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Urban Saboteur
10-24-2006, 03:57 AM
Ok.. following on from this...

I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in picking a character each for the Ultimate Toy Fighters Tournament.

I would naturally have to have the figure available and will list the 16 characters before selection can begin. Then it would be a case of a draw happening to determine who would fight who.. I know so far theres about 5-6 characters/Toys I could use. I'd ideally like 8 good guys and 8 bad guys.. I'm hoping that I will be able to pick some more characters up from the market too.

Theres not really much a forum member has to do to declare interest just PM me with some suggestions on who you want to see in the 16 ande lmk you wanna sign up.
I think I have the following..

1. Movie Edition Hulk
2. 1998 Marvel Spider-Man
3. 1989 Kenner Batman
4. 2001 Marvel Sabretooth
5. Unmarked and undated MOTU Man. ;)

I'm looking for suggestions from toylines past and present that would be around 6" - 10" in size..So TMNT, He-Man MOTU, Thundercats etc.. I need suggestions of who to look for.. and yes.. if I can get 16 good characters then rip off MOTU man will be getting forfeited. :p