View Full Version : Over 25x 12" figures for sale with link pic

06-15-2004, 07:05 PM
this figures are up for grabs,anybody intersted pm me or email me!
im willing to take offers!!,just as long you take them off my hands!!

12" starwars figures!All Figures are C9


Boxed 12"/6" Figures:Wal-Mart Exclusive Figures
Take everything for... $28.00
Wicket Ewok(box has shelf wear)Asking Price:$7.50
R5d2(box has shelf wear)Asking Price:$7.50
*Ickabel With FanFar..Asking Price:$10.00
*Nalan With Bandfill...Asking Price:$10.00
** ask for pic-ill email you pics of this figures!!!!**

Take Everything for $55.00..that makes $5.25 per figure,cant beat that price!!!!!
chewy(fury version) with bowcast..complete..$7.50
tie fighter pilot with weapon..complete..$7.50
lando general with weapon..complete..$7.50
snowtrooper with rifle..complete..$7.50
solo with chains..$6.50
stormtrooper with backpack..$6.00
luke(stormtrooper outfit) with helmet(helmet real dusty)..$6.00
emperor with cain..complete..$6.50
Luke Hoth OutFit With Hemet...$6.50
4-LOM With Rifle..Complete..$7.50

12"(loose) take Everything for $25.00
count dooku with saber(tear of boot)complete...$5.00
2x clonetroopers with rifles(complete)...$6.50 each
qui-jon with saber complete..$5.00
super battle droid..complete.$6.00
zam wessel with mask,helmet,rifle...$5.00

12" G.I.Joe Figures:c9..Take everything for $17.00
1992" Cobra Commander.V1: With Access..$7.00
2002" Nunchaku Ninja..$4.50..No Access
2002" Firefly :$4.50..No Access
2002"Duke:$4.50..No Access

12"..take Everything for $25.00 for all 7 figures!
3x BlueBox Elite,21St.Century,G.I.Joe
Elite figures Are $5.00 Each(No Access)
Rest Of Figure Are $4.50 Each(No Access)

Note:My Favored Figure Of Them All:..Asking $10.00
G.I.Joe 12" Astronaut Name: Aldrin With Joe Name Tag & Access
(Figure Outfit Is Dusty)
helmet shield changes to gold color over instead of clear!