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02-01-2002, 05:09 PM
My wife bought an auction off from pepsigeneration on ebay. She payed by paypal right after hoping it would show up faster. It did. Opened up the tons of goodies that was in the lot and come to find the MAULER tank was missing. She e-mailed and got a very short e-mail at first. Only said something about tracking and insured. No mention the mauler wasn't in the box. She went nuts and then I was a little steamed after all it was a gift from my wife. This was the 5th bad trade/ sale of the week for use. I then e-mailed the guy with no reply right off. ( GARY nice guy on the phone thou) After 7 or so hours he was neged. It wasn't fair at all on our part but I know I was steamed and was only expection the worst. 2 days later GARY called me tonight 31st. No e-mails since then but thats O.K. he was a great guy on the phone. He stated his case to me as to what happened. I understodd. I apologiesed for the hasty reply to the tragedy. He understood I was at my breaking point and come to find out he was too. He has a problem with a guy pulling out of a terror drone deal. GREAT DEAL IF ANYONE wants one too. Anyway, Sorry GREG for the neg and so everyone knows GREG ( pepsigeneration on ebay) is a great person to deal with. A very understaning person. HE HAS A LOT MORE STUFF TOO for JOES. smile.gif
He is sendng the tank that was forgotten on his pool table. I guess the crew of the mauler were taken some R&R. Anyway as part of my probation I will post this on yojoe too.