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02-06-2002, 09:20 AM
I know there have been several posts about what a good trader/seller Jeff Childress is and this is going to be one more. If he tells you its in good shape it is probably MINT. If he tells you its all there ... It will all be there. I have always received my stuff within a week even when Jeff was frozen in for three days because of the ice storm that recently hit the midwest. Prices have always been EXTREMELY fair. O.K. this next part is what really does it for me. The packing! Sometimes I get stuff and I think I'm getting a pretty good deal until I open the box and find that the items are in 1,000 pieces because some guy didn't pack it right. Now those pieces are lost forever and no one will ever be able to enjoy them. This does not happen with Jeff's packages. I just received a box with two planes it it that had enough shredded paper and bubble wrap to start my own packing business!!!! I mean the box was stufffed FULLLLL of packing. There was no way the post office was going to damage those planes. Well I'll end my soap box by saying thanks Jeff, you are a credit to Joe collectors!!