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10-14-2002, 09:32 AM
Guys, I hope you don't mind but I put in a complaint with the IFCC. From the last couple of posts about her I used whomever got ripped off's email. I hope you don't mind but I needed some other witnesses to back up my story. I didn't make anything up, I shot it straight from the hip. I really think we all should do it, it only took like 10 minutes to do. So please everybody who got it up the ass dry, put it in a the ifcc


all of us and whomever else got it, we have to put in these reports.

Again, I know I ddin't have the right to use your e-mails so if you have a problem, email be back and I'll take your email off of my report. [email protected]

But I think we gotta get together on this BEE-OTCH and do something, so come on and put in those reports...don't let our collections die in vain...let me know on what's happening with it too. And use whatever you want of me in there, I've got all my papers from sending her sh*t so I've got some good proof.

Thanks guys, and sorry if I offended anybody by using their emails. Just let me know