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GI Trekker
02-13-2007, 11:08 PM
Well finally, after getting Grand Slam and Shipwreck, and really being especially interested in Wet-Suit, I snagged one today at Wal-Mart (and I'd technically only gone over there for groceries!).

Okay, the figure is a recoloring of Sea Ops Duke with a new head, but it works. The orange and black suit is such a radical color departure from Duke's black and blue suit that you almost can't tell. The headsculpt is good, and I'm very impressed with the new helmet (I had a little fun and painted some glow in the dark paint on the searchlight). :D

The weapons/accessories pack is cool, too. I'd have to say that Wet-Suit is a VERY impressive new addition to Sigma Six.

And I guess I'm caught up on new characters, at least until the wave with Lockdown in it comes out.