roadblock v6, v7

Animals & Misc. Accessories


Bazooka X2 --- Bazooka, TF Bazooka

Mine Detector (dark gray) X3 (2 w/ broken wire) --- Tripwire v1, v3 (TF), v4

Fire Extinguisher Nozzle --- Barbecue v1, v2 (SM)

Leash X3 (1 w/ broken handle loop) --- Mutt v1, v2 (SM)

Nightstick (frayed rope) --- Mutt v1, v2 (SM)

Dog (Junkyard) X2 --- Mutt

Communications Scanner (broken hose peg) --- Tele-Viper v1, v2 (PP), Dr. Mindbender v4

Ammo Belt X2 --- Red Star, Colonel Brekhov

Antenna --- Red Star, Colonel Brekhov

Mini-gun Assembly (3 pc.)--- Red Star, Colonel Brekhov

Swim Fin X10 --- Wetsuit v7, Cobra Moray, Depth Charge

Missile Launcher w/ strap X4 (all w/ broken strap) --- Bazooka, Footloose v1, v2 (SM)

Flashlight --- Action Sailor (orange), Lifeline v5

Walkie-talkie --- Firefly v4, Chameleon, Dial-Tone v5, Destro v7, v8, Duke v9, v10, Wreckage

Missile X3 --- Cobra Commander v5 (TBC), v9

Missile Launcher X3 --- Cobra Commander v5 (TBC), v9


Skyhook X3 (no string) --- Tomax v1, v2, Xamot v1, v2

Also have many other items including:

GI Joe figures, figure parts, filecards & cardbacks, instructions, vehicle boxes, comic books, etc. – check For Trade forum for lists
GI Joe vehicle parts (too many to list) – send me a list
GI Joe puzzles
12” HOF figures & accessories
Ultimate Soldier 12” & 3 Ύ” figures, accessories & vehicles
Elite Force 3 Ύ” figures, accessories & vehicles
Star Wars POTF dolls
Star Wars PEZ dispensers
Sgt Savage figures, accessories & vehicles
Command & Conquer Toys
Matchbox Ring Raiders
Misc. Comic Books & Toy Boxes – check Off Topic forum for list
Hasbro Battle Beasts - check Off Topic forum for list

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