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G.I. Josh
05-30-2006, 10:23 PM
I just read the post about Bayou Benny passing away last year and I was thinking about how I only have one life to live and one time to give. So, as a thank you to my friends on this Joe board just jot down your best memory collecting and at the end of this week my wife will pick one post and I'll notify the winner, Lord willing, and ship the Palisades Roadblock out to him or her for FREE with postage paid. You trade your stories for a chance to win.

For me, I visited Hasbro's headquarters in Rhode Island with my Mom and Dad when I was in high school and I was blessed with a lot of memorable Joe items. That day felt like God smiled on me and that was my happiest time collecting. I am so glad that my parents were there.

All right, it's your turn. YO JOE!

God bless,

- I hope this is the right section to post this. Moderators, please move it to the best location if it is not and accept my apology in advance. Thanks!

06-02-2006, 09:03 AM

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06-02-2006, 01:50 PM
Thanks for the contest.

I think my favorite memory of collecting would be way back in the Christmas of 1987. It seems like my parents were having a hard time financially that year, but that Christmas morning I woke up and found all of the battle force 2000 figures on the couch. Now, as much as I don't like the idea of battle force 2000, I knew then, and know now just how hard that my parents had to work to get them for me. Nowadays I think back on that memory and that drives me to try to work just as hard as they did. By the way I still have those figures and think that memory will stick with me forever. :)

Cobras Toys
06-02-2006, 08:26 PM
For me it was finding a 85 snake eyes and 84 stormshadow on the same day hanging on the rack at toys r us..(in multiples) I was so jazzed i bought 1 of each (rather had to beg my mom for 1/2 hour to buy them) If she knew then that they would be in the 1000-2000 dollar range now i think she would have bought them all..Who knew..All my Joe stuff went to the swap meet with my dad..I remember he said son you want this stuff i was like no way dad im a grown up now (i think i was 13 or 14 at the time) I have spent the last 6 years aquireing it all back and then some..I am a real adult now and dont have to ask mom to buy my joe stuff (just my wife) and my wife always asks how much is it??? I tell her and she says "your joking right" So in a way i guess we never really grow up......

06-03-2006, 12:01 AM
Here's one of mine. It's a two fold but regarding the same figure.

When I was 11 my dad threw me a surprise birthday party at Burger King. This was an important moment for me and one I look back on fondly as my dad was never really involved with the birthday's of the kids and half the time barely remembered what had happened on a birthday or how old we were. Anyhow for presents he had picked out and bought me the Cobra Wolf. From the moment I saw the Ice Viper I was in love. He was/is my all time favorite Cobra figure. Unfortunatly a few weeks after getting him a neighborhood kid stole him from me and since he came with a vehicle convincing someone to buy another so I could replace the Ice Viper wasn't happening.

Fast forward to present. I'm ill and on disability. My childhood doesn't hold alot of good memories because of my illness. Therefore it is hardly discussed because me and my wife like to look towards the future (odd considering I collect the past, eh?) Anyhow last January I was skimming through my collection list and checking out who I needed and showed my wife the Ice Viper. I've kept the home video that was shot of that birthday and have watched it once in the past with her. I was telling her how the figure had been stolen and so forth and how he has always been one of my favorites but since it held a special place I had been waiting to buy it. Hard to explain why.

Well on Valentine's day she heads to work early and I wake up something like 30 minutes later or so and she has decorated the diningroom with decorations and all, big card, streamers...the works. In the middle of the table is this little box, I wasn't thinking anything of it because the card was leaning against it. I figured she used it to hold the card up. I called her to tell how much I loved her and she asked if I opened the box. I laughed and said no and starting opening it.

My wife doesn't particularly care for my GI Joes and knows nothing about them but had done her homework and bought me a complete C9.5 Ice Viper after hearing about the one I had when I was younger. I have never had an object create such feelings all at once. So many memories are tied to that little piece of plastic that I can't explain how I felt seeing and knowing that just like my dad had all those years ago my wife picked out and bought me that figure., I feel like a girl right now. Just remembering to type this has me almost crying and smiling at the same time. I'm so lucky to have a woman like her standing by my side. :o

06-03-2006, 04:50 AM
here's my story!

i grew up in very low income family back in the mid 80's.
i remember growing up and watching g.i.joe on t.v.
one-day at school all my friends(we'll mostly some of them) had some g.i.joe figures and i remember my heart beating fast,just to see them carrying them around and playing with them in the play ground.

one day,i asked my father if he would buy me some g.i.joes figures and as much as it hurt him and as much it hurt me more..i heard those 6 words in spanish "sorry mijo(son)i can afford it".which in a way,i understood where he was comming from.we barely had food in our house and my father was well educated and my mother father wouldnt find work(due to we lived in a small town)and my mother worked at k-mart.
sometimes when i would see my friends playing with there g.i.joes.i would just stand there watching and laughing with them.
and sometimes if one of my friends would go to the restroom.they would let me play with the joes while they where gone. day my grandparents had a stand at a local flea-market,where they sold cloth..ect.
one day..i was roaming around the flea market.when i was going thru a box full of toy's,when i saw 3 g.i.joe figures in the box all dirty,discolor and no weapons and i asked the lady how much.she had told me 5 cents each and i remember running to my grandparents and asking them for some money and they gave me like 50 cents and bought those 3 g.i.joe figures and i walked around the flea-market all proud with my head up in the air and on that fallowing monday.i went to school all proud and happy with my joe fig's.

and the funny thing about it!
none of my friends made fun of me,cause of the discolor/faded joes.they where happy for me to be able to join them with my 3 joes!

hope you all like the story and ty's dad & i love you for later on having enough money to buy me anything i wanted.


06-03-2006, 09:39 PM
I remember growing up from about 5 to 10 years old my grandfather would take me to toys r us for my birthday and give me $20 to spend however I wanted. I can still remember for my 5th birthday there were only a few toys i really wanted. Two of the toys I bought were an 85 sci fi and an 85 eels. Man I was soo happy on the way home. After we left the store they were the first things I opened. I can still remember driving home in the back seat of his Chrysler NY ripping them open. First thing I did was pull out sci fi and put on his back pack, hose and gun and put him in the rear window of hte car. Then it was the eels turn. I lost the jets somewhere in the car the second I opened the package. If anyone has a green 76 chrysler NY check the back seat cuz you will probably have them lodged somewhere in between the back cushion. I can remember him telling me to sit down because I kept blocking his rear view mirror. I didnt care. I flopped down in the back seat and just kept making shooting sound and AAAAAAAAHHH. Man they were my favorite figures of all time. They still are. Man being a kid rocked.

G.I. Josh
06-14-2006, 09:54 PM
Thanks GBPackRat, Deadman2099, Cobras Toys, Evilspyderr, Vint-fig13 and Starrcommand for your posts. I really enjoyed reading the stories that were posted up. My wife looked over the stories as promised and I am pleased to announce that Evilspyderr is the winner of the Palisades Roadblock sculpture. Evilspyderr, just private message or e-mail me your address and I plan to ship your new item to you.

Have a great night everybody and "Yo Joe!"

God bless,
G.I. Josh

06-14-2006, 09:56 PM
Congratulations Evilspyder :)

06-14-2006, 10:16 PM
Thank you Josh, e-mail has been sent and thank you Deadman for the congratulations! :)

I'm so stoked!