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06-17-2002, 12:27 PM
Ok I hate to do this but this cat has not returned my emails. I bought a few Zartan parts from this guy and started getting worried when he didnt send them off. Well I emailed him asking what was going on and he hit me with this and I quote

"Yes i have i apologize for not emailing you, i have been really really sick lately. I will send your figure out ASAP. Riley.

Well I sent him a email asking him to shoot me another email when he sent it out. Havent got anything yet. Ive also sent him email after email asking him to just respond and still nothing. I fear Ive been ripped. Im not writing him off or calling him a cheat. Just want to know if anyone traded with him before. His full name is Kevin Riley and his screen name is SnwBoarder363.