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11-11-2001, 02:08 PM
This guy has a tendency to break everyone's balls about their figures if they aren't as mint as Gold! I have actually had a number of people who I do business with complement me on how prestine my figures were. I also have other friends on the site who have done business with DUKENUKEM AKA JOHN KOTULA, and they also said that they sent figures to him and that they werent good enough for him to buy and wanted his money back. Always complaining about cracks in elbow!!! IF you wanted the figures totally mint, then you would be paying top dollar for them in the package you jerkoff!

11-11-2001, 08:01 PM
I knew this was coming!!!All right i bought 6 figures from this guy.Bullhorn,Lt.Falcon,Big Boa,Beachhead,Charbroil,Python Copperhead.I asked him before i bought them to make sure they were mint.He said they were.So i then asked him about if there were any cracked elbows in the figures, he said no.He said they were all perfect mint with no loose joints and no paintwear at all.

I sent him $35 and he got it.And then he sent the figures.I got the figures and they were horrible.Falcon had a broken crotch, now that is about as far away from mint as you can get, he also was loose and had paintwear.And he even came with the wrong antenna.Bullhorn was good, he was the only mint one.Big Boa had a loose elbow and massive paintwear.Python Copperhead had a crack in his elbow which was not supposed to be there according to him.He also came with the wrong weapon.Beach Head was very very very bad.Massive paintwear and all joints were loose.Charbroil was another one with 2 cracked elbows and alot of paintwear.All figures except Bullhorn were about c5-c8, which is nowhere near mint.If these figures were mint as described then i would not have had to complain.The loser also didnt give me my money back or answer my emails

As for problems with others.I have never had a problem with condition of figures with anybody else.

Believe what you want, as you see my story makes alot more sense then his.Beware of him!!!!!

11-11-2001, 08:05 PM
Also are you going to believe a guy who cant even spell pristine right???LOL, he may be a 12 year old kid or something who has no idea of whats mint and what isnt.

A figure doesnt have to be in the package to necessarily be mint.I have over 100 figures that are loose and completely mint with no wear or cracked elbows.