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06-01-2004, 07:53 AM
I need Dr. Fate and Parademon from the 80's Super Powers line. I have their accessories already so I just need the figures (in good shape). Really only looking to trade right now since I am low on cash so if you see anything you need from my list lmk. Thanks,




He Man (complete)
Dragon Blaster Skeletor with card: broken pin to one corner of front armor. No chain/lock/cuff
Prince Adam with vest (has ¼” tear in back of vest)
Roboto (complete)
Hordak (bare) x2

He Man: sword, shield, and axe
Mekaneck: club
Spikor: mace
Jitsu: sword
Man-E-Faces: gun
Webstor: gun
Buzz Off: hat
Grizzlor: green crossbow
Whiplash: spear
Weapons Pack: grey shield, Beastman’s yellow armor and arm band
Roboto: axe and gun
Multi Bot: red right arm and male part of gun
Leech: dark red crossbow
Hordak: white crossbow and armor
Dragon Blaster Skeletor: back portion of dragon armor with head
Flying Fist He-Man shield
Teela Armor
Modulok: square male connector, square female connector, 2 prong male connector (x3), short tail, long tail (x2)
Castle Greyskull top part of combat trainer
Snake Mountain ladder (has stress mark)
Wind Raider tail

Battle Ram (missing missiles)
Road Ripper (missing seatbelt)
Dragon Walker (working with seatbelt)
Stridor (missing tail only)
Blasterhawk (has 5 discs, seatbelt, and radar)
Bionatops (missing gun)

NEW Series:
Tri Clops
He Man (asterisk version)
Sy Clone
Prince Adam
Stratos (x2)
Trap Jaw
Orko (x2)

MotU Comics:
#1 (Vol. I) Cover A
#1 (Vol. II) Cover A

Skeletor w/ Havoc Staff (x2). Missing armor
Spin Blade Skeletor's sword
Mc Donald Skeletor (complete)
Mc Donald Man-At-Arms (complete)
Mc Donald Beastman (complete)
Mc Donald Orko (complete)
Mc Donald Ram Man (complete)
Mc Donald He-Man (complete)
Mc Donald Battle Cat (missing saddle)
Slime Pit w/ sealed slime can (missing Bone Warrior)

Misc Weapons and Accessories from 80's Toy Lines:
TMNT Be-bop drill gun
Supernaturals (copper snake figure?): helmet and shield
Mask: T-Bob
Blackstar: palace guard helmet
Dragons, Knights, and Daggers by Imperial Toys: various weapons
GI Joe: dragonfly's nose gun and Serpentor’s Air Chariot gun
Star Wars: battery cover for large Han Solo electronic pistol, cockpit cover for AST-5

McFarlane's NFL Series 6 Sports Picks: (MOMC)
Blue jersey/white pants Shaun Alexander
White jersey/ red gloves Cardinals Emmitt
White jersey Deuce Mc Allister (X2)
Black jersey Rich Gannon (X2)

Carded SLU: 1995 Barry Sanders