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06-09-2004, 09:06 AM
I've got a few item I would like to trade, please pm or mail me if interested.

V1 white Viper Rifle for a PP Black Viper Rifle

Crimson Guard backpack for a black PP Crimson Guard backpack

Viper v1 backpack for a Night Viper backpack

Any item from bottom list for these wants..
-PP Trooper black gun (priority)
-Rock Viper gun (priority)
-Night Viper gun (priority)
-Night Viper backpack (priority)
-Iron Grenadier uzi
-AVAC parachute
-Dee Jay mic
-Eels airhose
-Tele Viper gun
-Tunnel Rat flashlight

Toxo Viper Gun
Baroness Rifle
Viper v1 rifle w/broken front clip
TRU Flight Pod Viper Rifle(2)
Viper Backpack (3)
Incinerator gun
Bat v2 laser attachment
Heat Viper white hose
CGI Immortal missles (2)
Night Force Spearhead rifle
Cobra La Royal Guard sword/axe thing
Tele Viper backpack
Cobra Commander v1 pistol
Dusty v1 gun w/out bipod
Dr. Mindbender pistol
Sci Fi Rifle Minor wear to handle
Gung Ho gun
White Cobra Officer gun (2)
Dark Blue Cobra Officer gun
Lt. Blue CG rifle
Lt. Blue Cobra sniper rifle
Blue cg packpack
Ripper gun and jaws
Buzzer saw
Zap bazooka
Jump jetpack
Airborne gun
Snow Job gun
I have a bunch of backpacks too so if you need something ask, I may have it
Of course, if something on bottom list is found for an item I have on top it can be substituted no prob. Thanks for looking!

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Hector the Collector
06-09-2004, 09:47 AM
I emailed you.....