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06-04-2008, 10:20 PM
http://www.yojoe.com/reviews/figures/images/spiritironknife3-1s.jpg (http://www.yojoe.com/reviews/figures/spiritironknife3.shtml)

[Redacted] reviews the new Spirit in the Sit-Rep!

Click here to read the article! (http://www.yojoe.com/reviews/figures/spiritironknife3.shtml)

Figure courtesy of Brian's Toys (http://www.figures.com/databases/redirect1.cgi?dom=fig&sys=news&action=clicks&sponsor=brianstoys__06_04_2008_x&size=90&url=www.brianstoys.com/store/Default.aspx)!

06-05-2008, 04:07 PM
:( :( There is reasons why Spirits hands are absolutely huge. Some native Americans have huge hands. Some have very large feet also. Spirits head is strong and pretty big, I'll admit by seeing the original press releases, but anatomically if you look at Native American cultures, Indians also had kind a large heads also (with all due respects, here.)

The figure is an accurate lifelike representation of what the figure would be to scale, and I do agree with you on the Crankase reissue (what's with the modern full beard trim look? - What happened to that classic mechanic mustache!) however, I feel this is a beatifully sculpted figure.

....And I absolutely, just cannot wait for the
'Slaughter's Marauder's' ;) ;) version to be released!


06-06-2008, 11:07 PM
Y'know, I got to agree with you on the Slaughter's Marauders version idea - that would be very cool.

But as for the scale, like I said in my review, I like my figures to as similar in scale to eachother as possible. Call it OCD or something but I like my stuff symmetrical.