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06-21-2004, 12:09 PM
Every few years my local Comic Shop will do a trivia contest, typically 100 questions and 0.10 in credit for each one right as well as getting your name in a drawing.

This year is his 20th anniversary so its a 200 question quiz! Your allowed to take it ome and use the Internet so I try and find them all through searching & board posting.

As such I'm going to post it here. Feel free to give it a shot and see how many you can get, if you want to help me out by all means post your answers smile.gif

I personally got right around 100 of them off the top of my head, can probably another 10-15 more with some thought. The rest will require research. Some are really easy, others are really hard.


DC Questions

1. Name three human Green Lanterns

2. In Kingdom Come, who killed Lois Lane?

3. What is Martha Ken’s maiden name?

4. From where do all the super-speedsters in the DC Universe get their speed?

5. What is the main weakness of the Martian Manhunter?

6. What are two of Superman’s weaknesses (I can name four)?

7. What is Wonder Woman’s weakness?

8. In the Gold and Silver Ages, Superman made sure that nobody knew his secret identity by making Clark Kent cowardly and weak. What did the Silver Age Flash do to make sure that nobody knew he was Barry Allen?

9. Which Top Ten Character recently finished a five-issue visit to his home dimension?

10. From the previous Question, what was his occupation in his home dimension?

Give the super-hero identities for each of the following characters (if a character has two correct masked identities, you will only get credit for one):

11. Clark Kent
12. Kyle Rainer
13. Bruce Wayne
14. Hal Jordan
15. Dick Grayson
16. Oliver Queen
17. Tim Drake
18. John Stewart
19. Jason Todd
20. Connor Hawke
21. Ray Palmer
22. Alan Scott
23. Al Pratt
24. Dinah Lance
25. Mary Bromfield
26. Diana Prince
27. Billy Batson
28. Jay Garrick
29. Arthur Curry
30. Freddy Freeman
31. Carter Hall
32. Barry Allen
33. John Jones
34. Bart Allen
35. Roy Harper
36. Barbara Gordon
37. Johnny Thunder
38. Wally West
39. Jon Osterman
40. Johnny Chambers
41. Bonston Brand

42. For Captain Marvel, what does SHAZAM stand for (just the person, not the attribute)?

43. For Mary Marvel, what does SHAZAM stand for (just the person, not the attribute)?

44. Who was the only member of the Watchmen who had actual super powers?

45. Which super-hero from Astro City was born in the future?

46. Name the line-up of the original Doom Patrol

47. What two babies had their own comic from 1956-1971?

48. How did the Silver Age Superman send the Silver Age Mr. Mxyzptlk away?

49. What is the name of Wonder Woman’s home?

50. How did the Golden Age Hawkman fly?

51. Who was the original Nightwing?

52. Who was the original Batman?

53. Who was the original Robin?

54. In Batman, who was the mastermind of the Hush storyline?

55. Who was responsible for Barbara Gordon’s career change?

56. In the ‘Quiver’ storyline, which part of Green Arrow’s arsenal has Batman promised never again to make fun of?

57. What do Robby Reed or Jerry Feldon (or anyone else who has the device) have to dial to become a super-hero?

58. What Green Lantern Super-Villain did Cyrus Gold become?

59. In Kingdom Come, which of his traditional weaknesses is no longer very effective against Superman?

60. Who are Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and why should any DC fan care about them?

61. Which of these super-animals are from Krypto? Krypto the Super-Dog, Streaky the Super-Cat, Beppo the Super-Monkey, and Comet the Super-Horse.

62. What group of super-lawmen is no longer welcome on earth by the 30th century?

63. What is the name of the Pre-Crisis Supergirl’s home city?

64. What are the names of the Silver Age superman’s birth parents? Spelling Counts.

65. What are the names of the Golden Age Superman’s birth Parents? Spelling Counts here too.

66. Many of the super-heroes in the DC universe are married. Name five couples of which at least one of the two have super-powers. You may count people who are now divorced, or marriages where one spouse is deceased. Stick to the 20th and 21st Century.

