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El Biño
07-09-2004, 01:41 PM
Hey Everybody,

I'm back in business. For those of you who don't remember me, my name is Jeroen, I'm from Holland and am, as most of you, a die-hard Joe collector.
I've been abroad for a year and have therefore not been very active on the Joe market. Today I finished my want and trade list and am looking forward to making many deals on yojoe again. Below my trade list, my want list will be in the wanted section. Thanks!



Barbecue – with backpack


Wetsuit – missing hose
Lifeline – missing mask and gun is dark grey
Lifeline – with backpack and white case
Zandar – broken crotch, with backpack
Mainframe - no accessories
Hawk – with helmet
Sgt. Slaughter - no accesories
Lowlight - no accesories
Thrasher - no accessories (2x)


Crystal Ball – no accessories
Law & Order – Complete but Uzi is dark grey
Psyche-out - no accessories
Crazylegs - no accesories
Dodger – complete
Knockdown – complete
Blocker – complete
Golobulus – complete
Nemesis enforcer – no accessories
Taurus – complete
Red Dog – complete


TF Flint – No accessories
Charbroil – complete
Storm Shadow – with bow
Astro Viper - no accessories
Voltar – with backpack
Destro – missing sword
Nullifier – missing visor


Captain Grid-Iron – Missing 3 missiles, missile launcher, 2 arm pads


General Hawk – complete

Accessories & Bodyparts

Hawk v2 – Mail-in gold submachine gun
Bazooka – Backpack, Helmet 2x
Lifeline – Medic Box, Backpack
Sci-fi – Gun
Leatherneck – backpack
Mutt – Helmet, Gun
Scoop – Gun
Hit & run – Pack with rope
Fast draw – Hose
Stalker v2 – Helmet
Recoil – Rifle
Scrap Iron – Middle piece missile launcher
Sneak Peak – Tower and handle
Countdown – Gun
Dodger – Gun
Torpedo – Flipper
Rock & Roll v2 – Hand cannon
Lifeline – Backpack
Tomax and Xamot – Skyhook (no rope)
Thunder – Monocular
Zanzibar – Gun
Dodger v2 – Rifle, Submachine gun

Accesory Pack

Lifeline backpack (brown)
Tripwire backpack (brown)
Major Bludd backpack (red)
Baroness backpack (red)
Baroness gun (red)
Beachhead gun (dark grey)
Beachhead bag ( yellow)
Dr. Mindbender probe (brown)
Doc helmet (green)
Airborne helmet (dark green)
Breaker helmet (dark green, grey and brown)
Thunder visor (green)
Zandar gun (brown)
Leatherneck rifle (brown)
Lowlight rifle (brown)
Scrap Iron missile (blue)
Scrap Iron remote control (blue)
Rock & Roll machine gun (dark grey)
Iceberg Rifle (dark grey)
Stalker rifle (dark grey)
Lowlight backpack (dark grey)
Dr. Mindbender pod (grey)
Zap bazooka (light grey)
Short fuze mortar and stand (light grey)
Doc flare gun (light grey)
Gung-ho grenade launcher (light grey)

Filecards, Stickersheets & Blueprints

Zartan (Dutch)
TF Hit&Run (Dutch/French)
TF Sneak Peak (Dutch/French)
TF Psyche-Out (Dutch/French)
TF Tunnelrat (Dutch/French)
TF Duke (Dutch/French)
TF Dusty
TF Roadblock (Dutch/French)
Tripwire Listen 'n Fun

Crusader Space Shuttle instructions and Sticker sheet
Ghostrider Stickersheet


Snake – Missing rubber band, flamethrower attachment
Devilfish – complete
LCV Recon Sled – complete
Hydrosled – complete
Chameleon Swamp Skier – Missing pull bar, steer broken
Manta – Missing boom and backpack, gun string is broken

Vehicle Parts

Missile Defense Unit – Explosive box
Night Raven – Bomb, Windscreen
Battle Barge – Radar Dish, 3 stands, 3 guns
Moray – Left and Right exhaust pipe, Left-side cannon (2x), turret, missile (4x), storage cover (2x), tail pipe, seat, missile box (pin broken)
Cobra Wolf – Double cannon, ski shocks (2x), missile
Chameleon Swamp Skier – Front skies, rear ski, lower faring
Mamba – Large bomb, mini missile
Conquest X-30 – Left tail fin, strut panel, front wheel, front strut
Check Point Alpha – Tower bottom & top, ladder, leg post (3x)
Thunder Machine – Grill, gattling cannon (2x), engine exhaust, fog lights
Surveillance Port – Radar dish, side wall
Polar Battle Bear - Missile
Triple T – Engine cover, missile (2x)
Hydrosled – Missile (2x)
Tiger Cat – Vent detail, engine cover, left fender, small missile,
Killer Whale – Windscreen, missile box, depth charge release
Snow Cat – Torpedo
APC – Gun turret
Buzz Boar – Missile, machine gun
Tomahawk – Seat, missile
Water Mocassin – Windshield
Dreadnok Cycle – Missile
Rifle Range – Wall
Flight Pod - Missile

Accesory pack

Rattler missile (4x) (Red/Orange)

Thanks for looking. Let me know at [email protected] what you need.