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Iron Snake
05-31-2004, 12:10 PM
I got a huge lot of missiles and I'd like to trade off the ones I have no need for for parts/ pieces that I do need. I have too much stuff here to make a list of every missile so I'm going to list the vehicles that I have missiles to and if you need something for those vehicles let me know what you need and I'll let you know if I have it.

If you see something you might need missiles for (ie the Mobile Command Center) and have something I need either reply here or send me an email. I don't check the PMs often and most of the time it doesn't work right anyway.

Ok, on to the list...

Here's the haves:

Night Raven
Tiger Rat
Tiger Cat
Conquest 86/97
Mobile Command Center
Slaughter's Equalizer/ Armadillo
Moray Hydrofoil
Tactical Battle Platform
Zanzibar's Air Skiff
Wolverine (might be keeping these, I need to check on something first)
Polar Battle Bear
Sea Ray
Battlefield Robot Hovercraft
Fang II
Buzz Boar
Snow Cat
Coastal Defender
Flight Pod
Dreadnok Cycle
Silver Mirage
Night Raider (Triple T)
Triple T
Swamp Masher
Sky Sharc
Ice Sabre
Radar Rat/ Tri-Blaster
Hydro Sled

What I need:

Adder - 2 missiles
Bugg - 1 trident missile, 1 exhaust, 1 intake
Earthquake - 3 firing pins
Hammerhead - antenna, spring launcher 1, launcher missiles 4, guns 4
Hiss 2 - 6 missiles
Hurricane - 10 missiles
Cobra Jet Pack - 5 missiles, 2 control bars
Mamba - 11 bomb triggers, 6 blades, 1 pod gun, 2 exhaust ports
Moray - 2 30 cals, (and need numerous lens lights - yeah right)
Dictator - 2 missiles
Piranha - 1 left gun, 3 small missiles
Rage - 4 mines
Rage 97 - 2 missiles, 1 engine cover, 4 mines
Razorback - 2 bumpers, 6 missiles
Stiletto - 2 small missiles
Terror Drome - 1 large gun cap, 1 small gun cap
Avalanche - 1 black missile, 1 gray missile
Bivouac - canteen, machete
Brawler - reactive armor panel
Bomb Disposal - blast shield, steering wheel
Bridge Layer - 1 gun, lifting arm
Desert Fox - Steering wheel, antenna
Dragonfly - 2 missiles, hook, right & left "wings"
Forward Observer - 2 tents
Sky Raven - lots of parts (let me know what you have if anything)
Night Ray - 1 30 cal gun
Raider - Scout craft dome, 2 black missile tips
Retaliator - 1 bomb
Sky Havoc - 1 missile, 2 guns to hovercraft
Tomahawk - intake fans
Flagg - 1 aft hand rail

05-31-2004, 12:40 PM
sent you a email. Thanks-Eric

Iron Snake
05-31-2004, 01:15 PM
Got it and replied. Thanks.

major- bluddloss
05-31-2004, 11:45 PM
heres what i have

cobra jet pack missle x1

bridgelayer gun x2
lifting unit repaired

i need

claw missle x2

tiger cat red ski missle x2

lmk what kind of deal we can work out if your interested