67. What special food helps give Tom Strong his tremendous vitality and longevity?

68. What did Deadman do before he was, well…..dead?

69. Legion of Super-Heroes Time: in his first appearance, what was Wildfire called?

70. What super-hero did DC Comics first put out of business, and then publish themselves in no loess than three series?

71. What tonsorial change did Clark Kent make immediately before marrying Lois Lane?

72. How did Johnny Thunder summon his Thunderbolt?

73. How does Jakeem Thunder summon his Thunderbolt?

74. Of the Flashes, who’s faster, Wally West or Barry Allen?

75. When the Creeper isn’t creeping, who is he and what does he do?

76. In Preacher, what is the name of the spirit that lives in Jesse Custer’s Body?

77. In Sandman, what are the names of Morpheus’ Siblings?

78. What was Wonder Woman’s big announcement at the end of Kingdom Come?

79. What feature of the Swamp Thing’s face seems to give artists the most trouble?

80. Who was Clark Kent’s closest friend in Smallville?

81. No #81 listed….gonna have to ask about this

82. Name the Watchmen, and the Charlton-published character that each are based on.

83. What career criminal in the DC Universe was recently impeached?

84. Which comic book character did Wiliam Moulton Marston create?

85. What else is Marston noted for creating?

86. Who was the very first Bizarro an imperfect duplicate of?

87. According to Even Dorkin (World’s Funnest), why is Bat Mite’s costume so poorly made?

88. Name the Inferior Five?

89. The Swamp Thing’s archenemy Arcane had a group of twisted henchmen called the U-Men, each of whom were physically twisted. One of them was a head perched on a hand. What was he called?

Marvel Questions

1. Who did the X-Men named X0rn turn out to be?

2. In the Original Dark Phoenix storyline, who was responsible for changing Phoenix into Dark Phoenix?

3. Name three Marvel super-hoer characters with alliterative civilian names. For example, Spider-Man is Peter Parker (and no, you can’t use him).

4. What is the major difference between the movie Spider-Man and thecomic book Spider-Man?

5. In 1602, who was the time traveler?

6. For awhile, Steve Rogers was a comic book artist. What feature did he draw?

7. What wartime group did Captain America, the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch belong to?

8. Name Reed and Sue Richards surviving children?

9. What neighborhood did Benjamin Grimm grow up in?

10. Who was Jacob Kurtzberg, and why should any Marvel fan care about him?

11. In his origin, what was the Red Skull’s original job?

12. What was the Red Skull’s birth name?

13. Wat did Peter Parker’s parents do for a living?

14. What team did Nick Fury lead in World War II?

Give the super-hero identities for each of the following characters (if a character has two correct masked identities, you will only get credit for one):

15. Reed Richards
16. Anthony Stark
17. Robert Bruce Banner
18. Peter Parker
19. Benjamin Grimm
20. Johnny Blaze
21. Frank Castle
22. Susan Richards
23. Ororo Monroe
24. Stephen Strange
25. Donald Blake
26. Norrin Radd
27. Janet Van Dyne
28. Natasha Romanoff
29. Robert Drake
30. Pietro Maximoff
31. Henry Pym
32. Jean Grey
33. Matthew Murdock
34. Wanda Maximoff
35. Logan
36. Steve Rogers
37. Clint Barton
38. Ted Sallis
39. Kitty Pryde

40. Who are the Warriors Three?

41. What classic Marvel character shares both a surname and a occupation with a classic Star Trek Character.

42. What human surname can Namor claim?

43. How many heroes has Rick Jones been a Sidekick to?

44. Why did Spider-Man get rid of his Black Outfit?

45. From the previous question who picked it up after he tossed it?

46. Name two of Captain America’s Shields (I can name four).

47. What name was Stan Lee born with?

48. What colors were Daredevil’s original Costume?

49. Which one of the Fantastic Four is Jewish?

50. What mineral are the lenses of Scott (Cyclops) Summers’ sunglasses and visor composed of?

51. What is the name of Iron Man’s main offensive weapon?

52. What is the name of Thor’s Hammer?

53. What alien was given a magic hammer by Odin?

54. Which infamous pulp villain is Shang-Chi’s father?

55. From where did She-Hulk get her powers?

56. Where did Spider-Man get his powers?

57. What mutant did the Invisible Woman have a romantic interest in at one time?

58. To which former member of X-Factor does the Latin motto “E Pluribus Unum” (“Out of many, one”) best apply?

59. Speaking of X-Factor, which of its members proclaimed that his own super-hero name wasn’t any sillier than “Superman”?

