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05-27-2008, 09:59 PM
I have these figures and Im selling them. Just wondering what the price may be on these figures (ungraded, but would probably go AFA90-95 as they were pulled from a case in 1994). Any help would be appreciated.


05-27-2008, 11:07 PM
An unpunched Breaker explosion back AFA 85 (85,85,90) recently went unsold at the $900-asking price. If these figures are C9.5+, or what looks like the rough equivalent of a 90/95, you are looking at $2k-ish for either figure (AFA 90) or $3k+ for either figure (AFA 95). In the event that your figures are graded 95, you will probably want to have the figures brokered by either Tom Derby or Brian Semling. Both seem to have a rolodex of private clients who both pay very large sums of money for figure AND do not use eBay--this is a market you want to tap.

Just remember that there is still no guarantee that either figure will grade at 90/95; besides, a 95 would have to be pristine--to the naked eye as well as the microscopic eye.) I've pulled several items, large and small from cases, and in all instances where the item graded at 90 I had to be really, really, really selective about what I chose (I poured through *several* 1983 MOTU BA Skeletor & Panthor giftsets before I found one that looked to be 90 or better).

05-28-2008, 08:53 AM
I recently saw a punched 82 Grunt with the Cobra Commander offer go unsold at $475, already AFA graded at 85 ( I think). You don't see those early figs at AFA 95 unless you are nearly dreaming... so its likely a 90 (they are so strict its ridiculous), and I'd wage that an AFA 90 is at best $7-800 -- but ungraded its an open book because folks aren't certain what you are getting all the time.

(Private email on way)

10-28-2008, 12:20 AM
I'm not sure if you have already graded/sold your explosion backs, but Final Frontier has an AFA 90 Grunt explosion back listed on eBay for $1600-ish, down from the original $2k asking price.

To further qualify this statement, there are currently four (4!) different explosion backs for sale right now (all with high asking prices):

Stalker AFA 80 & AFA 85: $1200/$2000
Short Fuze AFA 80: $750
Grunt AFA 85 & AFA 90: $1200/$1600
Breaker AFA 80: $1000

While the prices for the last three are on the very high side, I'm surprised that there aren't any offers on the Stalkers. Unless I've been living under a rock (which I have), Stalker is/was one of the rarest explosion backs out there. The other 3 (plus Zap and Cobra Commander) are infrequent but available with patience.