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an email came to me today and its very long this is just a part of what was writen what do you think of what was said? if this does not get locked ill post some more of it and has anyone got something like this before?

This is the legal official document. Please read, learn, print and send to help a friend.

(Important Revisions Pages 1-10, 14, 20-22, 34-38, 41-44, 60, 63-67, 77, 102-104

made on June 8, 2004)





Instead of traditional visit to Canada, the newly appointed President George W. Bush made first trip to meet President Fox in Mexico. In the conference with Journalists after the meeting President G. W. Bush and Fox declared the amnesty to all Mexicans presently illegally leaving in the USA and announced, that by the year 2010 the border between our two Countries will disappear, as it will become unnecessary, because the standard of living in the USA will be dropped to the level of Mexico.
















Honest PEOPLE from All over the World.

FROM: Mr. William Pikulin and Mr. Savely Petreykov -The American Citizens.


The September 11, 2001 Tragedy was not an unexpected or sudden Act of madness of some religion fanatics, instead it was a logical planed act of policies pursued by Criminal elements, who penetrated and took control of Our Government, Our Courts, the Top Positions in The Justice Department and Secret Services, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Labor, Securities and Exchange Commission, etc.. and in private sector took over control of The Boards of Directors and CEOs of Nation biggest Public Corporations and Military Industrial Complex.

Since early 1970’s the small Criminal Group of American Government Officials blamed their failure in Vietnam and impeachment of President Nixon on too much Freedom and right to the Independent Thinking created by Prosperity, which was secured by the American Way of Life and The Constitution of The United States.

Their notion, that prosperity of the American People achieved following the historic principles of The American Way of Life, as a real freedom to choose, and a prudent preservation of tradition and principal of the Veritable Democracy and prosperity of The United States, which is based on the care for and prosperity of every American Citizen, gave the American People too much Constitutional Rights and too much Freedom of Thinking and, as a result, forced Military out of Vietnam, impeached dishonest President Nixon, allowed to elect the commoners - nobody to be the President like Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton, which prevent the certain Group of People to Rule the rest of the Population - plebs through Officials they install and control, because these Criminals through Heredity or Money believe that it is their Birth Rites to Rule.

These Criminal Group in Our Government and Federal Courts feel that it is their moral obligation and Birth Right to impoverish population of the United States by creating Economic Depression, removing well paid Jobs out of the Country expropriating, openly robbing and stealing money and property of American Citizens and create Country of Rulers and Servant or Slaves - the poverty make most obedient servant, slaves.

The money collected should be divided between the “chosen ones”, who will become extremely Rich with help and under protection of their accomplices - Federal Judges, who by abolishing The Laws and Constitution of the United States and replacing it with “Law of Precedents”, where Rich Thieves can do no Wrong, are providing the Criminals with the Legal Base, so they can rightfully use the Nation’s Secret Services and Police Force and order them to operate outside the Constitutional Laws to create the Reign of Terror on the population and keep the unwilling to submit or protesting ones in newly build Prisons or Concentration Camps.

The America in the vision of Criminals will be ruled by few extremely Rich Thieves, who will appoint President and the other Officials, who will Rule the “Democratic” Country run in dictatorial way, to the satisfaction and safety of the very few, who will become extremely Rich.

To achieve such goals the 15 top professional specialists in the United States were assembled to created special reports "Report from Iron Movntain on possibility and desirability of Peace" made for the limited number of the Country Leaders (secrecy litter L) advise on the problems the Nations face in Politic, Economic, Military and Social fields - the roadmap Criminals use and following to the letter to the present day.

These are some of the quotations from Sec. XXXII, pages 30,3 9, 90:

"Society starting the War needs such confrontation, and that is the reason why Society begins the War..."

"Positive results of War..."

"Military action created stabilizing effect on Social order in the Society (Country)..."

"System based on Peace is very risky endeavor"

"Increase of Military spending has to be obtained from Social Programs, which have to be declared "dangerous".

"Artificial increase in Military Hysteria - is the main instrument in obtaining incredible amount money from the Country Budget."