60. Who were Peter Parker’s guardians?

61. What building houses the headquarters for the Fantastic Four?

62. What vehicle that split into four segments did the Fantastic Four use?

63. What vehicles do the Avengers use for fast air transport?

64. What mythical land does Thor come from?

65. From the previous question, how is Thor’s home connected to the Marvel universe?

66. Who guards the entrance to Thor’s homeland?

67. What government agency is Nick Fury in charge of?

68. Which member of the Fantastic Four is consistently underestimated, but has the most dangerous powers?

69. Who gave the Silver Surfer his cosmic-powered surfboard?

70. Which X-Man was originally intended to lead Alpha Flight?

71. Name of the masked identities of the following Spider-Man villains: Adrian Toomes, Norman Osborne, Otto Octavius, Sergei Kravenov.

72. Who were the original members of the Defenders?

73. Why have we never seen Baron Zemo’s face?

Miscellaneous Questions

1. What do Hawkeye and Plastic Man have in Common?

2. What do Conan, King Kull, Soloman Kane, and Red Sonja have in common?

3. In Hellboy, what does B.P.R.D Stand for?

4. Which French cartoonist created Arzach, co-created Lt. Blueberry, worked on the movies Tron and the Fifth Element, and drew two issues of the Silver Surfer?

5. How does Alex Fleming change into Spyboy?

6. In Ministry of Space, which country has a thriving space program, with active colonies on the Moon and Mars?

7. In Lone Wolf and Cub, what was Itto Ogami’s occupation before he became a ronin (pronounced “roe-Neen”)?

8. In Buck Godot, what are all Hoffmanite’s tools and weapons based on?

9. On which planet does Buck Godot currently reside?

10. From the previous question, what is the only law there?

11. What planet does Vampirella hail from?

12. What did Concrete do before he received his powerful, stony body?

13. Both DC and Marvel have characters who are royalty, who have limited telepathic abilities, and who have lost a spouse. Which who characters have these characteristics in common?

14. In the Girl Genius comic, what is another name for a ‘mad scientist’?

15. Which Birtish Super-hero was a direct copy of the original Captain Marvel?

16. What name is the hero from the previous question known as in the U.S.?

17. The hero from question #16 has a magic word. What is it?

18. Which Vermont based artist has drawn issues of the Swamp Thing, Superman, The Justice League, Thor, Sigil, Doctor Fate, The Doom Patrol, and Animal Man (And Many others)?

19. Which former Vermont is most famous for his radical re-interpretations of Batman and Daredevil?

20. Which Vermont based former artist is known for his work re-vamping the Swamp Thing and for creating the most paleontologically-correct dinosaur comic ever drawn?

21. Which Vermont based writer/artist took on the formidable job of writing and drawing the Swamp Thing comic after Alan Moore left, and also created a comic chronicling his dreams?

22. Which Vermont based writer co-created The Light and Darkness War, the Nazz, and Clash (among others), and is brother to one of the four artists named previously?

23. In the movie version of The Rocketeer, Jennifer Connolly plays Jenny, the hero’s girlfriend. What was Jenny’s name in the comic-book version?

24. From the previous question, for who was she named?

25. Name Archi’s two main girlfriends. First names will suffice.

26. Name the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

27. Who wields the Darkness?

28. Elfquest is published by WaRP Graphics. What does WaRP stand for?

29. Which self published Comic just finished its 300th and final issue?

30. What so-called ‘fine artist’ made a career out of copying and enlarging, almost line for line, the works of people like John Romita, Russ Heath, Mike Sekowsky, Jerry Grandenetti, and other comics artists?

