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12-10-2001, 08:59 PM
I just got back into buying stuff on ebay. A few years ago, i bought and sold a lot of stuff.
A few weeks ago I won a auction for about 70 joes. and I got ripped off... here are the details...

this is the description:

GI Joe Cobra HUGE 69 Figure & Weapons Lot

The pic shows it all.. This is an entire collection all up for auction on one lot. This lot include 69 hard to find figures and 3 bags STUFFED with the GI Joe figure accessories (backpacks, guns, etc... TONS!) Some of the figures that are in this lot include the first Snake Eyes, first Firefly, first Scarlett, first Duke, First Flint, Vipers, Crimson Guard, Shipwreck, Spirit, and MANY more favorites. These figures have been played with. Some have a little paint wear, some have a loose knee, etc. & the top 3 figs (in the pic) have a broken rubberband (I think these can be replaced pretty easily though)... All in all, this is a pretty darn good lot of figs that are already 18 years old! Also included is 5 file cards that I could find. Thanks for looking! I accept money orders and checks.. money orders ship the next day. Only serious bidders please.. thank you. Buyer pays shipping & Form of shipping (UPS, USPS, etc) is BUYERS choice. Peace

What I got was 3 bags of accessory pack weapons, broken original parts and parts I have never even seen before. (maybe HE MAN, transformers, ect...)

and the figures? ALL were broken in some way a thumb, crotch, foot, even a few broken in more than one spot. Major paint wear, busted O get the point...

I emailed the seller and was told that the sale is final. Because he was once ripped off when the buyer returned broken parts in place of good ones. He also had the nerve to tell me, that he explained that the figures were "played with". Does anyone here consider "played with" the way to describe a figure with 2 broken thumbs and no crotch?

needless to say I was quite angry. I emailed him twice again, no response. I went to and filed a case, no response.

I again emailed him, today, and the mail bounced back to me with a "user no longer exists". I went to ebay, seller is unregistered.

Clearly this was a con.
I checked his feedback before bidding, and all were positive. A few were joe related, and the seller seemed to know what he was talking about.

So basically I got stuck with a bunch of busted up parts and useless weapons.

Im telling everyone here so they can be on the look out for this seller. Even though his ID/email/ user-name is changed, i doubt the town where the PO box will....

Ebay ID : Master_Praetorian

Tracy Swenson
P.O. Box 1361
La Crosse, WI 54602-1361

Country/Region: USA/Minneapolis-St. Paul

If anyone here has info on this seller, please contact me. Im sick of people ripping off collectors!!!! I want to make an example of this one. Im seeking a case for small claims court, but i need more info...

thanks and good luck!!

12-10-2001, 09:58 PM
Whoah! This looks like a guy that just wanted to get rid junk which he got ripped off from. Clearly he shouldn't rip off someone else because he did.
I saw that Prozac bought something from him maybe he has something additional to add.

12-11-2001, 08:51 AM
I had absolutely no problems with this guy, but have had 3 or 4 people email me about him. Kinda makes me look like I'm incahoots with him, but I;m NOT. I have no other info on him other than what Anthony has posted. I wish I could be of more help.

Prozac :eek:

12-11-2001, 11:09 AM
I've actually dealt with that guy twice in 2 different trades. Both were very good. But this is a brain stumper as why he would rip off somebody? I have the same address on my trade file. But I believe that person would be his wife. Because the person I dealt with is name Andrew swenson.

12-11-2001, 02:00 PM
Thanks everyone for your help and insight.

I have contacted a few other people who had dealt with him, and its the same thing.
No problems.
There was no "all sales are final" info on the auction or any of the emailes I got. Well except when I told him I wanted a refund.
I thought at first that he simply felt that he was in his right not to refund the cost. But if that is the case, why is his ebay ID no longer registered, and why is his email no longer working?
Also, I looked at some of the items he sold a while ago, the pics are still on the auction page, but the pic of my auction is gone....
It just doesnt add up..
Ill keep all posted on what is going on.

Again, thanks for your help!

