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11-04-2006, 06:16 PM
I just purchased Destro today and I gotta tell ya.......this is one of the best figs Ive ever bought. Great articulation and accessories. The briefcase that hides the gun is the best. This is currently my 5th Sigma 6 fig...........many more to come. It seems like the line is just getting better and better with each wave!!! Keep them comin've got a hardcore fan here!!!

11-05-2006, 03:29 PM
I have to agree with you. Destro is definately one of the hightlights of my S6 collection. I peronally own 14 of them. I'm hoping that Zartan & Lt. Stone are as good as Destro. I'll find out when the shipment arrives. Should be in sometime this week.

12-29-2006, 11:29 AM
Hey Guys:

I gotta agree- the figures are FANTASTIC- it's just the cartoon which could use a little work. The figures are tight though- I got Destro, Artic Duke, High Tech, Artic Snake Eyes, and Jungle Commando Sanke Eyes- out of those I got- I gotta admit the snake eyes with the NVGs is my favorite, just slightly edging out Artic Duke and Destro.

I would like to see them make the legs a little thicker though. Just a smidge

01-08-2007, 06:56 PM
First off , Im new to the Forums here

My comment is to the Destro Sigma figure being cool.....uh no.

Well, first, I am a fan of the GI Joe 3/34 story/figure/comic line.It took a long time for the GI Joe Sigma 6 line to grow on me. My first view of it was at Comic-con.a few years back. I saw these figures and thought wow, wtf is GI Joe becoming? Anime? Streetfighter? Why does everyone has Megapowers and glowing fists etc etc etc. I understad the need to update the genre of toys to the latest group of young people but to turn them completely away from what they were from the beginings is just lame.Why must we always revamp it totally? Why must it always be detatched from the roots? Man, and I thought Cobra La was hard to swallow.

Example: The Story of Jesus. This is the subject of tons of movies...but the difference is, its ALWAYS the same cast.Jesus,Joseph,Mary,Judas,Pilot etc etc etc.. Fact is, its such a solid concept that you dont need to change the characters. When the church wants to bump up the marketing of their religion, they dont change it all around.... strap a laserhelmet and jetpack to Jesus, and make Judas have gravity boots that allow him to float. They just tell the same great story a from a better perspective.anyway...

But back to the subject. Destro.

Did the higher ups forget who they are selling to? Why is Destro wearing a Cloth Doll jacket?...Cloth..

Ok, GI Joe is gonna sell to a select group of people. Boys,Men. The kind who play or played with what is called "Action Figures" Not Dolls. The figures I played with had Tanks and boats and Swamp sleds etc etc etc, and we played with them in the mud, the snow and every cool environtment my little brain could conjure up.Make the figures able to fit into this. Stop for 1, turning a classic toy into a trendy hope for profit, and 2 make the toys for what they are for. Rugged play.

Its bad enough that kids now adays dont have the same imagionations that kids years gone by have due to the fact "playing" now always involves an Xbox or Playstation.Make the toys work and cool for the genre they are intended to be for. And keep the Dolls in the girls section of the toy store.

I dont remember ever sitting in the back yard digging a hole in the dirt and setting a base for my Xbox to play in with me.


-Yo Joe!
Excuse my lack of spellcheck,Im at work:D

01-15-2007, 01:32 AM
Well Longfella, I know that with the 2.5 scale line, the vehicles just kick butt. I just got the ROCC the other day and picked up a second DRAGONHAWK. The figures and add on vehicles are cheap enough and you can mix and match. The do have a skiff and firebat jet, as well as the vamp and the ROCC truck. Im personally hoping that HASBRO follows what JOYRIDE STUDIOS did and made army builders of 3 inch soldiers-yes, the HALO figures on the small scale do seem to come awful close to the SIGMA 6 Joes. Plus, you cant beat the scale. I know other vehicles like a stealth chopper and others are on the way. I am right there with you when it comes to getting the toys outside and being used. Im hoping to see a broader interpretation of SIGMA 6 and hopefully some cooler vehicles. Dont get me wrong, I still love the 3 3/4 stuff and as long as they make it I will buy it when I can find it. I do hope that HASBRO will eventually add a bit more articulation or hope that JOYRIDE STUDIOS will sell army builders again, who knows if the HALO MOVIE will spawn some cool toys. I sure hope so.

01-15-2007, 12:55 PM
Haven't gotten Destro yet, but looking at a fig. online now. Of course, for my little boy (*wink*)... He started collecting the Sigma 6's after getting one from a friend for his birthday last year. Nah, it's not the original, but I am pretty impressed with the action figures (the cartoon leaves much to be desired in my humble opinion). They have great articulation and lots of stuff...but I kind of miss the old days when they came with a gun of some sort and a helmet and the rest was left up to imagination.

LOL...for the record Longfella...I'm a girl...and if my kid's gonna collect this particular line (he's got 7 now) , I'm just glad they included Shipwreck! :) Hope to check him out soon. Anyway, I wasn't your typical doll-playing, dress-wearing girl. My borther and I played GI Joe all the time (I always got to be Shipwreck)...and I had a dirt pile out back for my Matchbox cars...

And speaking of cars...How come there aren't any vehicles for these guys? I've only seen the hover cycles...Man, my brother had tons of vehicles for his 3 3/4's (including that supercool jet) and I miss that!

01-15-2007, 02:06 PM
And speaking of cars...How come there aren't any vehicles for these guys? I've only seen the hover cycles...Man, my brother had tons of vehicles for his 3 3/4's (including that supercool jet) and I miss that!

I think it would be cool to see some figures with vehicals.. who knows, we could get Duke in another 17 outfits.

ATV Duke
Volkswagon Duke
LifeBoat Duke
Hotdog Bus Duke
Dog Grooming Van Duke


Im kidding. Anyway, I think the Sigma Six guys are also very cool. I would love them to put out all our favs in this size character(Someone PLEASE make a S6 SCRAP-IRON). The New Blacksuit Cobra Commander is Bad azz! And I really Like Zartan. My buddy has a 6 year old kid and I love seeing his enjoyment of the figures. Takes me back.

But if you think about it, Making the whole GI JOE army feel is out with Sigma 6, they are gonna have to stick to the "light operatives" feel. With Bikes and small jeeps and rocket packs etc. You might be able to make a slick version of the dragon hawk, but it would take 2 kids to lift it hehehe.

"Honey, could you please move your car out of the left side of the garage?, I bought lil timmy the US SIGMA 6 FLAGG and we wanna put it together and we need about 30 feet of space...and a forklift"


01-15-2007, 02:44 PM
I almost bought Destro once, but I just couldn't get past the clunky feet and large, sharp calves on his legs. All the Sigma 6 figures have that problem. It's just as well, though, since I already collect too many figures as it is. I'd probably buy them if they had a realistic sculpt.

01-15-2007, 02:50 PM
"Honey, could you please move your car out of the left side of the garage?, I bought lil timmy the US SIGMA 6 FLAGG and we wanna put it together and we need about 30 feet of space...and a forklift"


Oh man! Needed to mop the eyes after that laugh! Yeah, I can see you're point, but I could see having some pretty cool things to get around in...surely some kind of jet or chopper, and maybe even that RHINO...I've only seen one episode of the 'toon, so i have no real idea how these guys get around!'s possible...without needed *ahem* 2 kids to lift the thing! :D Hmmm...that Hotdog Bus Duke might be a seller...