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07-25-2006, 08:49 PM
I found it yesterday at Toys R Us. The Night-Ops V.A.M.P. is my first Sigma 6 toy and likely won't be the last, as far as these mission vehicles go. I'll probably buy the Dragonhawk and Firebat Jet, too.
The V.A.M.P., and the remold as the Cobra Stinger, is also my favorite vehicle from the original line. This new one looked nice enough, so I decided to purchase it.

The Night-Ops V.A.M.P. is very neat little vehicle. This V.A.M.P. is like a modified, off road pick-up, whereas the original was jeep-like in it's body and frame. It comes with 2.5" tall Long Range and Snake Eyes figures. Long Range is the driver and is unarmed, while Snake Eyes has his trademark uzi molded into his right hand. Both figures are pretty well made and match the likenesses of their larger counterparts.

The V.A.M.P. itself is a two seater and there's plenty of room inside easily place the figures. There is a nice, angled windshield made of clear plastic. The tires are large, with a nice detail of the wheel and the brake pads, which have been painted gold. The plastic used on the tires is a little soft, making it seem like they are real rubber. The details of the mold are well done, without getting all crazy. There is a working tailgate for the truck bed. The truck bed itself has a removeable seat, which is also where one of three weapons can attach.

The Night-Ops V.A.M.P. comes with a variety of attachments to make it mission specific. The weapons consist of a missile launcher that holds six missile, a single missile launcher, and a mini-gun/spotlight. The spotlight really works, too and has the batteries included. The light is green, since it's meant to be used for night attacks. There is also a tri-pod, upon which can be mounted any of the three weapons.

Other accessories include a pair of antennas and rollbars to attach to the roof, which can then have armored side windows attached to them. There is also a bar of lights than can be attached to the roof and, the very neat winch and ram bar that snaps onto the front of the V.A.M.P. The which is springloaded. It can be pulled out and then retracted at the push of a button.

The Night-Ops V.A.M.P. also comes with blueprints/instructions and a sticker sheet. There's not much to the sticker sheet, a few nice details for the spotlight and truck, but I didn't apply all of them, as I think the V.A.M.P. looks find as it is. This is odd for me, since I prefer my ARAH vehicles to be as complete with their decals as possible. I guess I just don't care for the Sigma 6 logo. Had there been traditional, or even a Sigma 6 "G.I. Joe" stickers, I probably would have applied them. There is one sticker, of a textured metal panel, that is not shown on the instruction sheet, so I don't know where it goes. There doesn't seem to be any spot on the vehicle that needs it, anyway.

Overall, I am very pleased with this new V.A.M.P. Its design fits in with Sigma 6, but it still pleases a 3 3/4" collector like me.

07-25-2006, 09:57 PM
this thread is worthless without pictures :D

07-25-2006, 10:06 PM
Nice review I'm still trying to find out were that last sticker goes.:cool:

Cold Slither
07-26-2006, 01:39 PM
Can all weapons/accessories be carried on the VAMP? I was about this *|-----------|* close to geting the mantis mech as my 1st 2.5, but now it's not at any TRUs. Are targets/walmarts stocking them at a greater extent? I try and support TRU when I can though.