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06-25-2004, 06:37 PM
Ok, I'll try to consolidate this all into one thread this time. Wants are at the bottom.

Vehicles for trade:

-Fortress America: missing one non-firing missile and one firing missile.Otherwise complete & working

-Night Adder: no figure, otherwise complete and working.

-HISS 2: in so-so condition. Missing front guns, missiles, and figure clips. (might be missing light bar, I can't remember).

-BTR Cobra Raven: no figure. Will trade for just about any o-ringed non-heavy duty or Hi tech new sculpt figure.

-Cobra Parasite: only has one catapult bomb, otherwise complete

Figures (no accessories unless listed):
-Taurus (c8 condition)
-Dusty v3 (c8)
-Sub-Zero (the white version, has snow shoes, c8)
-Wetsuit (yellow battle corps version, c7 condition)
-Dojo (c7)
-Deep Six v1 (broken bellows mount, no bubble, will throw in free with any other trade...or you can pay me $1 to not throw it in...seriously, if I wasn't morally opposed to throwing figures away...)

WANTS: higher priority in bold. If you don't have something from this list, then send off your tradelist or just make an offer of something else.

PLEASE do not message me telling me that you have something from my want list but don't want something from my tradelist. I'm trying to clear out space by getting rid of this stuff.


Terror Drome parts Need most...ask.

Night Ray Parts:
-both windshields (will take Moray versions)
-left hatch
-depth charge holder
-storage cover
-search light lens
-one back machine gun

Snow cat parts:
-missile launcher (box piece)
-one ski-pedo (the missile part only)
-unbroken canopy
-engine cover


Python Patrol STUN:
-tail gun
-both engine covers

-Python Patrol ASP
-Venom cycle x3 (cycles only, vipers not wanted)

FIGURES WANTED (figure only ok unless accessories listed):

ANY python patrol army builders EXCEPT SAW VIPER new or old, any condition. New ones need to be complete.

-Action Man
-Aero Viper
-Astro Viper v2 (must have helmet, need many)
-AVAC w/ chute
-BAT (ANY version using the 3.2 mold, complete)
-Bazooka v2 (Tiger Force, must have helmet)
-Black Out (complete)
-Black Star
-Budo v2 (must have helmet)
-Bushido (must have head prongs)
-Cobra Commander (Star Brigade, must have helmet)
-Cobra Commander v4 (eyebrows version)
-Coil Crusher (complete)
-Copperhead Python Patrol version
-Croc Master
-Duke Tiger Force version (must have helmet)
-Electric Eel (complete, need many)
-Flint Tiger Force version
-Frostbite Tiger Force version
-Ghostrider (w/ scarf)
-Hit and Run
-Interrogator (v1)
-Interrogator (v2)
-Iron Grenadiers (black JvC version, complete)
-Law v2
-Lifeline Tiger Force version
-M. Bison v2
-Mercer v2
-Night Creeper (polar version)
-Night Creeper Jvc version (w/ sword & sheath)
-Overlord (w/ claws and helmet)
-Outback (night force)
-Razor Trooper (w/ arm blades, need many)
-Red Ninja
-Recondo (Tiger Force)
-Roadblock Tiger Force (original version, NOT jvc)
-Ryu from dragon fortress
-Shipwreck from Cobra Mountain (complete)
-Star Viper (need many)
-Sub Viper
-Super Trooper (complete)
-TARGAT w/ visor & jetpack (need many)
-TGin Zu
-Tripwire Tiger Force version

-Buzzer (must have chainsaw)