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Politics and Religion Discussion

No discussion about politics or religion is allowed, as these topics tend to lead to flame wars.


Profanity is not acceptable. Do not try to slip past the filters by misspelling a word or substituting an asterisk. If you think a word may be borderline, don't use it.


Please keep your signature under six lines long. Images are not allowed in the signature.

Image Posting

If posting images, please keep them under 600 x 600 pixels. Also, only link pictures from pages or websites that are either yours or that you have permission to do so from.

Descriptive Topics

Please be descriptive in your subject heading. Non-descriptive titles may be edited to give readers a sense of what the topic is about.

Bumping Posts

Do not bump posts every day (bumping is adding a message to your post for the sole reason of bringing it to the top of the boards). You may bump your thread every three days.


Don't put the same message in different forums.
Don't flood a forum with the same message.
Do not flood the forums by posting individual messages for each item you have for sale or trade.

Play Nice

Play nice, people. We don't want our parents to think this G.I.Joe stuff is a bad influence on us.

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