"It is necessary to Merge together Casts of the Owners of Huge Corporation with the Military and Political Leaders..."

In 1912 the future President Woodrow Wilson, as a part of the Election debate, warned about Thievery and Corruption by Criminal Groups, which can become a real force, using power of tremendous amount of money stolen from Citizens of the United States. Woodrow Wilson warned, that these Criminal Groups can be transferred into the real political force and slowly and unavoidable overtake the Government Structure to rule by the will and pressure of small groups, which are made from people holding a real power in the country. Woodrow Wilson "The New Freedom" London, 1916, p. 159.

President Herbert Hoover prior to great depression worn American People, that deviation from American Way of Life, as a result of introduction of destruction principles, will put under thread the Freedom of our Citizens and destroy equal opportunities not only to the present population, but also the future of our children. "The New Day"; Campaign Speeches of Herbert Hoover, 1928, Stanford University Press, 1928.

Only Slaves can tolerate such crimes!

What kind of Person are you, who are tolerating this?

What are you afraid of?

What do you have left to loose?


To fully understand of what happened in the United States today, we have to look back into the history of the world.

The pure Slavery existed for ages, but in approximately 4 century AD the new type of more sophisticated Slavery was developed - called Feudal Laws. Before, the Slaves were mostly the foreigners captured in a War, but in the New Feudal System the Slave becomes everybody, who was in debt to the Lender.

Instead of forcing the Slaves to work, the previously Free People were lent money in return for assigning of the Title to Property, they own, and the Lender had to make sure that, he created the situation, where Borrower cannot pay the money back with interest agreed in time according to the contract.

From that point on The Lender, based on the Feudal Laws and with help of the Judges and Sheriffs appointed by him, will be able to take the possession of the Land, House, and any other personal property, which were often worth the 20 times and more the amount borrowed. Lender also has the right to throw Borrower and his Family on the Street and to put Borrower in prison until the money was paid, or force Borrower in servitude by taking any money, or farm produce Borrower made forever - make Borrower a slave.

The Feudal Government Apparatus, the Courts, The Judges and Law Enforcement Organizations served only one purpose to collect money from the rest of population for the benefit of ruling Class and to protect the Rulers.

Under the British Law the inheritance of the property and Title was transferred to the Oldest Son. The rest of the Children of the Landowner had to live of the mercy of the Oldest Son or fetch for themselves. Most of the sons of the Aristocracy had to join the Army and fight for expansion of the British Empire, but some, who had some money organized the Plantations by taking Land in the Colonies and used local poor population to work on their fields and sell farms produce back to England. Some Plantations made huge amount of money to the Owners, but despite the richness these Owners were treated, as the second class Citizens, compare to their Oldest Brother, who inherited not only the Land, but also the Title of the Father.

In the American Colonies the land was ready available in abundance on the new territories and free. The colonization of America was made by two types of People: the First type were the Sons of the Aristocrats, who did not receive their father inheritance, but had enough money and connection in Great Britain to create huge Plantation on the best land in the first Colonies in the South. The work on Plantations was performed by the convicts sentenced for any small deed by the Great Britain (this is how British King was get rid of poor and desperate people); the Second type were poor People, who run to America to be Free from persecution. These poor people treasure their Freedom and did not want to become slaves working on somebody else land and try to get away from the control of the British King. After completion of their sentences or at any chance the Convicts run away, so the Owner of the Plantation were always short of the dependable cheap labor and was forced regress to Slavery Social System by buying slaves from Africa. The Plantations Owners in America were in such desperate need of labor to work on their Plantation that they were paying from $5,000 to $15,000 for each Slave creating extremely profitable Slave Trade. The average American Family could live very well at that time on less than $300 a year.

The British King had great difficulties to collect the Tax from the usual source - the Land. The Land was unoccupied, plenty and free on the New Territories, therefore, the British Crown had to put huge Tax on Goods shipped to America, which was under control of the British Navy.

