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01-05-2007, 09:33 AM
Here's the mission should you choose to accept it. Cobra has occupied a small mining company in the mountains of Colorado. Obviously the mine is a cover for a much larger operation. The snakes are using it as a launch site to drill tunnels into some of the most important buildings in the United States and also to amass a small fortune in natural resources which they will sell to the highest bidder at a later date.
The tunnels below the mine have been reinforce with steel beams and concrete so they will not give way to overhead missile attacks or TNT. There are several escape tunnels that appear in some very random places like tunnels through mountains and under bodies of water. They ultimately hope to create a chain of outposts throughout the central part of the US to start picking off armored cars and other military supply routes. Fort Knox is also a point of interest.
Your job is to pick a team of four operatives within the Joe team to shut down the operation. Who would you pick and how would you go about getting in out and not getting caught?
The base is secured outside by the Dreadnoks and there common-clothes army of bikers who pose as the mining staff. The lower levels of the compound are secured by Nightwatch soldiers and 10 units of Vipers.
Good ole CC has a small office within guarded by Major Bludd and the Skull Squad on the outside and old Stormy inside.
The tunnels have random detonators set by Firefly and Armada. The operation must be stopped and prisoners although they would be a good thing are not necessary.
Good luck! If you need more info about the compound just let me know.

code red shockwave
01-05-2007, 10:31 AM
I would go with Snake Eyes, Low-Light, Shockwave, and Tunnel Rat. Here's why:

Snake Eyes: He can pick off just about anyone and would help deal with Storm Shadow.

Low-Light: As a sniper he can pick off enemies within long distances using head shots.

Shockwave: He is the urban assault expert and his skills in special weapons and tactics would be an asset.

Tunnel Rat: Well he's good at going through tunnels and he's an EOD that can disarm explosives.

01-05-2007, 10:56 AM
I'd get a Night Attack Chopper polited by Lift Ticket to go in with all guns blazing as a diversion, while Airborne, Tripwire, and Crosshair parachute down inside the compound and sneak into the tunnels,where they lay low for a day or two. Then, they sneak around the compound and set explosives everywhere. Crosshair picks off any Cobra's that get in the way with his silenced M-40 sniper rifle equipped with infrared scope. Airborne follows Tripwire around and covers him. Everything is going fine until Tripwire wakes up a rattlesnake. Airborne shoots it, and Major Bludd and his goons attack the Joes. A firefight ensues, and the Joes are forced to retreat to the tunnels. To their dismay, the Nightwatch and Vipers are waiting for them. They fight their way into the tunnels but are trapped in them. Tripwire has a bag of explosives that he trhows at the Vipers and then sets off with a tracer round, the explosion seals off the entrance to the tunnel and kills him, then Airborne and Crosshair find and escape tunnel and escape.

01-23-2007, 09:24 PM
I'd go with Tunnel Rat, because of his tunnel and EOD skills, Snake Eyes, because of his one-man army skills, Alpine, for his mountain climbing skills, and Wet Suit, because of his SEAL training, he can fight under water and fight on land no problem. All have extensive training in pretty much all of those areas, but there needs to be a leader for each environment or skill. So, Tunnel Rat, Snake Eyes, Alpine, and Wet Suit.