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05-13-2008, 10:59 PM
Of the three possible 9-back cards (no "snap-on, stay-on" text, regular 9-back, and 9-back with the Cobra Commander offer), it is generally understood that the first 9-back (no "snap-on" text) is the hardest cardback to locate; some figures have yet to be found without the "snap-on" text (Scarlett, Flash, Rock N Roll?).

Between the other two cardbacks, though, which is more difficult to locate: the regular 9-back or the 9-back w/ CC offer? While I've seen every single 9-back on both cardbacks (and most on the cardback without the "snap-on" text), the regularity with which I've seen these is infrequent at best. Does anyone else have some perspective on this?

Also, if possible, do you have a ranking order for the figures, from most difficult to least difficult? (I'm referring to MOC figures, of course.)

(My tentative list)

Regular 9-back:
1. Scarlett (currently does not exist)
2. Flash
3. Snake Eyes
4. Short Fuze
5. Snake Eyes
6. Breaker
- Grunt
- Zap
- Rock N Roll

9-back with CC offer:
1. Snake Eyes
2. Scarlett
3. Flash
4. Stalker
5. Short Fuze
6. Zap
- Rock N Roll
- Breaker
- Grunt