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12-11-2001, 09:39 PM
I completely agree. I was the guy who bought the mib Mamba. This guy is a freakin idiot. I have yet to hear from him after I sent the payment. The same info was given to me (Tracy Swenson etc.) If any body finds anything out about contacting him/her let me know please.

12-13-2001, 01:44 PM
i have read eveyones story...maybe she got mad at him and ruining his reputation some how or cashing in on his sounds like the guy is a great trader,but the woman is not ,so try not to blame it on him when it may be his wife that is sticking everyone

12-14-2001, 12:42 AM
This is a funny subject. I happen to have been trading/buying from Tracy Swenson AND Eric Rice for quite some time now. Both have gotten "negs" on this forum, yet both have sold/traded me nothing but EXCELLENT parts/items.
I would beware of the accusers gentlemen, often times its the POT calling the KETTLE "black." ;)

12-14-2001, 01:41 PM
I've traded with this person before, all I can say is that she is a great honest seller and trader, who I've dealt with many times and I've never enountered the slightest problem.
People are entitled to their opions and i'm placing my opinion from experience.

12-15-2001, 11:17 AM
Here is the first email I sent him and the responce.


I received my package this afternoon. Thank you for sending it so quickly. I am pleased with the speed of the transaction.
I am, however, completely disappointed at the quality of the figures in the auction. Out of the 69 figures 42 are broken and un reparable, either by having a broken thumb (or two) or a broken crotch piece. Some having two broken thumbs and a broken crotch piece. Many figures actually having body parts which are foreign.
Some examples are:
Version 1 Snake Eyes Both thumbs broken
V2 Snake Eyes Broken right foot
V1 Scarlett Broken Crotch 2 broken thumbs and broken back
V1 Zartan broken crotch
V1 EELs broken right foot
V1 Shripwreck broken crotch.
V1 Crimson Guard Broken thumbs

Some paint wear and a few loose limbs is understandable and acceptable, but more than half of the figures are useless. I am not including the 3 figures that I knew were separated that can be fixed, with the broken ones.

While quickly sorting through the accessories, I have noticed that about half of them are not G.I. Joe accessories.

I seriously hope I can return this lot for a complete refund. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Anthony Mirro

12-15-2001, 11:27 AM
Here is the response:

Take note of the parts where it says
"I have no idea what little parts are GI Joe and what are not"

"to be sure I don't describe an item 1 way when it actually is another"

"Played with" = broken?

"I am old and not knowledgeable about toys"

Is this NOT the same person who traded with so many people specific parts? I have been contacted by more than one person saying they traded a part for a part. Clearly he IS knowledgeable.

As for everyone else having good trades, I dont doubt that, but this isnt about a small trade.


I am so sorry about this.. I tried to explain that the figures were in "played with" condition. Many people e-mailed me & asked me to describe how "played with" they were and/or if any had broken parts. I answered every singe e-mail and all questions as best as I could. Many times I explained that yes, there were broken thumbs, etc... but I felt that being figures from 2 decades ago, they looked ok to me. Did you e-mail me with questions you might have had about their exact condition? I thought that you had since you won the auction. I have no idea what little parts are GI Joe and what are not.. they all looked compatible to those figures to me... I knew that I could not list that the figures came with "all their exact weapons & parts", etc. because I could surely be wrong.

As far as the switched around parts.. I am sorry. I had my neighbor put the loose parts back together into full figures.. he may have not guessed right on all the limbs; for that I am sorry. I hope you can find the right order for them.

You lastly mention that you'd like a refund. I am sorry but this sale is final and here's why: I used to give refunds for those who wanted them. I am old and not knowledgeable about toys. I enjoy buying them at rummage sales & selling them. I get advice on what they are and/or who certain characters are from my sons. I try to be as honest as I can about them and answer all questions... to be sure I don't describe an item 1 way when it actually is another, I bought a computer camera so that I could include pictures. This way there would be no question as to what I am selling. Because of my lack of direct knowledge about the toys, I once offered a refund for a lot of figures & vehicles. The person sent the lot back and I paid the money. Later, after talking to my son, I found that the person actually kept most of the lot & sent me back broken parts in exchange... ones that my son said I could not even sell. Its too bad but this person ruined it for everyone else, as I felt angry and used.