The harsh treatment of the Colonists by the British Soldiers, huge sales Tax on Goods supply from Great Britain and treatment of the British Aristocracy colonizing America, as second-class citizens in Britain, created insurrection the Revolution of 1776. People in Colonies were feed up with systems of the King and want to have the Democracy.

The only Democracy educated British Aristocrats in the Colonies knew was the democracy of the ancient Rome or Greece.

The most advance democratic document in the world was written - "The Declaration of Independence" on July 4, 1776 and became the base for the New Republic.

The Citizens of the United States of America became free and equal in their Rights under the Law. The Citizens of the United States were not all of the people living in America, only the Persons, who own the property, so the Women, Poor Whites, Indians and Slaves could not Vote and were not included and had no Rights.

The Revolution of 1776 in America was for Independence from British King and, despite the fact, that the American Constitution was one of the most modern and progressive Documents of the Laws, it did not enforce the Laws against the Feudal Slavery, or any type of Slavery.

The Revolution of 1776 was not the Capitalist Revolution like the one in France, which change the Feudal System to the Capitalist System in Europe.

Therefore, European Laws against Usury was not enforced in the United States.

The British Convicts become free in the new Country of the United States of America, which forced the Owners of the Huge Plantation on the South to buy more slaves from Africa to tend their fields. The Plantations in the Southern States using Slave Labor produced the Cotton and Tobacco, which were 90% of the American Export and which made the Owners of the huge Plantation extremely Rich. The Southerners want to preserve the Slavery System and resisted rights of poor, or immigrants to settle on their territories, because they were afraid of any change such people can bring, so new immigrants have to settle mainly in the Northern States or on the new territories, where new European Capitalist System flourished.

The County with two Social Systems opposing each other could not exist for long and by 1861 the antagonism come to the boiling point and resulted in the Civil War.

The North used General Sherman's Army to completely devastate, destroy the economic base of the American Feudalist - Slave Owners by burning their Crops and Houses, and by robbing and killing most of the Plantation's Owners in the South. To the Contrary of the stories told to the Blacks, the Civil War was not about Slavery, but about the change in the Social order from Slavery - Feudal System to the Capitalist System, which have no needs for Slavery. Slavery was abolished not, as the reason to win the new Capitalist Social order, but as a result of the change to new social order and only after the Civil War was won by the North the Amendment XIII to The Constitution on December 6, 1865 was introduced, followed On February 3, 1870 by Amendment XV to The Constitution all People, who own property were permitted to Vote, disregarding Race, Color or previous condition of servitude (no woman). Only on August 18, 1920 by Amendment XIX to The Constitution Woman with property were allowed to Vote.

The real meaning of "The Declaration of Independence" proclaimed on July 4, 1776 - "WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal", which allowed All American People to became the Citizens and be able to Vote (abolition of Slavery and equal Rights) eventually made in to the Law by the Amendment XXIV to The Constitution on January 23, 1964 almost 190 years after "The Declaration of Independence".

The Southern States became open to all the American People, but America lost its income from the Export of the Cotton and the other produce of the Plantation of the South.

The Civil War thrown the Country in the 30 years Economic depression.

The primitive Capitalism in America was developing slowly by lack of the investment Capital and mostly concentrated in the hands of very few extremely rich, who monopolized the market, but the most Americans had no place to invest their small saving and received no benefit from enrichment of the country.

Every document filed in this Lawsuit #04-384C will be read by the Millions of People in America and All over the World.

The time is come to show the World, what the United States of America, the American Laws and Constitution really are. We have to restore the letter of the Law, to start to rebuild our Country to what it once was, to return the money stolen by the Criminals in our Government from the American People and hidden in the Foreign Accounts, to prosecute the Bandits and Thieves, to restore our Public Corporations to the purpose for which they were created for - to provide Jobs and prosperity to the American People and return to the guided principals of American Way of Life.

Please take the extra 45 days and show your backbone by doing what the Constitution, not the Criminals dictate to You, join Mr. Savely Petreykov and Mr. William Pikulin in this Lawsuit #04-384C.

Truly and Respectfully, Yours May 14, 2004.

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