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06-15-2009, 01:56 AM
Collectable Spectacle – Mark Bellomo Documentary Series

( *Collectible is commonly spelled with an “ i “ but is also considered properly spelled with an “ a “. I chose the “ a “ version for aesthetic reasons in the title. Just thought I’d clarify that.)

A brief history on the project. Several years ago I attempted to get a documentary off the ground that was to focus on some of the more extreme toy collectors from North America and around the world. As a toy collector myself I was fascinated by what other collectors must have stashed away in their basements and attics, and the stories they had to go along their collections. My initial ambitions for the documentary proved to be out of reach at the time so I scaled back my focus to a handful of North American collectors. This too proved to be a difficult task as I found most of the upper tier collectors were hard to pull out of the shadows. It seemed they preferred their anonymity and had little interest in playing “show and tell”, but I don’t blame them. Mark was the one exception from the beginning.

For five days we were immersed in a torrent of photographs, filming, collector talk, and toys, toys, toys. It was certainly a hectic five days with little down time, but it also served as a great crash course in friendship. Having only exchanged a few emails and phone calls over the years, these five days proved to be something Mark and I likened to “going to war together”, an experience we won’t easily forget.

Episode Breakdown:

Episode 1 - Mark visits his two favorite comic and collectible haunts where he talks shop with the owners.

Episodes 2-6 - Mark and I visit one of his storage lockers and spend hours reliving Christmas morning with every new box opening. Star Wars, He Man, Transformers, Justice League, Smurfs, they’re all there.

Episode 7 – Mark visits an old friend where they discuss the concept of collecting and how the children of today face a different world of entertainment than we did as children of the 1980’s.

Episodes 8-10 – G.I.JOE fans rejoice. On the eve of photographing all the new vehicle photos for the 2nd edition book, Mark walks us around his garage where he’s set up every G.I.JOE vehicle from 1982-1994 and talks a little about their history.

Episodes 11-12 – Two 14+ hour days spent photographing every G.I.JOE vehicle for the new book. Plus a look at the original new cover design that never made it to print.

Episodes 13-18 – Mark and I return to the storage locker and dig deeper into the abyss. Hey it’s Christmas again!

You can start here with Part 1 of 18;

I would certainly like to tip my hat and extend my gratitude to Mark on many levels. First, for opening his home to essentially a complete stranger, he and his wife were incredibly hospitable. Thanks to both of you for that. Second, for Mark’s determination and openness to share his knowledge and passion for toy collectibles with the collecting community as a whole. We battled intense 16 hour days in 95 degree heat and never once did Mark take his foot off the gas.

I hope everyone finds something enjoyable out of this experience. Mark and I put a lot into it, in the hopes that toy fans would enjoy it.

06-15-2009, 01:26 PM
This is great, you need to spread this around!

06-15-2009, 07:25 PM
Thank you both for investing the time and $$$ to put this together. Props all the way around. Is just the first episode available at this point? I couldn't find any of the others on the Tube.

06-15-2009, 07:55 PM
Thank you both for investing the time and $$$ to put this together. Props all the way around. Is just the first episode available at this point? I couldn't find any of the others on the Tube.

All 18 are up and running. After you watch the first one, on the right hand side of the video window, there's an arrow to click on which will reveal "More From: FlophouseFilms" The other 17 are waiting for you......

08-23-2009, 11:40 AM
So when is the Director's Cut DVD coming out? I ALWAYS wait for the Special Edition.