If you did not get exactly what you had hoped for.. I am sorry. I know that you DID get exactly what was pictured in the auction and not a part less. I can only advise that you sell the lot yourself to replace the money you paid for it.. then you'll be able to put it towards something you want even more. I hope you can understand my point of view as well and, in all honesty, I don't even have the amount to send you back anymore. It was all used to buy presents for my children/grandchildren during the recent sales.

I am sure you can sell the figures that you don't want for ones that you want... peace.

12-15-2001, 12:49 PM
Well, I got my Mamba yesterday. It was not sealed, but actually resealed w/shipping tape!?(these people are morons) Since it had been reselaed I decided to check the contents, and guess what it was broken...first one of the blades was split in two and second one the bags inside was taped shut. Regardless of what anybody says these people are horrible traders and have no right to be one ebay, maybe they started saying f-it after one bad transaction with the 69 gijoes and decided to screw everone after it since they had plannded to unregister themselves. Anyway after doing some research I have come up with their phone number, home address, and new email address. If anybody has been ripped off by them email me and I'll give you all their info.

PS They have a buying only account on ebay

I think even they deserve to not have their info shared with the world, so just email me.

12-15-2001, 01:06 PM
Just FYI I believe ebay has fruad protection insurance. It may be in your best interest to do some research on the ebay safe harbor. They cover the entire transaction minus $50.

12-15-2001, 06:16 PM
I can't believe I just came across this.. What absolute & total horse###t. I mean really.. I cannot believe this. "alternate e-mails, buyer-only accounts, ripped off, "idiots"...".. wow looks like you guys are some kind of 3 year-old tantrum.

Hey "idiot" (JLB8118).. boy you like to sling mud awfully fast. What do you do if your kid spills milk.. slap him? Alright super-sleuth and (even bigger) super-crybaby... if you have all this information, why have you not e-mailed or called my wife ONCE to ask for a refund?? Huh?? Why? I'll tell you all.. because this baby-wipe would rather feel like a "big man" and publicly complain. You know what? My wife bought that Mamba SEALED at a flea market and then sold it SEALED. Guess how YOU received it??? SEALED. You're an absolute liar. You say that a part was damaged inside? Well HOW THE HE11 is she supposed to know this... IDIOT! You like to use that word.. don't you.
I caution ALL ebay users against jlb8118. I have HIS e-mail & home address & will be HAPPY to give it out to anyone who asks. This guy is a major loser. You want your $#%&ing money back? The reach down, grab your sack, and ASK for it!

As far as the lot of figures goes... funny how this was posted by acmirro TODAY.. yet this very morning, my wife received his e-mails AFTER BEING AWAY FOR A FEW WEEKS VISITING HER MOTHER OUT OF STATE (it IS the holiday season you know.. ;-P) and responded AGAIN with an offer to either offer a partial REFUND OR allow him to send the entire lot back for a REFUND. WOW.. pretty damn major news in all of this YET I don't see it posted up here at all! What.. more fun to post your petty opinions, name calling, and rants than truth? OF COURSE!!! Its exciting to "rally a posse" isn't it.

I tell you what, I will provide anything you guys/readers want to know. My name is Andrew Swenson. I am a FAIR e-bay buyer/trader/seller who has had NO problems with anyone. I am 28, hold a position working on investigations, my mailing address is P.O. Box 1361, La Crosse, WI, my e-mail is HeadJawa or SirZartan, my telephone # is 608-785-4675, and my ebay user ID is Jeditrick. I have 100% positives (over 180) in which I have BOUGHT AND SOLD items. I deal privately with many, many people including Dawson Jay.. whom I am sure you all know. He can vouch for the integrity of our transactions. Maybe I need to put:
"honesty, integrity, loyalty" at the bottom of my messages as well.