31. What were the ‘super identities’ of Archie Andrews, Reggie Mangle, Jughead Jones, and Betty Cooper?

32. What are Donald Duck’s newphews’ names?

33. What is Bart Simpson’s masked alter ego called?

34. Who created Scrooge McDuck, Gyro Gearloose, and Gladstone Gander?

35. What is the name of Archie’s Hometown?

36. Speaking of Archie, what unlikely Marvel Character did he cross over with a few years back?

37. What do the Thing and the Silver Age Green Lantern have in common?

38. Batman is the Dark Knight. Superman is the Man of Steel. Who is the Fat Fury?

06-21-2004, 03:01 PM
some of those questions are pretty interesting-
is there gonna be a way for us lazy bassssss
to get the answers at some point?

06-21-2004, 04:41 PM
1. Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, John Stewart
11. Superman
13. batman
14 and 19. Green Lantern
15,17, and 19: Robin (15 can also be Nightwing)
26. Wonder Woman
32. Flash
36. batgirl
48. Said his name backwards
51. Dick Grayson
52. Bruce Wayne
53. Dick Grayson
60. Creators of Superman
62. JLA (taking a guess there)
71. Cut his hair
77. Death, Desire, Delirium, Destiny, Destruction, Despair (along with Morpheus (aka Dream) collectively known as the Endless)

3. Scott Summers (Cyclops) Ororo Munroe (Storm), Frank Castle (Punisher)
4. The comic Spidey has web shooter machines on his wrists. The movie one has them as a part of the mutation.
10. Jack Kirby's name
11. The living embodiemnt of the Nazi cause (hired by Hitler)
12. Johann Schmidt
14. Shield (?)
15. Mr Fantastic
16. Iron Man
17. Hulk
18. Spider Man
19. The Thing
20. Human Torch
21. The Punisher
22. Invisible Woman
23. Storm
24. Doctor Strange
26. Silver Surfer
27. The Wasp
29. Iceman
32. Marvel Girl
33. Daredevil
35. Wolverine
36. Captain America
39. Shadowcat
44. It was the Venom Symbiote
45. Eddie Brock
47. Stanley Lieber
48. yellow and black
50. Ruby Quartz
51. repulsor rays
52. Mjolnir
55. A blood transfusion from David Banner
56. Bitten by a radioactive spider
58. Multiple Man
60. May and Ben Parker
61. four Freedoms Plaza
64. Asgard
68. Human Torch (?)
69. Galactus
70. Wolverine
71. dunno, Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Kraven
73. He never takes it off (his face is scarred)

19. Frank Miller
21. Neil Gaiman
25. Betty and Veronica
26. Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael
29. Cerebus (VERY good comic, I highly recommend it)
31. The Archies (?)
32. Huey, Dewie, and Louie
33. Bartman
35. Riverdale
36. the Punisher
37. Herbie

That help ya some? ;)

06-21-2004, 05:36 PM
Thanks, I've gotta get mine together and see what I've gota nd what I'm missing.

Odds are by the time the contest is due I'll have a full list of answers together, it'll just take me some time smile.gif

06-21-2004, 09:28 PM
1. magneto
6. captain america
25. thor
28. black widow
30. quicksilver
34. scarlet witch
37. hawkeye
38. swamp thing
40. fandral the dashing, hogun the grim, and volstagg
41. beast, dr. mccoy
53. beta ray bill
57. namor
59. strong guy
65. rainbow bridge connects asgard to midgard(earth)
71. adrian toomes is the vulture
misc. 16. is megaman ithink

06-21-2004, 11:52 PM
Here's Marvel for ya:

