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12-07-2001, 04:25 PM
I feel compelled to write this as there have been a few questionable people floating on this board lately and unfortunately probably always will :mad:

I highly suggest that when dealing with someone for some rare items, ask to see pictures of several items in a group. It is very easy to steal a picture off the internet (, ebay or a website etc.) and then attach it to an email as a pic of your item. If the person really has what they say they have, it won't be a problem to mix n max items for different pics. The people I've asked to send me group pics and actually came through with the pics have been some of my best trades or purchases. Those who were unable make me wonder if I missed out or if I just saved myself some $$$ from a con-man? I do question myself but I prefer to deal with only reputable people and make safe transactions.

If the seller only has one item up for sale, ask if he could get a pic or a scan with a current newspaper or magazine in the background. Or if it may happen that the seller just needs to sell off as little as possible in his collection, ask if he could get a pic of his rare item and a common item-example Cobra de Aco and an Alley Viper. There aren't going to be many pictures of a hard to find item like the de Aco and an Alley Viper floating around for a crook to use. Make sure you choose the pic too, don't let the seller suggest a pic to send as he may be sitting on one somehow.

As a seller myself I will mention, don't take this too far. Don't ask for 25 pics with the item in different groups. While I am a good seller, I would ignore a request like that and not spend that much time but would have no problem taking 1 or 2 pics.

I don't want to suggest that anyone without a pic is a crook, believing that would ruin one of the great things of a board like this--collectors coming in contact with other collectors. Many trustworthy people don't have access to a camera or a scanner without going to someplace and paying for it. I would always insist on a pic and this method though in the purchase of rare or hard to find items.

If you're nervous about a big trade-say 10 figures for 10 figures-pick 1 of theirs and have them pic 1 of yours and do a trial trade to check out condition and honesty. Make sure you pic which one so the other person doesn't just pick the best one as a representation of the others. If the trial is fine you could trade the rest or maybe go 3 for 3 etc. This will cost more $ in shipping but possibly save you from losing some figures.

Just be smart and be careful.

12-08-2001, 06:34 AM
I would also suggest that when trading, use a method of shipping that allows you the option to track it. Like priority mail w/delivery confirmation or some similar shipping.

Just my 2 cents.

12-08-2001, 10:03 AM
Also ask for REFERENCES!!! An easy way to check an ebay ID is to type the email of the person you are trading with. The ID and email will match up. IF not, well that's just a con right there, unless they have 2 seperate emails.

And usually a 1:1 trade is fair. But If someone is asking for an unbroken crotch in return for a broken crotch. Well that's just dookie.