My wife has been trying her hand at what I do in my spare time.. I have been VERY busy since September. She has purchased GI Joe items at sales/markets and has sold them on e-bay FOR FUN. She asks me about the specifics of what she is selling because SHE DOESN'T KNOW.. Whereas I have been around GI Joe all my life.

You guys are ganging up on a person who is as innocent as ANYONE I have ever met. I am telling you right now.. & especially you JLB8118, LAY OFF. You like collecting information? Well guess what my new hobby is. You need to GROW up and act as much like an adult as you know how.

Anyone out there want to contact me about ANY transaction that I've ever had OR my wife has ever had with you? Feel free. Don't be children like these "tough guys" in this thread.

I am serious, I CAUTION ANYONE with dealing with these guys... it seems to me like jlb8118 likes to purchase items & then LIE about their quality and/or pick on women. Again, e-mail me with any info you need about him.. I will be collecting more as time passes.

Know whats funny, it seems like instead of acting in an ADULT way, the louder a person cries, the "more right" they must be. right? Well I am not a person who believes in that. Anyone want my story of the transactions between these guys & my wife? Simply e-mail me & I will tell you all about it. I am not going to cry about it publicly. How childish. You can take my side of the story & theirs & come up with your OWN conclusion because you know what? It takes two to tango & you're all getting only one dancer's step here.

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12-15-2001, 07:05 PM
Ok.. just to keep you ALL abreat of what's going on, here's the e-mail I just received from JACOB BOLOTIN (jlb8118) concerning his mamba.. mind you all, this is the FIRST e-mail that I've received from him... EVER:

JACOB writes:
>>>well I received my Mamba yesterday and am very disappointed. First of
all I paid for insurance not delivery confirmation, they are two extremely
different things, second the box was not sealed it had been re-taped
w/shipping tape, second inside the box (since you had resealed it, I decided
to check the contents) one of the helicopter blades was split in two and a
bag resealed w/tape. I know that yes, you did know about this because it is
the same one you recently purchased using your [email protected] ebay account
and then sold to me using your recently unregistered
[email protected] account. This is complete BS on your part and
unless refund to compensate all of this information will be given to ebay in
a fraud report and mail fraud charges will be filed as well.

I would consider adequate compensation to be one of two things :
1. A replacement mamba blade and that opened bag (the one which contains the
Gyro viper) still fully factory sealed
2. An amount of money to compensate for this (around 20 dollars or so)

Please email me immediately with your thoughts.>>>

Mmmm. Fraud Jacob? . yup... sure. I invite you all to first check out the e-bay ad we're talking about: 1665159480
And here's my response (HE has chosen to make thios all public, so be it):

>>>First off, you're wrong. Oh you think you have it all figured out.. but you're wrong you "idiot" (like that word, don't you) You better go back to YOJOE & check out my post.. this is all news to me as of today.

You think you got it all figured out? You think since I bought a few Mamba's recently that "yours must be one of them"... ? Well, I happen to have 2 brand new mambas sitting in my basement right now. Want a picture you a$$? The one you got was purchased at a flea market, AS you received it & WAS sealed AS you received it. You lay these demands on me now? After you FIRST publicly called my wife and/or me an "idiot".. know what that is buddy? Its slander. SLANDER. You think you're in the right here? WRONG. If you would have asked for a refund and/or brought this to my attention like an ADULT, you would have found that my wife would have been more than fair in helping you out. But no.. you like to make threats and demand things RIGHT OFF THE BAT instead.

Replace a f#&%ing bag? Are you kidding? Alright.. a zip-lock is on its way to you right now. You want a new blade? Wow... you pick a funny way to ask for assistance. GROW UP.

Funny... what's your name, Jacob Bolotin? Here's what the ad says:
Mint In Box GI Joe/Cobra Mamba... box completely sealed. Mamba comes with Gyroviper figure (sealed in box with the vehicle parts/papers/stickers, etc). Thanks for your bid! I accept checks and money orders. (Money orders ship the next day)... please only SERIOUS bidders. Shipping is to be paid by the auction winner, however, winner has choice of shipping type (USPS, UPS, etc). Peace

I find nothing in here that is wrong with what you got. The only thing we're talking about is your word vs mine/my wife's that the box was sealed.. AS IT WAS sealed. Where do you have any claim? What wrong has been done to you? A part is broken? HOW THE HE11 would my wife know this if it was sealed? Don't you ever threaten me again Jacob Bolotin.

