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06-01-2004, 11:03 AM
Has anyone heard any buzz on today's straight to dvd Starship Troopers 2 release?

I know the first one was campy but I liked it. It can't be a good sign if the second one is skipping theaters and going right to dvd though.

Loved those Starship Troopers action fleet toys as well.

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06-01-2004, 11:18 AM
I don't recall which channel but I saw it on one of our Cable Movie Channels, Starz maybe.....

I didn't think much of it but when I heard about the DVD Release I was a bit suprised I saw it a month ago.

It wasn't horrible, some decent action scenes but as a whole it wasn't anywhere near as fun as the first one. Missing all the tongue in cheek humor that made the first one great.

Also more gratutitous sex scenes, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

06-01-2004, 01:00 PM
The first one was one of my fav sci fi movies. I'm probably going to pick this one up. The commercials look kinda cool.

Jason W.
06-01-2004, 01:23 PM
I remember the first one. I went and saw it with my dad. By the time the movie was over i was totally desenseitized to violence. Every scene in that movie was either sex or violence. I loved every minuete of it.

06-01-2004, 02:04 PM
I saw the second Movie. It was so bad that I just got up and left(my House!!!!). The whole story has changed, some crap about bugs infecting you like Hosts or some crap. Its more like a Horror Movie, a bad one!.. So annoying.

06-01-2004, 02:07 PM
Anyone seen the Cartoons? I picked up one at wal-mart for 1.99. Pretty good was like 4-6 different ones.

06-01-2004, 02:14 PM
That CG cartoon series from a few years ago was awesome.

06-01-2004, 02:26 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Chuplayer:
That CG cartoon series from a few years ago was awesome.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I have to agree. I really liked that show. More so than the original movie which I thought was pretty good too.

06-01-2004, 02:27 PM
man that movie was cool
career sgt Zim is the man, that guy is great in every movie he does
but i woulda chose dizzy over carmen

Gemini Matrix
06-02-2004, 03:16 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Chuplayer:
That CG cartoon series from a few years ago was awesome.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Very true. I loved the CG cartoons. Much better than the original movie. I've been thinking about getting the 2nd movie.

mary king
06-04-2004, 08:09 PM
i thought that was one of the WORST sifi movies (and all movies besides spy kids) i have ever seen
but the 1st one was great

Mr Rage
06-05-2004, 07:55 AM
The 1st Starship Troopers is still one of my favorite movies. :D

My brother rented the 2nd one....boy we were so disappointed. It was more like a straight horror flick than a campy black comedy. No power suits? :mad:

I'd pass on watching it again let alone buy it. But that's just my opinion.

Mr Rage