1. Magneto
3. Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Daredevil (Matt Murdock)
4. Movie Spidey has organic web shooters
5. Dunno
6.Captain America
7. The Invaders
8. Franklin and Valeria(?)
9. Yancy Street
10.Jack Kirby He created most of the Silver age Marvel characters!
11. Bellboy
13. Spies
14. The Howling Commandos
15. Mr. Fantastic
16. Iron Man
17, Hulk
18. Spider-Man
19. Thing
20. Ghost Rider
21. Punisher
22. Invisible Woman
23. Storm
24. Dr, Strange
25. Thor
26. Silver Surfer
27. Wasp
28. Black Widow
29. Iceman
30. Quicksilver
31. Yellowjacket
32. Marvel Girl
33. Daredevil
34. Scarlet Witch
35. Wolverine
36. Captain America
37. Hawkeye
38. Man-Thing
39. Sprite
40. Hogunn, Fandral, and Volstagg
41. The Beast (Dr. McCoy)
42. Mckenzie
43. 3 (Hulk, Captain America, Captain Marvel)
44. It was alive
45. Eddie Brock
46. The triangluar one he began with, the adamantium/vibranium composite.
47. Stanley Lieber
48. Yellow and black
49. The Thing
50. Ruby quartz
51. Repulsars
52. Mjolnir
53. Beta Ray Bill
54. Fu Manchu
55. A blood transfusion from her cousin the Hulk
56. Radioactive spider bite
57. Sub Mariner
58. Mardox the Multiple Man
59. Strong Guy
60. Ben and May Parker
61. Baxter Building
62. Fantasti-Car
63. Quinjets
64. Asgard
65. The rainbow Bridge
66. Heimdall
67. Shield
68. The Invisible Woman
69. Galactus
70. Wolverine
71. Vulture, Grren Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Kraven the Hunter
72. Hulk, Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner
73. His mask is bonded to his face by Adhesive X

Hope That Helps!

06-22-2004, 12:10 AM
The Misc. to the best of my knowledge:

1. They're both former criminals
2. All Created by Robert E. Howard
3. Bureau of Paranormal Reserach and Defense
4. Moebius
6. Great Britain
7. Samurai
13. Aquaman and Sub-Mariner
15. Marvelman
16. Miracleman
19. Frank Miller
20. Stephen R. Bissette
21. Rick Veitch
22. Tom Veitch
23. Betty
24. Betty Page
25. Betty & Veronica
26. Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Dontello
28. Wendi and Richard Pini
29. Cerebus
30. Roy Lichtenstein
32. Huey, Dewey & Louie
33. Bartman
34. Carl Barks
35. Riverdale
36. Punisher
37. Both test pilots
38. Herbie

That's it, I'm going to bed, I'll do DC tomorrow!

06-22-2004, 05:10 AM
Wow JoeCzar, you know your comics!

My problem is while I've been a comic reader for a long time its typically been a small group of books so most of this stuff is outside my scope.

06-22-2004, 10:43 AM
I used to be heavily into comics, in fact I used to own a comic book shop. 15 years ago I read pretty much every Marvel and DC book published, I guess it stuck! Now I'm down to about 10 titles a month, mostly GI Joe and X-men.

06-22-2004, 10:54 AM

1. Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart
2. Gog
3. Clark
4. The Speed Force
5. Fire
6. Kryptonite & magic
7. Having her wrists bound by a man
12. Green Lantern
13. Batman
14. Green Lantern
15. Nightwing
16. Green Arrow
17. Robin
18. Green Lantern
19. Robin
20. Green Arrow
21. Atom
22. Green Lantern
23. Atom
24. Black Canary
25. Mary Marvel
26. Wonder Woman
27. Captain Marvel
28. Flash
29. Aquaman
30. Captain Marvel, Jr.
31. Hawkman
32. Flash
33. Martian Manhunter
34. Impulse
35. Speedy
36. Batgirl
37. Thunderbolt
38. Flash
40. Johnny Quick
41. Deadman
42. Soloman, Hercules, Atlas, Zueas, Achilles, Mercury
44. Dr. Manhattan
45. Samaritan
46.Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, Robotman, 7 the Chief
47. Sugar & Spike
48. Made him say his name backwards
49. Paradise Island/ Thymiscara
50. Mechanical wings and an anti-gravity belt made of ninth metal
51. Superman
52. Thomas Wayne
53. Bruce Wayne
54. Riddler
55. The Joker
56. Boxing glove arrow
57. H
58. Goldface
60. Creators of Superman
61. Krypto, Beppo,
62. Green Lantterns
63. Argo City
64. Jor El and Lara
65 Jor L and Lara
66. Barry & Iris Allen, Ralph & Sue Dibny, Rita Farr & Steve Dayton, Clark Kent & Lois Lane, Jay & Joan Garrick
68. Trapeez artisit
69. ERG-1
70. Captain Marvel
71. Cut off his mullet
72. cei-u
73. way cool
74. Wally West
75. Richard Ryder, TV personality
78. She was pregnant
79. nose, or lack thereof
80. Pete Ross
82. Dr. Manhattan/Capt. Atom. Nite Owl I&II/Blue Beetle I&II, Silk Spectre/Nightshade, Ozymondias/Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt, Comedian/Peacemaker, Rorshack/Question
83. Lex Luthor
84. Wonder Woman
85. Lie Detector
86. Superman

More to come!