You want to start talking AS ADULTS about a problem that you may have had, in YOUR opinion, with your item? Then lets see an e-mail in this way.


PS lol.. boy, you really are immature, I see you were calling my wife an "idiot" before you even got your package.. WHICH YOU RECEIVED within e-bay transaction time limits. Wow.. what a piece of work you are.>>>

PEOPLE, I CAUTION ALL OF YOU WITH DEALING WITH THIS GUY. YOU'RE LOOKING AT A 4 YEAR OLD WITH AN E-BAY ACCOUNT. Now lets see if he sends an adult e-mail where he presents the problem & where we can work to see that BOTH parties are happy with the deal. Is this the way things are done now... ? WOW, I guess I need to get ruthless real quick to fit into this world.

12-15-2001, 07:18 PM
Well thats certainly great.. JACOB (jlb8188) has been a pretty good little e-bay buyer since July 2001. COOL! It looks like he knows how to spend money...

I have been a 100% positives little e-bay buyer & seller since April of 1999. I bet I've dealt with almost every reader of these YOJOE posts in one form or another since then. I have nothing but stacks of positive correspondence from you all.

Now all of a sudden newbie here is all about making sure he buries my name and/or my wife's name because all of a sudden I am "out to rip anyone/everyone off". WHAT? Simple. He is a cry-baby who doesn't know how to communicate, but instead, he'd rather get on his soap box & preach OPINIONS. I am telling you people, for the third time, please use caution in dealing with this guy. If he buys something of yours, better take a CLOSE picture of it before you send it to him... I wish my wife would have been warned prior to selling to him, his bid would have been canceled immediately.

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12-15-2001, 08:08 PM
Hey Andrew you should be getting my email soon. I think you are well meaning as was your wife. I now believe that at least with my transaction your wife simply did not know. I am probably in the wrong for posting my second ad before waiting for a response from you to my email and I apologize for that. Regardless of this though, the item was still not as described and compensation is necessary because of this. You must understand though, that a buyer would surely panic when the sellers account is cancelled and his email address is no longer in use. This is my reason for acting in hast.
In terms of my overall ebay experience in my short 5 months or so you will notice that I have accumulated 113 positives, 64 of which are from unique users. I have no negatives nor any neutrals. I do know what I am doing and have dealt with many people.
You speak often of acting like adults or dealing with this like an adult, yet you respond not as one yourself. You should know that 2 wrongs don't make a right. So why if you want others to write/speak to you as adults do you respond in childish terms? I want to work this out and am anxious to hear from you.

12-15-2001, 08:37 PM
Well I am anxious to work this out too. And YOU must understand that I would not have to bring myself to the level of immature (worded) e-mails if I and or my wife had been dealt with as politely as your recent post here. (Or even if I was sent an e-mail notifying me of your concerns.. I found out about all this by stumbling across it HERE! This is not right.) No "panic" was intended... she thought that nothing was wrong with what she sold and, being finished with selling (knowing she will be spending a lot of time in the future with her mother, but that is our business), she canceled her account and her e-mail address she used for it. Purely innocent.
As I replied, I offer you a refund for the part cost OR a return of the item for the purchase price. In addition, I would also offer help with locating a blade. Obviously, however, I cannot (nor could anyone) absolutely guarantee that I will be able to find one... at least not immediately. You need to decide.

The sadest part about this, it would seem (you pointed out your excellent/spotless ebay rating.. well I too then point out mine as well: Jeditrick... 187 with 250 positives... NO negs or Neutrals... MANY recent) is that it seems as though very honest people have been dealing with each other here and we've all been victim to who owned the Mamba prior to my wife buying it. Personally, I don't like buying from flea markets for just this reason.. I think its safe to say that she learned her lesson as well. At any rate, the breakdown occured NOT with the honesty of our persons.. but with the way that we chose to respond, remark, and act when discovering the error.

