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GI Trekker
03-18-2007, 05:04 PM
Well, the Wal-Mart closest to me continues to overhaul their toy section. And among a wide variety of changes is the fact that they no longer have a shelf tag for the less-expensive "Soldier" figures in the Sigma Six line -- the $9.99 ones.

The remaining two figures, a Firefly and a Kamakura, were just sitting on a shelf some distance away.

Now, come on, Shipwreck and Wet-Suit are barely out! And this is the SECOND Wal-Mart now that I've seen this happen at!

I can't imagine that Wal-Mart is bailing out on the 8" G.I.Joe collection, and as far as I know, Hasbro isn't suspending this price range. So I really wonder what's going on here? I find it troubling.

Also, in news that I'm not entirely sure is unrelated, this particular Wal-Mart has also cleared an ENTIRE SIDE of an aisle JUST for Spider-Man toys. Gimme a break. I don't care how impressive the movie is, NO toy line is worth THIS these days! And I wonder how many other decent toy lines will suffer for lack of space while this overkill is in place...


(A few hours later...)

Well, according to a friend of mine whom I e-mailed about this, and who follows the business side of the toy world fairly closely, this is probably temporary, and the result of the ever-popular "spring reset" (translation -- plug anything that has a movie and to heck with the rest of it -- this would also explain the Spider-Man aisle).

He says look for G.I.Joe 8" to be back in force in mid-summer if not a little sooner -- and to expect that Spider-Man aisle to get split between Fantastic Four 2 and Transformers.

I still worry about what otherwise legitimate toy lines may be hurt for lack of space. I keep thinking about REVs. This is a very cool toy line, but I don't think it's going to last. :(

BTW, he was asking -- anybody know if anyone is doing toys from the third SHREK movie? McFarlane did the first film, and Hasbro did the second, but given that Hasbro has Transformers, Spider-Man 3, and Fantastic Four 2, not to mention the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, I can't imagine they're trying to throw Shrek into all of that.