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05-16-2002, 09:47 AM
BEWAR OF THE BUYER ( N.W LOCAL ) on ebay he purchased 4 items from me about three months ago and never replied emails until I threatend him with - feedback>I emailed him numerous times for his address and imfo then finnally a month ago he said payment was on the way and still nothing.He gave me some excuse that he was in the middle of a move BUT COME ON WHO TAKES 3 MONTHS TO MOVE!!!.THID GUY IS A HUGE LIAR.Yet I LOOK ON HIS FEEDBACK AND HE HAS PAID OHTERS BUT NOT ME.I know for a fact the payment has not been sent yet because he did not mention it to me at all when I left - feedback for him.DEADBEAT BIDDERS like N.W LOCAL SHOULD NOT BE ON EBAY ,because of their own STUPIDITY they leave -feedback for all the honest and excelent people on Ebay who are on the BALL of things when it comes to buying selling and trading anything.