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06-19-2004, 11:27 AM
Last night I played with my Superhero figures. Not only that, but it was with my good friend Matt and his two kids and their Mom & my wife. Everyone had a TOTAL BLAST!

The ULTIMATE crossover: The JLA meets the Avengers meets the X-Men meets Capcom meets Scooby Doo meets Robots meets whatever else we could throw in tongue.gif

We dumped out a bunch of select* figures on the floor and everyone got to "choose up". Just like we used to when we were kids. Then we stuck all the remote controls in a circle on the glass coffee table and it became our <<Hall of Justice>>. :D

The CRISIS: Supergirl was kidnapped by Sauron and hidden in a random location known only to Matt (as Wolvie). Other badguys were scattered all around the house to intimidate and throw off the heroes. Ultron and Juggernaut got schooled in five seconds, lol!

My wife, myself, and his two daughters 3yr. old Beth & 6 yr. old Amy (as Rogue, Captain America, Batgirl, and Hulk [???] in same order as above) had to play "hide & seek" w/Supergirl purely by "figuring it out" smile.gif

Fantastic fun was had by all, I'll never forget it. Even broke two figs (man, kids are ROUGH!), but It was totally worth it. :D :D :D

This kind of makes me wanna go out and get me a few kids ;)

*Select figures didn't include the ones I thought would unbalance (Superman), plus the more delacate ones (Thor, Iron Man, Magneto, etc.)

Highly recommended for everyone. Use the kids as an excuse to play! LOL!


06-20-2004, 09:48 AM
nice... but I dont think my wife would actually play she would probably just watch and laugh. smile.gif

06-20-2004, 10:56 PM
I still remember the knockdown, dragout battle royals between the Super Powers figs and the Secret Wars figs I had as a kid.

I HAVE been working on getting some of the SUper Powers and Secret Wars figs that I had back then.....maybe it's time for Round 2 LOL