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06-22-2004, 12:06 PM
I would still love to run a Comic/Toy/Gaming type shop.

Thanks for the info though, must have been a blast reading all that those smile.gif

06-22-2004, 12:13 PM
Number 8 in DC is....Barry Allen was always late...always!!!

06-22-2004, 12:20 PM
DC #5....Martian Manhunter main weakness if fire....!!!!

06-22-2004, 12:22 PM
DC #39 Dr. Manhattan AKA Jon Osterman

06-22-2004, 12:28 PM
49. What is the name of Wonder Woman’s home?

Well everyone knows this is Paradise Island but I think they want the Greek name and thats 'Themascara' (check one calls it Paradise Island any more !!!!

06-22-2004, 12:29 PM
DC was the...............Riddler!!!

06-22-2004, 12:31 PM
DC #55 Who was responsible for Barbara Gordon’s career change?

The Joker...he shot her in the spine making her a parapaligic....and from her whellchair she now is Orical...DCs number one computer specialist !!!

06-22-2004, 12:33 PM
DC 57. What do Robby Reed or Jerry Feldon (or anyone else who has the device) have to dial to become a super-hero?

They dial-h-for-hero....well they dial the letters....h....e...r...o...and then they become super heros....!!!!


06-22-2004, 12:39 PM
66. Many of the super-heroes in the DC universe are married. Name five couples of which at least one of the two have super-powers. You may count people who are now divorced, or marriages where one spouse is deceased. Stick to the 20th and 21st Century.

#1 Mr. and Ms. Wally West (The Flash)
#2 Ralph and Sue Dibny (Elongatedman)
#3 Clark and Lois Kent (Superman)
#4 John Jones....Martian Manhunter (wife and childern dead)
#5 Mr. and Ms. Garett (The original Flash)

06-22-2004, 12:41 PM
68. What did Deadman do before he was, well…..dead?

He was a circus performer....and to be specific he was a trapeze artist !!!!

06-22-2004, 12:44 PM
72. How did Johnny Thunder summon his Thunderbolt?

By saying "Say You" !!!

06-22-2004, 12:45 PM
74. Of the Flashes, who’s faster, Wally West or Barry Allen?

Wally if the Fastest Flash ever as he discuvered how to tap into the speed force...!!!

06-22-2004, 12:48 PM
78. What was Wonder Woman’s big announcement at the end of Kingdom Come?

I think she was pregnant with Superman’s child???

06-22-2004, 12:51 PM
84. Which comic book character did Wiliam Moulton Marston create?

William Moulton Marston was an educational consultant in 1940 for Detective Comics, Inc.(now better known as DC Comics). Marston saw that the DC line, seeing it filled with images of super men such as Green Lantern, Batman, and their flagship character, Superman. Seeing all these male heroes, Marston was left wondering why there was not a female hero.

Max Gaines, then head of DC Comics, was intrigued by the concept and told Marston that he could create a female comic book hero - a "Wonder Woman." Marston did that, using a pen name that combined his own middle name with the middle name of Gaines: Charles Moulton

06-22-2004, 12:52 PM
85. What else is Marston noted for creating?

Marston was the creator of the systolic blood-pressure test, which lead to the creation of the polygraph(lie detector). Because of his discovery, Marston was convinced that women were more honest and reliable than men and could work faster and more accurately. During his life time, Marston championed the causes of women.

06-22-2004, 01:00 PM
88. Name the Inferior Five?

The Blimp
Mr. Might
The Mermaid
The White Feather
Dumb Bunny

I am not sure why there was more than 5 but those are the members...sorry!