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02-17-2007, 01:27 PM
i have been scouring the net reading anything and everything i can about why Hasbro hasn;t made Scarlett for the S6. Isn't cost effective, afraid it wouldn't sell, etc. I understand all that. But....

I also read on every message board and forum that Scarlett is what everyone out there wants. Not the 8-10 year old little boys mind you, but the collectors like you and me. As many people as there are, even if we each bought only one, and i am sure many would buy more than that, i still don;t see how it culdn't be done. I have worked in retail for eighteen years selling toys, fourteen with TRU, then four with Wally World and now with Target. I see who buys the figures and it ain't the 8-10 year old little boys!

Now I see the new 25th Anniversary figures are coming out. Who do you think will buy those? not the 8-10 years olds. well, maybe if they can elbow their way through the throngs of ADULT collectors who will be lined up to get them first. They made all new molds for the 25th figs, didn;t they? what i don't understand is: even though it is cheaper to make this scale that the larger ones, didn't it cost a lot to make this line essentially just for the collectors? Those of us who were around when the Joes first appeared back in the day? It just doesn't make sense to me to do that and not make a character that is essential to the Joe mythos and has been an integral member of the team in all its forms (toys, cartoon, comics) since its inception.

anyway, i say we, those of us who want a Scarlett even if just to customize a Baroness, Jinx or Covergirl, should start a petition to send to Hasbro. I know they have all sorts of market research to prove me otherwise, but I feel that if Hasbro saw just how many guaranteed sales they could make off this one figure, they would see that it would be worth it.

doesn't anyone else anywhere feel this way too?

02-17-2007, 02:54 PM
Yes! I'd like to see Baroness and Jinx as well.

02-18-2007, 08:59 PM
An internet petition isn't worth much. Better to use a paper petition, so when you're done, you still have something you can use to wipe your *** with.

More seriously, there simply doesn't appear to be a large enough collectors base right now for Hasbro to do much to appease. Hot Wheels, Star Wars and even Transformers seem to be much larger and more active, even if you look only at the activity in online communities. The 25th figures are a way to test the waters, and we'll see how well they will do. But even then, the cost of a 3.75 figure is not proportional to the cost of an 8 inch Scarlett figure - that is, it takes well over twice as much investment to make a Sigma Scarlett than ARAH Scarlett. So maybe Hasbro could make a profit on selling 10,000 3.75 Scarletts, but may need to sell 25 or 30,000 for a Sigma Scarlett (note these are purely hypothetical numbers). Therefore, if fans end up grabbing 18,000 25th Scarletts, Hasbro won't be convinced. ****, at $6 a piece, they can't even be sure that those who buy a 25th Scarlett would be willing to buy a $15 Scarlett (and the $10 price point seems to be getting axed, so that's not an option). So the actual unit sales of 25th Scarletts would likely have to exceed needed sales of Sigma Scarlett by a wide margin in order to justify the investment.

GI Trekker
02-21-2007, 09:35 AM
misterd makes some valid points. I would only add to it that I believe Hasbro is hoping that the 25th Anniversary line is able to support itself off of the very legacy that it is celebrating, and draw in fans both old and new -- meaning kids in the latter case who may not have any real experience with the Real American Hero and see this figures and think, "Hey, cool!"

Sigma Six, on the other hand, I believe Hasbro sees as primarily a kids' product. It's doing well, but I suspect there are still those at the decision-making level that believe "female action figures don't sell" -- at least not in a kid-focused line, and they probably feel that there's not enough of a connection, from a TOY standpoint, anyway, to the 3-3/4" figures to justify the expense of Scarlett.

Just my theory on it. I'd love to see an 8" Sigma Six Scarlett myself. But based on the Toy Fair pics, it almost looks like the line is moving away from the Sigma Suit foundation and into other connected-but-slightly-different concepts. I'm not saying it won't be interesting, but it might, indirectly, hurt the chances for a Sigma Six Scarlett that much more.

02-21-2007, 09:39 AM
hey there. thanks for the insight. knowing full well that the chances for a scarlett are slim and none, especially with the 2.5" line beign axed, i thought about making my own. you know it's really not that hard, especially for all the great customizers out there. the only real challenging part is the head sculpt and the hair.

take a tunnel rat figure and remove the head, hands and legs. if you can figure out how to do it without ruining the figure, remove the hip joints too. replace the legs, hips and hands with Night ops snake eyes'. by using the large ball hip joints from snakes, you would create the illusion of her having larger hips. smooth out all the hard edges to give her a softer smoother more streamline look. you'd need to trim away at the calf muscles, the triceps, and the forearms especially. using some sort of modeling compound reform a suitable chest. now i'm not talking anna nicole smith here. think about how a woman looks in a sports bra or even better, a diving suit, compressed, high and tight. i would look at a stifka beta figure as an example. the less pronounced the better. remember that the suit would be made of a tight restrictive material so there should be confinement. if possible, use the sigma suit hole in the chest as a guide for the amount of build and then a slight slope in to the ribcage. use the existing sculpt as a guide and to afford maximum poseability. to give her more of an hourglass figure, build up her hips to match up with the new larger hip joints and give her a little junk in her trunk, but not too much. she has to look more athletic than voluptuous.

now i am no expert and not even that good of a sculpter. except for the head and hair, it would take very little retooling of already existing pieces to make her. other than the fact she would be as tall as SE and could be about a .5" shorter, very little modification would be necessary. we've already seen with Spirit that longer hair is achievable. i bet someone out there who is a much better customizer could make a scarlett that is dead on.