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07-17-2009, 04:10 PM
Hasbro answers your questions!

YoJoe: Our members are asking a lot of questions lately about vintage themed figures and vehicles carrying over into the post-movie assortments. We have seen leaks from overseas featuring such items as Snow Cat, Cobra Rage, a European exclusive themed Scarlett (in green and black deco), a Night Force themed Lt. Falcon, Resolute figures and so much more. We know a lot of these are from items that were planned for 2008/2009 but were subsequently canceled, but with that in mind are we going to continue to see dedication to the vintage themed G.I.Joe or is it full speed ahead for the Movie based Joe concept for the foreseeable future?

Hasbro: The current plan is full speed ahead on the movie line, but to continue to find ways to bring in classic GI Joe characters and vehicles into the new fantasy.

YoJoe: It's time again for that obligatory fanboy question, "where is DVD set #5" but this time around our fans are asking why this often bemoaned, often scalped set is showing up at discount/bargain basement retailers like Marshalls, Ross Dress for Less, Tuesday Morning and Big Lots. We were told to hold tight as these trickle down into the retail supply chain but wow, a lot of Joe fans out there are pulling their hair out trying to complete their MASS Device sets. Any advice for our bewildered collectors?

Hasbro: The advice to collectors is to keep hunting as the sets were made in a significant quantity and will make it into the market. Due to inventory levels and retailers moving to movie product, many discount retailers are taking this opportunity to pick up GI Joe products including the DVD packs.

YoJoe: We're seeing an onslaught of G.I.Joe Movie tie-in items like role-play sets, board games and more showing up on retailer shelves. Seriously, what's the G.I.Joe design team's favorite non-action figure items and what should collectors find especially interesting?

Hasbro: The replica Snake Eyes sword will be on display at ComicCon and is a favorite of the design team.

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