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Serpentor's Bodyguard
06-01-2004, 07:31 AM
in your opion what issue or storyline was cobra at its peak of power?

Angry Beef
06-01-2004, 08:44 AM
Literally RIGHT before the Cobra Civil War.

06-01-2004, 11:48 AM
I would say right around issues 44-48. Cobra had sucessfully pulled off creating their own nation, and was recognized by everyone as a legitimate country. Meanwhile, they still controlled the town of Springfield, and were in the early stages of the Serpantor project, which CC at the time thought would be the perfect soldier (not the perfect leader.) At this point they also had every significant Cobra figure on their side except Storm Shadow. Their power would be diminished with the destruction of Springfield in issue #50, but they would still have a run of sucesses that they would ride to the Civil War.

One could actally argue that the currect, DD version of Cobra is also very powerful.

Interesting topic.

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Serpentor's Bodyguard
06-01-2004, 12:01 PM
Beef, like issue 77?

the cobra island series was pretty high.

maybe in the begining 10-20?

Crimson Immortal
06-06-2004, 05:36 AM
Cobra had about 2 peaks....But I would say around 1990 the Return of Cobra Commander with his all new Cobra legions,and Cobra really kickedass from 90-91.