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06-23-2004, 10:08 PM
My Wal-Mart just got some of these in which on the official Star Wars collector's site says some were supposed to be out in February! :rolleyes:
Anyway the ones that I REALLY want are those Vintage style figures with REAL cloth.
My WANT List ===>
Captain Antilles
Dutch Vander (Gold Leader)
General Jan Dodonna
Luke Jabba's Palace
Deluxe General Rieekan
NEW Original Trilogy Collection Vintage:
Princess Leia A New Hope
Yoda Empire Strikes Back
Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi A New Hope
Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back
Luke Skywalker A New Hope
Lando Calrissian Empire Strikes Back
R2-D2 Return of the Jedi
Han Solo A New Hope
C-3PO Empire Strikes Back
Chewbacca Return of the Jedi
Boba Fett Return of the Jedi
OTC #36, General Madine, Return of the Jedi
OTC #37, General Lando Calrissian, Return of the Jedi
OTC #38, Imperial Trooper, A New Hope
OTC #25, Snowtrooper, Empire Strikes Back
OTC #32, Lando Calrissian, Return of the Jedi
OTC #26, Luke Skywalker, Empire Strikes Back
OTC #19, Cloud Car Pilot, Empire Strikes Back
OTC #20, Lobot, Empire Strikes Back
OTC #21, TIE Fighter Pilot, A New Hope
Universe King Atlas
Universe Inferno
Energon Megatron
Energon Arcee
Energon Wing Saber
Takara Binaltech Smokescreen #7
Takara Binaltech Dead End
Alternator Hound
Alternator Tracks
Takara Binaltech Dead End
Takara Masterpiece Optimus Prime 20th Anniversary
Takara reissue Astrotrain
Takara Minibots set #1 (Bumblebee, etc.)
e-Hobby Minibots set #1 (Bumblebee, etc.) recolors
e-Hobby Astrotrain
e-Hobby Clampdown
e-Hobby Deep Cover
e-Hobby Minibot set
e-Hobby Sunstorm
e-Hobby yellow Sideswipe
e-Hobby Hauler
e-Hobby Ghost Starscream
e-Hobby black Starscream
e-Hobby Hound
Micromaster Sixliner
Micromaster Sixwing
Micromaster Sixtrain
Micromaster Sixbuilder
Micromaster Sixturbo/Universe Defensor
Botcon 2002 Exclusive Glyph
Botcon 2002 Exclusive Tap Out
Botcon 2002 Exclusive Rook
Heroes of Cybertron/Takara Fortress Maximus PVC
Punch-counterpunch's guns
Thundercracker parts: launcher, both small wings, 2 long missiles
Rumble/Frenzy spring for head
Hound's gas tank
Splashdown's shield & guns
vintage/re-issue Teela
Evil-Lyn vintage
vintage/re-issue Man-at-Arms
Skeletor New
Mer-man New

I know they aren't all out yet.

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