I hope we can put this to bed. No one wants to feel bad about a transaction.. we're talking about toys here guys. TOYS. Things that are supposed to be fun, especially around this time of year.

12-15-2001, 09:04 PM
First off excuse my spelling error of planned (I had an extra D).

It looks like this whole thing may be resolved. Lets see.
This transaction must be a lot of fun for everyone not involved. Since you all get to see what is happening, and that is always interesting, Right?
Happy holidays everyone.

12-15-2001, 09:42 PM
OK SLOW DOWN everyone.

Andrew, I never, and I say NEVER spoke/wrote/thought a single bad word about you, NEVER. I never knew of you until today.

IF you read my posts, they all read "Tracey".
IF I incorrectly stated tracey as a man that is my error.

When I originally posted the info that was all true, All i stated was my side of the story. Tracey will agree that they are all original and not a word was altered.

So as far as me ruining Andrew's name, re-read the post and you will find no mention.

To restate my story :

I bought something that was said to be one way and was another.
I asked for a refund, was refused, and then ignored.
(if the person was away and you have not heard from them and had emails "bounce back" who wouldn't think they were ignored.)

I am in the process of fixing the problem as we speak.

Andrew, I posted the emails before i received the emails from Tracey, not before.

I have NEVER dealt with ANDREW, Never, from what I have heard about him, he is an perfect trader. If in posting the info, someone took Andrew and tracey as the same person, I will not take fault.

I had a problem with tracey, and now, after a month, we may possibly get this resolved.

I am in my right to post what I did (isn't this what this forum is about??) and I think if I didn't post it I would be getting the short end of the stick.

I will not fight, resort to slinging mud, or name calling, I want this to be resolved in an adult manner and simply go on.

Thank you.

12-15-2001, 10:11 PM
Amen. I can understand AC's concern about no response. I would be lying if I said I wouldn't have been concerned as well. My anger came with the posts concerning my integrity (something I hold, as do most people, very highly) and my wife's "sinister" intent. On the same hand, I find it funny that when we all calm down, how FAST situations can be cleared up. I will admit that "closing shop" immediately after the last of her e-bay sales was a BAD choice.. it was innocent, but bad. No one should do this. On the same hand, I think it is clear that things have been taken to a level that could have been handled in a much better way.

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12-15-2001, 10:34 PM
Andrew, I am glad to know we see eye to eye on things.

I wanted to resolve this a while ago but thought I was ignored. it turns up I wasnt ignored, but that topic is settled. it was simply a misunderstanding that easily could be perceived as something else.

Im sure you can see where I am coming from.
Andrew, I will be emailing Tracey tomorrow, its late and I dont have the energy to write a lengthy email. I am sure that we can come to a resolution.

I would like to make a point again of saying NONE of what I wrote involved Andrew in any way. Andrew is a more that fair trader/seller from my understanding.

thank you.

12-16-2001, 12:47 AM
Well, I'm glad this whole awful mess has been cleared. A little bitterely, but its over. It was childish and stupid.
I hope some of you learned an important lesson out of this, one that escapes me at this current moment, but one that I'm sure some of you learnt.

12-16-2001, 12:17 PM
Well, yes, it looks like now Andrew and I are in agreement. So this will finally be resolved, and you guys can help. If you have an unbroken Mamba blade please contact Andrew so he can purchase it and send it off to me. I guess the solution to this was pretty easy after all, all it took was communication. For some reason he didn't get my first email or the message I left with his wife and then I left a rude post about him on these classifieds and I take full responsibility for that, and yes I was quick to jump to conclusions and am glad to see he acknowledges that when his wife immediately cancelled the account that that could cause concern amoung the buyers and was probably a bad decision. So we all made mistakes and it will now be resolved and like I said everyone else out there can try to help by contacting Andrew if they have a Mamba blade so he can purchase it as a replacement for me.
Again thanks everybody and happy holidays.