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07-03-2004, 08:19 AM
Here is my want list and trade list. If you see something let me know

Anyways, I really need these part especially the Python Tele viper part.

1. Python patrol Tele Viper (waist)
2. Python patrol Conquest Tail fins (need both)
3. Python Patrol Conquest Light Sparrow missile (yellow) (need only one)
4. Python Patrol Conquest right and left Canard Wing
5. Left motor for the cobra claw * 2
6. Nigth Crepper(V1) or (V4) donít need his accessories
7. Cobra Hydro-Sled fin bar

Here are parts that I have that I can trade if you have any parts that I need.

1- Incinerator silver flamethrower
2- Incinerator black backpack
3- Storm Shadow (v2) red backpack
4- Jinx (V1) black backpack
5- Voltar backpack
6- Gung Ho (V1) backpack
7- Alpine (v1) backpack
8- Outbak (V1) tan survival backpack
9- Frag viper black grenade throwing tool
10- Blizzard backpack (v1) no handles
11- Blizzard (V1) ski (only one available)
12- Blizzard (v1) white rifle
13- Falcon V1 backpack
14- Croc Master black leash
15- Snake Eyes (v3) blow gun
16- Raptor backpack (wings)
17- Lightfoot (v1) backpack
18- Lightfoot (v1) ground sensor (orange part)
19- Sci-Fi (v1) backpack (peg broken)
20- Ambush (V2) Funskool version (silver)
21- Dropzone gun
22- Pathfinder (V1) backpack
23- Pathfinder (V1) white machine gun (only one available)
24- Pathfinder (V1) gray ammo belt (only one available)
25- Python Patrol Conquest front panel (for wheels)
26- Agent Faces Mail-Away File card