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01-24-2007, 03:40 PM
From Gen. Hawk at JBL. Note that while his news is usually accurate, some of it doesn't pan out quite as planned (see: Blue Armor Stone).

Anyway, some quick bites on the 3rd Commando and Soldier waves for 2007:

Windfire Cobra Commander - A "new concept" for the character. Supposedly comes with a "chariot." Most of us think it'll be a Serpentor-esque air chariot.
Groundbreaker Heavy Duty - A blue repaint of Grand Slam. Pics have already been shown in Toyfare. No new accessories.
Dojo Training Snake Eyes - No clue on the costume, but is supposed to come with "interactive training center" with lots of play features and configurations. Many speculate this will be some form of training dummy.

No details on the exact figures. Basically breaks down as follows:
1) ARAH character from this list: Gung Ho, Flint, Scarlett, Viper, Overkill, Buzzer or Torch*
2) ARAH character NOT from that list, and which fans, by and large, are not expecting.
3) A brand new character never before seen in any Joe format (toy or fiction).**

*The list of characters comes from speculation at JBL. Hawk confirmed that it was one of the ones we mentioned, but not which. Given that we've seen pics of a Gung Ho design, he's the odds on favorite.

**My guess it's the Shadow Master, who is mentioned in the biography of Samurai Armor Storm Shadow (due out in March or April).

Other tidbits:

-Hasbro has big plans for the 8 inch line this year. No clue what this means for the 2.5 line.

-On the variant front, no word on what's become of the Blue Armor Stone or Shirtless Shipwreck.